Nikki Harrington


A companion piece to Victory Is Hollow.

Hawkeye is happy and yet he's not.

An established relationship story.

Written: March 2009. Word count: 200.



It's over.


They're going home.


All around are sounds of laughter, happiness and relief.


It's over.


They've survived.


People are packing, hugging, kissing, making promises to keep in touch; to meet up. Promises which mostly won't be kept.


In the midst of it is Hawkeye.


He's happy, of course he is.


Happy to be getting out of the hell hole.


Happy to be going home to Crabapple Cove, his dad, his practice.


Of course he's happy.


But at the same time inside he's dying. Inside he's being eaten up by pain and loss.


Because it's over.


He and BJ are over.


He knew it would be.


He knew from the moment he took BJ into his arms, the moment he kissed him, the moment he began to caress him, the moment they made love that it wouldn't, it couldn't, last.


BJ has Peg and Erin to go home to.


He and BJ won't make any promises to 'keep in touch' or 'to meet up'. They can't.


"Hawk, I -"


He shakes his head. Instead he pulls BJ into his arms, puts his mouth on his soon to be ex-lover and kisses him for the last time.


It's over.


They're going home.



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