Nikki Harrington


Giles believes his job would be much easier if the school didn't have students.

A Giles-centric gen story.

Written: August 2009. Word count: 300.




I love books; I love the feel and smell of them.


I love my book-filled library; sometimes I just walk around and touch them.


I love being able to help the young discover the importance of books and what they can share.


But sometimes I firmly believe my life in Sunnydale High would be so much easier if it wasn't for the students.


You see, my library contains more than mere books; considerably more. And even some of the books are not for the general populace.


My library is where we, Buffy and 'the Scoobies' as Willow deemed Buffy's helpers, plan and discuss and research; it's also where Buffy and I sometime train. And all of those things are very difficult when the ordinary student come to visit and wishes to borrow a book.


Not that it happens very often, in fact sometimes days can go by when the only students I see are Buffy and her friends. But inevitably when we are about to embark on something important, a student will wander in. Thus, I have to take the time to help them; to point them in the right direction. I have to try not to let my desire for them to be gone show.


After all, I am employed as the Librarian; my first concern should be the students and the books. But in reality my position as Librarian is secondary to my role as Buffy's Watcher.


So we hide 'our' books, the stakes, the holy water, the axes, the crosses, the cage we lock Oz up each month, and the other paraphernalia other libraries will not hold, and must not be seen by the ordinary student or member of staff.


Yes, there are times when my life would be so much easier if students did not exist.



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