Nikki Harrington

The war is over and it's time for Hawkeye and BJ to part.
An established relationship story.
Written: October 2007. Word cont: 100.



It's over.


The war. And their relationship.


Hawkeye doesn't know what to say. He knows what he wants to say. But he can't. It wouldn't be right. Fair.


You see he knows.


Knows that BJ has to go home, back to Peg and Erin. Go home and fulfill his duty as husband and father.


It's not what BJ wants; not really. Hawkeye can see that.


Just as he can see it is what BJ wants.


He knew there could never be a happy ever after future with BJ.


But it didn't stop him falling in love.


It hurts. So much.



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