I was looking forward to this episode as I knew Fornell was going to be in it - and he is also good value. I love his interaction with Gibbs in particular, as well as just loving Fornell for Fornell, and he didn't fail to disappoint me.

We actually had a case. Well, okay so the way they ended up being involved was just a 'oh, let's kill a Naval man, then NCIS will get involved', rather than it being a hard-core NCIS case - in fact really they didn't bother investigating the killer of the poor Petty Officer. But that aside, at least there was a case and it was focussed more on that than anything else. So that gets my approval. And it did have some twists to it and worked well.

On top of that there were some good team moments, some wonderful lines, some great banter and exchanges, humour, great interaction and it was nice to see them involved. It was a tad light for some characters, but with three in effect 'guest stars' that wasn't surprising. But I felt no one really missed out, I thought it was pretty evenly balanced overall. There were also various ship moments for various pairings.

Susan Grady's voice is like fingers down a blackboard to me and I was reminded of a mouse every time she spoke. Her character is really annoying and I wouldn't want to be within five yards of her, but I think it's also a great character actually. To be that clueless when you spend your life 'reading' people, okay so she only operates the machines, but even so. I wouldn't want to have a conversation with her or spend time with her, unless I could take her voice down an octave or three, but as a character, she's great. Irksome as hell, but great.

So we begin with a Navy man jogging near to water and boats. He hears screams and goes to investigate and is duly shot. At that point I was really excited as I thought we were going to have a real honest to goodness NCIS case. Ah, well . . .

In the morning, McGee and DiNozzo are coming out of the lift (once again they arrive together as I'm sure DiNozzo/McGee fen will be happy to note). They are talking about McGee and his 'kills' from his on-line game. Jimmy is at Ziva's desk and they are talking. DiNozzo calls him Autopsy Gremlin and makes a comment about him not being out in direct sunlight, but his tone is fond and more teasing than anything. Jimmy is showing Ziva pictures of him and his girl-friend, including one of them with huge, matching tattoos on their backs. I was so glad to learn that Jimmy's was only henna. DiNozzo asks if he has permanency issues and Jimmy confesses he does; he can't even put a bumper sticker on his car. DiNozzo also says that McGee is addicted to his on-line game and that they shouldn't be encouraging him to play. He knows McGee spent six hours the previous evening playing his game and he says McGee needs to spend time with real people. McGee points out his on-line gaming friends are real people, but DiNozzo says he means living, breathing ones you can touch.

Gibbs arrives and says he has just the opposite: a dead Petty Officer washed up on the beach at Maryland. Jimmy is very excited about this and gets a Gibbs look and he realises it was inappropriate. DiNozzo comments that he was shocked as well, but Ziva invited the gremlin up. Jimmy hurries off a somewhat bemused Gibbs tells them not to get him wet.

At the crime scene, Ducky is telling Jimmy to be careful when going down the steps to the body as it's very slippery, Jimmy assures him he'll be careful. Gibbs and Ziva are talking to two young men, who are talking back in a language that Gibbs can't follow. He tells them to use words he can understand. Finally, they manage to ascertain that there were two shots (at first, from what the men said and demonstrated, they thought there were six shots, but they told Gibbs it was an echo) and two men drove off in a black car. Gibbs asks if they are sure it was two men and not an echo - but it's lost on them; they are certain, however, there were two men. It was a fun scene, actually. The two young men really were speaking a completely different version of the English language and poor Gibbs and Ziva were completely lost (as was I).

Back with the Petty Officer's body, McGee has a new toy: it's a portable finger-print checker. He confirms the dead man is Petty Officer Roebucks, who lived nearby. Ducky asks if his gizmo can tell him how Roebucks died and he smiles. DiNozzo goes on about how McGee knows all about head shots and when Ducky looks surprised, Jimmy explains it's an on-line game. DiNozzo then calls Jimmy King of Dorkland, to which Jimmy responds with a slight edge to his voice (I don't blame him, DiNozzo's tone wasn't quite a joking and friendly as it had been in the squad room, it wasn't really off, but Jimmy's edge was warranted and also good to see that Jimmy isn't in awe of DiNozzo and feels he can 'answer him back') that he now has a girlfriend. So DiNozzo puts his hand on McGee's shoulder and says 'The King is dead, long live the King'. McGee just looks at him. Overall another fun scene, with some good interaction between the four men.

Gibbs and Ziva then appear and Gibbs asks what they have. McGee, followed by DiNozzo, hurries up to Gibbs and tells him they found Roebuck's MP3 player. So did Roebucks go into the water voluntarily, i.e. after someone or something, or was he thrown in after he was dead? We learn that the tide was going down. Suddenly someone calls to Gibbs that they've found another body. The man has been badly beaten and it caught up in chains. McGee tries his fingerprint scanner, but no joy. And then they get a red alert to call the FBI. The dead man is Del Mar, an up and coming organised crime guy. It looks as though Roebucks stumbled onto a hit.

Gibbs and Fornell are in the lift. Fornell makes a comment that it saves him a trip to the roof to send out the Gibbs's signal. In turn Gibbs mentions the beard that Fornell still has and asks if he's still undercover. Fornell says he's worried and Gibbs chips in he would be too, saying if the beard gets any longer he'll start calling Fornell 'Kenny Rogers' and mentions 'The Gambler'. [I really like Kenny Rogers]. Fornell tells him he wasn't talking about the beard, stops the lift and pushes the three files into Gibbs's hands. Del Mar isn't the first informant to be killed; his is just the first body to turn up. He was giving the FBI a lot of information and was about to go into the Witness Protection Program. Someone is not doing a good job of protecting witnesses.

In Autopsy, Jimmy is sewing Del Mar up and he's scratching his back. Ducky, who's looking into his microscope tells Jimmy there's some cortisone cream in the cupboard, but Jimmy thinks it's all in his head (I guessed it wasn't; I guessed it was the henna tattoo), Ducky says but he's scratching his back and offers his professional services to Jimmy if he wants to tell him more. Jimmy says he always starts to itch when he's around sand. As a kid he loved it and used to bury his toys and then dig them up as an amateur archaeologist. He then tells Ducky about a huge pile of sand neighbours of his had outside their house once, but it wasn't good sand, it was bad sand. Ducky surmises it was to be mixed up for cement and says Jimmy had been the victim of the sand mite. There ensues some slight misunderstanding, as Jimmy thinks Ducky is saying 'might' not 'mite', until finally Ducky clarifies it.

Ducky is talking about it being simple allergy when Gibbs and Fornell arrive and Fornell confirms the dead man is Del Mar. Fornell asks if that's what killed Del Mar, an allergy, and Ducky says he died from drowning. Gibbs comments that Roebuck was just being a good Samaritan and Jimmy comes out with another inappropriate comment that 'no good deed goes unpunished'. He gets glared at by Gibbs and turns back to his work.

Gibbs then, with his fond Ducky look on his face, tells Ducky that the FBI have 'lost' a few witnesses, this makes the third. Ducky echoes 'lost' and Fornell says that whilst the FBI advise against it, some witnesses reject the protection program. Ducky then says that whoever killed Del Mar had a personal involvement as he was badly beaten. He says he also had an infection, he thinks tetanus, and shows them a puncture wound in Del Mar's foot. He estimates it had been there for a week, maybe two. Fornell confirms Del Mar was in the FBI's custody for those two weeks. It looks as if the leak came from the FBI.

Up in the squad room DiNozzo hands an FBI file to both McGee and Ziva and keeps one for himself. He comments how it reminds him of Middle School when the dumb kids got the smart kids to check their work. McGee asks which one he was and DiNozzo says the comment was fair enough, after all he'd labelled McGee as 'King of Dorkland'. A nice little exchange, so lovely to see them both giving and getting; lovely banter with no side to it at all from either man. Just the way I like it. The three of them go through the files, calling out various things, including investigating agent - DiNozzo is hoping it'll be Sachs who is the leaker. However, there is nothing in common except for an security firm: Cooper's Hawk. Fornell, who arrives with Gibbs, confirms the FBI use them a lot and they specialise in polygraphs

McGee says he didn't think polygraphs were admissible as evidence, but Fornell says they just use them from time to time to verify stuff; DiNozzo comments about not taking known criminals' testimony at face value. Fornell talks to Gibbs and wonders if maybe Del Mar punctured his own foot, as pain can upset the base reading; if so the leak could actually be outside - but, as Gibbs says, it could also be from Cooper's Hawk. Ziva suggest putting someone in undercover, but Fornell's had enough of undercover. He wants to do it the easy way: get a judge to sign off and allow them access to files so they can find out who interacted with all three of the dead men. Gibbs agrees and he and Fornell leave.

Gibbs and Fornell meet a lady judge - Evelyn Wallace - at an outside coffee stand. She and Fornell clearly know one another as when coming down the steps to the coffee stand she has her arm through his and also she tells him he can call her Evelyn when she's not in her robes and she calls him Tobias. However, she refuses to give them what they wanted, as it would violate all kinds of laws. Neither Gibbs nor Fornell are happy that she won't let them have access, and Gibbs reminds her Roebuck was killed simply by being there. She still won't give a blanket violation of privacy, but agrees to let them have access to Del Mar's full testimony. And she buys them coffee.

Back at NCIS Fornell is asking Gibbs about his coffee intake, pointing out he's already had five cups and it isn't 4:00 p.m. Gibbs just does one of his hands outspread gestures. McGee chips in and tells Gibbs he's found a way into Cooper's Hawk's files. He adds it isn't illegal, it wasn't even hacking. Fornell asks him if that was before or after the judge and McGee has to confess it was before.

Fornell: "Thanks for doing it my way."
Gibbs: "Don't mention it."
Fornell: "I was being facetious."
Gibbs: "So was I."

Old married couple exchange comes to mind.

McGee explains how Susan Grady, NCIS's polygraph person, also works for Cooper's Hawk - she's been moonlighting.

Gibbs and Fornell go to Cooper's Hawk and meet Susan. She says he had clearance to work there, but admits it was from Jenny and that she hadn't got around to updating the permission with Vance. She is acting guilty and Gibbs tells her she is; she says he has an off-putting way of asking questions; he makes her feel guilty. Suddenly there is a massive explosion from behind them - Cooper's Hawk has blown up. Gibbs and Fornell both pull their guns and are scanning the street, telling Susan to stay down.

In the evidence garage Abby, in her red coveralls, is speaking through a megaphone giving instructions. McGee asks her if she needs to use it; she agrees she doesn't need to - she's clearly just having fun. Gibbs and Fornell arrive and McGee says the Fire Marshall hasn't yet signed off on the cause, but he does agree it wasn't an accident. Gibbs asks where DiNozzo and Ziva are and McGee says they are still out canvassing. He asks after Susan and Gibbs says she's in the Conference Room and says McGee should go and talk to her. McGee starts to object, remind Gibbs of how she all but sexually harassed him last time. However, Fornell, says she's badly shake and they need a gentle touch. And for that McGee is the ideal choice.

In the Conference Room Susan is sitting with a blanket around her. McGee goes in, asks how she is and then she hugs him.

Meanwhile Gibbs has taken Fornell into Vance's office. Fornell comments about the fact they now have a camera in the Conference Room and asks if there's one in the lift. Vance, who had been crouched down almost under his desk, makes his presence known and says they haven't - yet. Gibbs says they want to borrow Vance's TV and he thought Vance was in MTAC. Vance comments they all make mistakes and that's why God invented knocking. Fornell again asks about the camera in the lift (he seems very concerned about the possibility, I wonder why *g*) and Vance says if there is one, Fornell will be the first to know. They then watch the footage.

McGee is gently questioning Susan and she admits it's strange being the one being questioned, rather than the one asking the questions. She mentions their previous meeting and says she thinks he's really cute. He brings her back to Cooper's Hawk; she says she likes working there, as unlike the people at NCIS who treat her almost as a leaper, at Cooper's Hawk she was just one of the guys. She says she can't believe they are all dead. He shows her Del Mar's photo, but she says she'd never polygraphed him. He asks if there was anything odd, she says no, the Net was down for a while, but that wasn't odd. The tech guys came out and fixed it - I was immediately suspicious of the 'tech' guys. She also says she's glad it was him who asked her questions and adds it was as if fate brought them together again.

In Vance's office Vance says maybe he should talk to her. If they think the leak came from Cooper's Hawk, then she's important as she's the only one left alive. Is she lucky or involved? Vance tells them not to let her out of their sight.

Down in Autopsy Jimmy brings a bone to Ducky as he can't identify it. Ducky does; it's not human, it's a rabbit's foot - someone was carrying it for luck. And Jimmy makes another inappropriate comment, which Ducky frowns at. Abby arrives at that moment wanting more DNA. She asks how it's going and Jimmy tells her it's slow as they have to separate the DNA out. Abby says if anyone can do it, Ducky and Jimmy can. DiNozzo and Ziva arrive, DiNozzo comments about not letting Abby give a speech at his wedding, and are obviously not happy with the smell, nice and realistic. DiNozzo tells Ducky that Gibbs wants an update on the body count. Ducky tells him there are ten bodies; they seem surprised, as apparently eleven people were at work. But Ducky is adamant, rabbit aside, there are ten bodies. So someone else did make it out alive.

Abby mentions Susan and wonders if they trust her, because she doesn't. Ducky asks why and DiNozzo says that everyone knows she has taken a shine to McGee, Ziva hits him to quieten him, but there's not quietening DiNozzo. Abby says that McGee is a capable investigator but when it comes to matter of the heart, he's a little naive. Ziva asks if she's speaking from personal experience and Abby says that's classified and mentions his previous girl-friend who tried to kill him. DiNozzo then comes out with a comment that Abby wants to cover McGee like a protective blanket; Ducky adds or an over-protective panther. Abby says they should just keep Susan out of her hair and goes. Ziva asks DiNozzo if they should tell Abby; DiNozzo says 'no way'; Ducky wants to know what the something is. Overall, Jimmy's comment, aside it was another fun scene with some good interaction between the five of them.

Down in Abby's lab, McGee and Susan are blowing up a bed. McGee had volunteered Abby's lab for a place for Susan to crash, but says if it's a problem, she can crash at his place. Susan approves; Abby does not. Crafty Timmy, he knew full well that Abby would not want Susan to go to his apartment. Abby goes off saying they are closing in on the killer. Susan says to McGee that Abby doesn't like her (so she can read some people), McGee starts to talk to her, but then hurries over and 'turns Abby off'.

Susan asks if they really are closing in on the killer and he says it's not easy as all the records were destroyed - they didn't have back-ups that were kept outside of the building? A security firm with that kind of data, didn't have secure back-ups? Please . . . She then confesses to having taken copies of some files and polygraphs home. McGee asks why and she tells him so she can learn to read people better; she can read their profiles perfectly, but when it comes to non-work, she's virtually clueless. She says the data is on her home computer and they can access it. She leaves her computer on all day when she's not there? And it can be accessed so easily from outside? *Boggles* Anyway, Abby does her bit, gets in and they see files being accessed by someone else. McGee asks if Susan has a web cam; she does. He accesses it and they see a figure by the computer. Then the person garbs the computer and goes.

McGee tells Gibbs and Fornell that Abby is working on trying to enhance the image, but not to hold their breath. DiNozzo and Ziva turn up to say the person had gone by the time they got there - well, yes - and the door had been forced and the place ransacked. A neighbour had seen someone lurking, but couldn't give an ID. McGee says he managed to get a wee bit of data from the files before the computer 'vanished' but it wasn't much. They ask McGee if Susan knows anything; he says she doesn't - he'd been up half the night with her. DiNozzo then comments that as the 'sole survivor' (but he knows she wasn't) she has to know something.

Fornell: "We know that whatever she knows -"
Gibbs; "Is worth killing for."

Then Gibbs's phone rings. It's Abby. She has the details of the 'other' survivor - Gus Templeton, the Janitor at Cooper's Hawk. Gibbs sends DiNozzo and Ziva to find out why he wasn't at work. Fornell goes off saying he'll update people. Susan appears holding up two coffees. McGee sees her and asks Gibbs if he can go with DiNozzo instead of Ziva - who despite being ordered by Gibbs to go is still standing there. Gibbs see Susan and agrees.

I thought that scene was somewhat shoddy with the 'sole' survivor comment one second (when DiNozzo knew she wasn't) and the next second we get the name of the other survivor. And then Ziva having not gone, when DiNozzo had, despite Gibbs's orders, it felt very messy and cobbled together.

At Templeton's house, DiNozzo is offering McGee advise on dating; McGee doesn't want any. Then DiNozzo points out that given Jimmy is dating and McGee isn't; he needs it. He suggests McGee give Susan a chance, saying she seems like a really nice person. McGee says how mature that is of DiNozzo. DiNozzo then spoils it by saying he's sure she also has a really nice butt. That's DiNozzo.

Templeton finally opens the door, carrying a bucket which he's been throwing up in. They conduct the interview outside, from a distance. Templeton claims to have been sick for two days with food poisoning. They ask if he knows about the fire at Cooper's; Templeton replies he's the Janitor, if someone wanted to torch the place, he wouldn't know about it. McGee points out the information released about the fire didn't mention arson - ooops.

Ziva and Susan are watching Gibbs and Templeton in Interrogation. Templeton says as he told McGee and DiNozzo, he knows nothing. Gibbs says Templeton is lying. Susan asks how he knows that. Ziva explains about a few signs that give a liar away, but adds that in Gibbs's case, it's his gut. Susan asks if it's ever been wrong; Ziva says not that she remembers. Susan says she doesn't have much of a gut. She'd thought McGee was really interested in her, but was just playing hard to get. Ziva says maybe he was, but didn't know it.

Gibbs shows Templeton the bodies of the dead people from Cooper's; Templeton doesn't want to look, but Gibbs makes him. Gibbs wants to know how a guy who makes $30,000 per annum just spent $40,000 on a new fishing boat and says Templeton killed the ten people. Finally, Templeton told him he had gambling debts and one day two men turned up and offered to just wipe them away. All they wanted was Templeton's card to allow them access to any room in the building, they were going to pose as computer technicians (told you). Had he had any idea what they were planning, he wouldn't have agreed. I believed him; more importantly so did Gibbs.

Gibbs, McGee and Susan are looking at the prints lifted from Templeton's house. They belong to Peter and Arnold Rafferty, who were mentioned 127 times in Del Mar's testimony. Susan wants them caught that moment, DiNozzo and Ziva arrive to say they have a small problem - the Rafferty brothers have gone underground. Abby then turns up saying there is foulness afoot and takes Gibbs back to her lab.

There she tells him the Rafferty brothers definitely killed Del Mar and Roebuck and that she has the Fire Marshall's report that is more like a book, Gibbs cuts off her babble. She says the murder scene wasn't the only place they found DNA from the Rafferty brothers. It was also found at Cooper's Hawk, and the reason two more bodies weren't found was that they literally were incinerated in the fire. She has a small jar with ash - it's the Rafferty brothers. Is that possible? And if so, would the 'ash' be able to be proven to be a particular person/person? I found that was a stretch of credibility. The explosive was actually very, very small. The plan was simply to destroy the computer files, but it penetrated a nearby gas main. However, given Del Mar's testimony about the brothers was already on file, what were they trying to hide?

Back in the squad room, Fornell is wondering just why they went to so much trouble. McGee has found out the files were the polygraph ones. Gibbs, Fornell, McGee, Ziva and DiNozzo all turns to look at Susan. Gibbs asks what is in the files and she says audio recordings, questions and answers, the standard ones, Gibbs will have heard them. DiNozzo pipes up with the information that Gibbs has never taken a polygraph test - ooops, not a very good thing to say, Tony. Susan is amazed.

Susan is setting up a polygraph test for Gibbs, he's wired up and she attaches a final sensor on the chair between his thighs, it's the sphincter sensor. He asks about a buzzer, but she says that would make the people too nervous. An amused Fornell is sitting watching, saying he wouldn't miss it for the world. And then Vance also appears to watch. She starts off asking him easy and general questions for him to confirm, his name and place of birth. Then she moves on to other ones, asking if he's ever stolen more than $100 from an employer - Fornell looks at Vance and says that one always gets him.

Then comes to biggie: has Gibbs ever committed a felony. And just in case we haven't got the Mexican references and Shannon and Kelly's killer being killed by Gibbs, we get it again. We flash back to Gibbs's shooting Hernandez. Subtle, they are not. Mexico has been pushed so many times this season, in fact it's been mentioned in one way or another in every one of several of the most recent episodes. He tears the leads off him and says it's over. He asks Vane what happens if someone fails a test. Vance says at NCIS their security clearance is taken away and they'll most likely lose their job; Fornell says it's the same at the FBI.

I have to say the whole Gibbs suddenly takes a polygraph test was shoe-horned into the episode, purely to bring up with felony and give us this week's Mexico reference. I find it hard to believe that mid-case they'd stop and trot off to do a polygraph test on an employee, 'just like that'. I also know they wanted to get in the fact that normally it doesn't beep, but it was rather clumsily done.

Then Abby appears; McGee ha managed to pull information off the file - it reads like the Who's Who of Senate appointees. She gives it to Gibbs, who reads it, hands it to Fornell who follows Gibbs out of the room, after giving the list to Vance.

Gibbs and Fornell meet Judge Wallace again and ask about her being a client of Cooper's Hawk. She finally tells them that two years ago she'd been hand picked for a Circuit Court Judge in a small town in Illinois. She says they really dig into people's pasts and she wanted to be confident that she could sit a polygraph test, as she'd never taken one, without giving mis-information. She says she hadn't wanted anything embarrassing to come out. Gibbs asks if that was personally and she says perhaps and asks him how he'd like someone digging up his skeletons - which we know Hart and Bell are doing. She said she didn't go to Cooper's to learn how to beat the test. Gibbs wants her to take another test.

They take her to HQ and Susan sets her up. Vance asks Gibbs what he think she knows and says they can't just accuse a judge, but Gibbs only wants to ask her some questions. He asks her about the People vs. Perkins and how he'd been found guilty of three counts of murder; Fornell arrives with the trial file and gives it to Gibbs. Gibbs then goes on to say the witness had gone missing after the trial and did she know what happened. She denies it, but the polygraph starts to beep; he says he had one of his agents wire it up for bells and whistles.

Fornell then talks about Del Mar and how he was granted immunity after confessing to multiple murders and how he's now dead. Gibbs asks if she can stand to watch such people walk free, even though they deliver much larger fish. The machine goes mad again. Gibbs asks if she leaked IDs of protected witnesses to those who had grudges. The machine beeps again. Fornell asks if she used Cooper's to become a better liar. She finally pulls the leads off and stands up. She says they have no admissible evidence that she was involved with the killings and she'll have their badges. She tries to leave, but the door is locked.

Gibbs and Fornell continue their double act, saying the Rafferty brothers did her dirty work for her. Except, they went too far. Gibbs then says they do have a red hair that was found in Susan's home, they know it was her. It was the first time she actually had to get her own hands dirty. Fornell says it doesn't matter that she thought the men she arranged to be killed had it coming; she was appointed judge, not jury and executioner as well.

Outside Susan is asking McGee, Ziva and DiNozzo if Gibbs really had the hair as she couldn't read him; they tell her it takes an expert to read Gibbs.

In the squad room poor Jimmy is waiting for them. He's allergic to henna (I knew it wasn't all in him mind and knew it would be the tattoo) and it's all red and sore. He can't reach it all himself and wants some help. However, DiNozzo and Ziva both hurry off into the lift, refusing to help. Jimmy follows and with all three of them talking at once the lift doors close. It was very unfair and unfriendly and even unkind of them not to help the poor man.

Meanwhile McGee is left with Susan. He asks her out to dinner saying that now he's seen her work, he'd like to get to know more. She says he's sweet to say that, but she knows he doesn't meant it and she goes. He stands calling after her that he really does.


I thought it was another good episode. Not overly taxing and somewhat lighter than some, but then I guess the tempo will be increased for the final four episodes. But still very good. Lots of good banter and exchanges and scenes between everyone. Well shared out so that the focus wasn't just on one or two people.

An actual case is always good, even if the 'N' part of it really got swept away, as they were more interested in Del Mar than Petty Officer Roebuck. I know once they found Del Mar's killer they'd find Roebuck's, but the poor man barely got mentioned.


- Jimmy's inappropriate comments - so many of them; too many.
- The 'sole' survivor/name of the other survivor and Ziva still being there when Gibbs had sent her off scene.
- Gibbs's polygraph test - shoehorned in so that we could get Mexico into the episode and were once again be reminded that Gibbs killed Shannon & Kelly's killer.

Best scenes:

- Gibbs, Ziva and the two non-English English speaking men.
- Gibbs and Fornell in the lift.
- Ducky and Jimmy in Autopsy re: scratching and sand.
- Gibbs, Fornell and Vance in Vance's office.
- Ducky, Jimmy, Abby, Ziva and DiNozzo in Autopsy.
- Gibbs and Fornell's double acts.

Pairing of the week:


Character of the week:


Actor/Actress of the week:

Jackie Geary (Susan) The character annoys me, but she's very well played.

Storyline: 9.50

Enjoyment: 9.50


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