Well talk about a light-hearted episode, this really was one. I have to wonder just what the writer was on when they came up with this idea *g* It was a fun episode, surreal, unreal, very amusing throughout but with just enough serious notes to stop it from being annoying.

It was interesting to meet Wendy and although I understand the actress playing her is actually younger than Michael Weatherly, I thought the she looked older, which of course she would be given she was Tony's High School Music teacher. At least that's what she was in Baltimore, so why did Tony ask her how she went from teaching four year olds to sing Puff the Magic Dragon (I love that song) to being a reporter - what happened to being Tony's High School Music Teacher?

She was what she was, certainly to begin with, a highly annoying reporter who will do whatever they have to in order to get a story and a scoop. Tell the truth, tell a lie, it's all the same - and it was well done. As was seeing the other side of her, the more vulnerable side, the side where she wasn't putting on the act, but was honest.

To walk away from your wedding on the eve of your wedding is quite something - I can totally understand why Tony didn't handle it well, who would? Her reason for walking away because she wasn't ready to meet the one, and Tony was the one was somewhat convoluted but quite moving really. So as Gibbs is Diane's Shannon, Tony is Wendy's Shannon - interesting.

So she is now ready to meet the one, but she also believes that Tony likes/wants/is in love with someone else and telling him he should tell the person was intriguing. Of course we are meant to believe the other is Ziva and that was kind of confirmed with Tony's comment about that won't happen. What is going to happen now is also interesting - it's been left up in the air, very much so. Wendy is still in love with Tony, Tony? I don't know, clearly there wasn't closure between them, there has been some kind of it now, given he at least knows why she walked away. But does he still love her? Does he love Ziva? Are we heading for the eternal triangle? He clearly does still have feelings for her and that was obvious even before they kissed in her house, which was also inevitable, but what kind of feelings?

I liked the small insight into Tony's character when Ziva told him Wendy had told her that he was one of the most honest men she had ever known and the only person he lies to is himself.

I loved Gibbs as Cupid trying his best to get Tony and Wendy back together - I thought it was interesting that he knew Wendy from back when Tony and she were engaged - as he obviously thinks they are right for one another. That ties in with when he told Tony he made the same mistake twice in Newborn King. Although the implication in that was that Tony walked away from Wendy, he was the one to end the engagement, but he wasn't.

I enjoyed the scene in Autopsy with Ducky talking to Tony about how he'd known from the moment he'd met him that he was suffering and Tony trying to deny it. I thought Ducky summed up both Gibbs and Tony very well. And spot on about both of them; Gibbs kept on marrying unsuitable women so that he could end up alone and Tony kept dating unsuitable women so he wouldn't end up hurting. Ducky's about closure was spot on too - one way or another Tony does need it. And I am sure Gibbs sent Tony down to see Ducky deliberately so Ducky could have a 'talk' with him.

I liked the repetition of 'pensive' and how Tony apologise to both Tim and Ducky after snapping at them for using the word.

Gibbs didn't like the way Tony grabbed him at all. It was a nice little scene because as always Gibbs said so much without saying a single word. Poor Tony.

Tony as always was hopeless with young children - but it was a cute scene with Wendy's son.

And why doesn't it surprise me that Tony flashes his badge to get away with speeding and parking tickets and getting into ball games and even getting free coffee? That really is so Tony, so very, very Tony.

I loved how Tim and Ziva went to listen in on Tony and Wendy's conversation and Tony opens the door to find them there and says about him inventing that trick. So nicely done.

Tim and Tony in the car was very good - I do like the way their brotherly relationship is developing.

The whole real life super heroes was just surreal. I had a hard time actually believing that people do this, especially someone who is in the military - it makes me wonder whether he was breaking some kind of rule or code by getting involved as he was. I did love quite how much Tim knew about them!

The case was really pretty much non-existent when it came down to it, it was just there to serve the purpose of getting Wendy into NCIS and provide the humour with the real life super heroes.

I did have to wonder also quite how many Caf-Pows Abby had imbibed! She really did out-Abby Abby in this episode, loved he pussy-cat outfit, but again that was kind of surreal, but maybe not given she's Abby.

I didn't have the bad guy pegged for once. I didn't like Wayne Torbett there was something slimy about him, but I could also sympathise with him to begin with over having a son like Clarence. I rather liked how Clarence dropped Tom so effectively and it was darn good fall - that man must be a stunt man to be able to stop dead like that and just crash to the ground. And I thought it was quite touching how after a moment Gibbs returned Clarence's equivalent of a handshake.

Gibbs's turn around from thinking the super heroes didn't have a place and shouldn't risk injury to seeing what they actually could do was surprisingly believable. Obviously the seeds for that had been laid by Ducky's conversation with him in Autopsy about how most of them were damaged in some way and had found a way to channel their angst into some thing good.

Talking of Ducky, did anyone else notice that when Gibbs, Tim, Tony and Ziva first went into the flower shop that Ducky could be seen standing around outside through the window when he actually wasn't meant to have been there yet - given his apology for being late when he did arrive a few minutes later?

It really was a filler episode, fun, amusing, light-hearted, not a great deal of substance, but with some deeper very cleverly written scenes thrown in to provide the much needed relief from the light-heartedness. I enjoyed it well enough, but I wouldn't want this kind of episode every week - or indeed very often, I prefer weightier, meatier episodes. However, as a 'filler in' especially after the last few episodes it did make a not unpleasant change.

Favourite Scenes:
- The opening squad room scene.
- Vance's "Please don't tell me you were married," line.
- Abby and Tony with Abby in pussy-cat dress.
- Ducky talking to the dead bodies and then to Gibbs.
- Tim and Tony in the car.
- Ducky and Tony in Autopsy.
- The scene with the real life super heroes in the evidence garage and Abby wanting her picture taken with them. Great comment about liking her costume and her saying it was just her ordinary dress.
- The final scene with Gibbs, Tim and Vance in Vance's office. I loved Tim's look when Vance called Gibbs 'Cupid'.
- The final scene in the flower shop.

We learnt and had some things confirmed too:
- Wendy left Tony the night before the wedding.

Minor Irks:
- The fact that Tony implied Wendy was a pre-school teacher not his High School Music teacher as we had been told initially.
- The fact that after the strong implication it was Tony who left Wendy, it turns out to be the other way round.
- No Jimmy, but at least he was mentioned, even if again it was to make him a comic character.

Pairing of the week:

Character of the week:

Actor of the week:
Pauley Perrette

Storyline: 6.00

Enjoyment: 7.00


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