Wow! Old school NCIS is back! This was very much of the style of S1 & 2, a real, solid case, excellent team banter, we learnt some personal stuff but as in the good old days it wasn't front and centre and didn't detract from the case and also like the good old days the personal element mirrored part of the case.

It was pretty convoluted with twists throughout that kept me guessing; it was well constructed, well acted, we weren't over-whelmed with guest stars who pushed certain members of the team into the background. It was a very good episode; well balanced and better than last week's.

I really felt for Lindsey, the poor girl (woman), so very tragic. I did guess that her foster parents would actually be fine and would still love her and her there for her. Therapy and a loving home is what she needs to heal, not being committed.

Everyone was at the best of their character (for the most part). Although I do have to wonder quite where Tony's personality transplant has come from and how long he'll remain like this. It was really good to see him being so mature and caring and thinking - even if he did do the classic and turn the underpants and flag pole episode round. But that was typically Tony, actually; it is the kind of thing he would do.

I enjoyed it a lot.

Favourite Scenes:
- The opening squad room scene. It was so good to see the three of them bantering together and caring about one another and having fun generally and not at the expense of someone else.
- The first Autopsy scene with Gibbs, Ducky and Jimmy. I do love Jimmy's enthusiasm and how he still hasn't totally learnt when he should say something and when he shouldn't. And we had the lovely double stare at him from both Gibbs and Ducky - we haven't that that for a while.
- Gibbs and Abby in her lab.
- Tony and Tim in the woods
- Gibbs and Ducky in Autopsy when Gibbs was asking about Lindsey's state of mind.
- The final scene with Lindsey and her parents.

Minor Irks:
- Tony at times. He was too un-Tony. We need a bit more balance.
- The final scene between Gibbs and Tony in the car. I just didn't buy it; it was the one time when people were out of character. Gibbs doesn't have that kind of conversation.

Pairing of the week:
Tony and Tim (friendship).

Character of the week:
Tony (Yes again!)

Actor of the week:
Michael Weatherly (Yes again!)

Storyline: 9.00

Enjoyment: 9.00


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