I went into this expecting the worst as it had pretty much everything I didn't want:

- Tony-centric (and whilst I do like Tony, he is my least favourite of the main characters, thus any Tony-centric episode will rate less highly than those that are my favourite characters centric.
- It contained flashbacks and long term readers of my reviews will know my thoughts on flashbacks.
- It included EJ and Cade. I didn't like EJ from day one (and no, not because of her and Tony just because of her). Cade I didn't care for one way or another, except he was a awful actor and also he was there, thus taking time away from our people.
- It included Rachel (Kate's sister). I have nothing against her, in fact I thought she was a good character. But again she was a guest star who took time away from our team.
- It wasn't going to include a proper navy case.

I was pleasantly surprised. It was nowhere near as excruciating as I feared and I liked it more than I thought I would. It was team-light and Tony-heavy, neither of which are good, but it still worked. It tied up some loose ends; it answered some questions and it also opened more doors and gave us a potential arc. The red-herrings were pretty good.

Overall whilst it won't be a top-notch episode of the season (at least I hope not) it was solid. It didn't have any high points but nor did it have any low points. It did manage to get some touches of humour in as well. It was very much a plateau episode. It was a solid opening episode on which they can build.

It raises my hopes slightly for the season. The biggest thing the episode showed was how important the team members are to one another. All of them showed that in one way of another - and that, I hope, will be the non-case-related focus of the season: show us how much the team care about one another.

Favourite Scenes
- Abby, Tim and Ziva trying to figure out who the photo Tony had was.
- Gibbs and Ducky in Autopsy when Ducky revealed he'd found the mark in Levin's arm from where EJ had removed the microchip.
- Ziva and Tony at his desk when she was basically telling him how much the team cared about him and how they were there for him.

- Far too little Ducky.
- Too little Tim.
- Too little Jimmy.
- Too little Abby.
- Too little team interaction.
- Brian Ditetzen is still not a real main character. He really should be by now.
- Too many guest stars.

Things we learnt/Interesting things
- Another rule. #36: If you think you're being played, you probably are.
- Rachel's comment about Tony and his dysfunctional relationships. How she mentioned Jeanne and EJ and especially Ziva. Again, something on which to build.
- Tony didn't shoot the ear off the figure when on shooting practise unlike in S1 *g*

Pairing of the week:
None really. But if I did have to pick one it would be Tony & Rachel (purely platonic hence the &)

Character of the week:

Actor of the week:
Michael Weatherly

Storyline: 6:50

Enjoyment: 6:50


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