(Written: 10th May, 2007)



I mean no disrespect to anyone else's personal canon

- Gibbs and Ducky are lovers.

- Gibbs and Ducky have known one another for far longer than ten years.

- Gibbs and Ducky continued to be lovers during Gibbs's marriages.

- Ducky is gay and has never slept with a woman, despite what he has implied via some of his stories. They are just that: stories.

- Ducky is twelve years older than Gibbs.

- Ducky is a gentleman in every sense of the word. He is not in any way, shape or form a 'dirty old man' or a 'letch' (whether by the British or American understanding of the terms which appear to differ quite considerably); quite the opposite.

- Ducky is English. He went to Eton, had he been born and brought up in Scotland, he could have gone to one of the top Scottish Public Schools.

- Ducky did know about Shannon and Kelly, but he made a vow to Gibbs never to tell anyone.

- Ducky is an only child. The nephew to whom he refers in Hung Out To Dry is actually his God-son.

- Financially Ducky does not need to work.

- Ducky and Illya Kuryakin are two entirely separate people.

- Ducky knows about Jenny betraying Gibbs in Paris and does not trust or particularly like Jenny.

- Some of Ducky's stories do not have endings. He relies on Gibbs to interrupt him before he runs out of words.

- Gibbs partly relies on Ducky to enable him to remain omniscient. Ducky tells Gibbs things that Gibbs might otherwise miss.

- There is only one man whom Gibbs would kiss and make love to and with: Ducky.

- Ducky is also the one person (apart from Jenny in the past) for whom Gibbs would break his own Rule # 'Never date a co-worker', and Rule # (the first Rule #) 'Romance between agents never works'.

- Gibbs remembers his relationship with Shannon through rose-coloured glasses. He only recalls the good times, and none of the less than good. Had Shannon lived he would now have four ex-wives.

- Gibbs can't say 'no' to women or tell them to go away, even when he wants to and knows the relationship isn't going to work, which explains his multiply marriages.

- All three of Gibbs's ex-wives became violent towards him, and possibly some of his other women too.

- Gibbs's relationship with Mann will end as all his other relationships with women have ended.

- Abby hates any woman who comes in and interferes with what she regards as 'her men'.

- In particular, Abby dislikes Mann.

- Abby views Gibbs as a surrogate father. In turn, Gibbs sees Abby as his beloved surrogate daughter,

- Abby sees Ducky as a favourite uncle, and Ducky sees her as a much loved niece.

- Abby and McGee love one another, are right for one another, and they know this; they just need to admit it to themselves and one another. They will realise that there is no point searching for what they already have together.

- McGee is a more versatile and far more intelligent agent than DiNozzo, and DiNozzo knows it. And it no longer bothers DiNozzo; it used to, he used to feel that he had to keep competing and trying to prove his was better, but accepting it has been part of his growing up

- DiNozzo turned down promotion because he knew he wasn't ready for his own team.

- Although DiNozzo irritates the hell out of Gibbs, Gibbs respects his abilities. He wouldn't have kept him around for as long as he had otherwise.

- Case or not, DiNozzo is genuinely in love with Jeanne.

- DiNozzo isn't the fool he often pretends to be, but nor is he, yet, as good as he thinks he is.

- Ducky is helping Jimmy with, or indeed paying completely for, his Medical School tuition and other fees.

- When Jimmy graduates, he wants to go on working at NCIS.

- Jimmy and Michelle never see one another outside of the office, due to their belief or knowledge that one or more of their families would not approve.

- Jenny betrayed Gibbs in Paris, and he does not trust her.

- Jenny and Ziva were, at one point, lovers.

- The man whom Jenny shot in Paris has a connection with La Grenouille.

- Ziva made her choice (the choice Gibbs told her she would have to make) to become a member of the team after Ducky snapped at her for not knowing to which hospital Gibbs had been taken. Abby enforced her decision when she slapped her. And it was further enforced when, after she was accused of murder, the entire team supported her and automatically believed in her innocence, unlike the time when she had started from the premise that McGee was guilty of killing the cop.

- Mrs. Mallard is not quite as affected by her dementia as she likes to make out to be.

- Gibbs and Fornell are friends; close friends.

- Diane is not the wife Fornell married.

- Emily is not the child of Gibbs's ex-wife. She is the child of Fornell's previous wife.

- The team know/when they find out about Gibbs/Ducky's relationship and are quite happy/okay/relaxed about it, indeed will defend them if anyone else tries to be nasty about it.

- The team are a family, who would stop at nothing to ensure the safety of one another. There are no lines they would not cross to help one another. There is nothing they would not do for one another. They get on so well not just because they spend so many hours working together, but because they respect and genuinely like and care for one another.


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