So unlike the last episode which I was really looking forward to, I was completely not looking froward to this episode and very negative about it. As soon as I saw that Shannon's mother would be popping up and we'd get to relive - yet again - Gibbs's angsty part and the deaths of Shannon and Kelly I sighed, and not in a good way. I am more than tired of this story-line; it went over the edge and beyond ages ago.

And when I read that the lawyer woman was going to be in it as well my sighs got deeper and deeper and I fully expected the worst episode since the double-Legend episode last year. In fact I seriously contemplated not bothering to get up at my usual time to watch it.

So I went into it completely negatively - hoping at least that being so pessimistic I could only be pleasantly surprised. Well, it wasn't as awful as I expected it to be, in fact I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn't great and I felt it dragged in parts (well most of the time) and was also non-gripping for the most part, but it was far better than I'd feared - mainly because of the the whole way they portrayed Gibbs and his angst, etc. Thankfully that didn't go overboard; I thought that side of it was very well done and balanced. But it was, as other episodes have been, totally ruined for me by the appearance of Hart - oh, boy, May is going to be a long month. She just winds me up and spoils everything. She wasn't as bad when we first saw her, but once she turned into bitchy, OTT Hollywood Lawyer mode, she once again destroyed the episode.

As for the case, well it was at least mostly central to the episode, at least it was the part that all the interaction revolved around, which has to be a good thing. But I never got a feeling of giving a damn about the victim or indeed Gibbs's mother-in-law. I thought she played the part wonderfully, but I actually didn't care about her; her grief over her finance's death and even over Shannon and Kelly just didn't touch me. But I think that was the way the part was played; she was exhausted; jaded; still in great pain; she'd pretty much lost everything. You got the impression, well I did, that the only thing that kept her alive was her rage, her anger and her hate for drug dealers and probably in some way Gibbs. But apart from the odd occasion I was unmoved by her - but that was down to darn fine acting. I don't think we were meant to feel for her, because we didn't get close to her, we didn't really see her grief, because she was beyond grief.

There was some okay team interaction, but as expected most of the storyline was centred around Gibbs and his ex-mother-in-law. But there was some nice banter and teamy moments. Lovely to see Jimmy, he's always good value. Some shippy moments for a couple of ships. A solid, non-earth-shattering episode.

I will say I thought Ducky really looked awful in this episode, at least when he was in his Autopsy greens; he looked drawn and tired and very much the age DMc is, which is unusual. And what's with the ordinary ties? Ducky wears bow-ties; this makes the second episode that he's in an ordinary tie - it's not Ducky.

We begin with a couple walking a baby to make it sleep (oh, you are so setting yourselves up for a lifetime of trouble by doing that). They hear gunshots and the man rushes over to where a women (Joanne Fielding, Gibbs's ex-mother-in-law) is holding a man in her arms.

In the squad room, DiNozzo gets out of the lift and he's looking at something on his mobile phone and is clearly very happy. Ziva asks if something special is happening and he tells her it is and mentions a name. There's some nice banter back and forth and finally he tells her the person is a film director, who makes, in Ziva's words, 'man movies' - kung fu, that type of thing. She is reading a book on the Declaration of Independence as her citizenship test is due very soon. McGee arrives, also in a good mood. DiNozzo calls him Timmy (a wee DiNozzo/McGee moment) and says he looks tired. He assumes McGee has been up all night, playing his on-line games. However, McGee has been wiring his apartment so that everything, including the microwave, works from one remote - DiNozzo is very impressed.

At that moment Gibbs arrives and tells them there's a dead Naval Officer in Norfolk. McGee asks if he has time to get a quick coffee; Gibbs says not and throws him a sweet, much to the surprise of both DiNozzo and McGee. It seems the sweet tastes of coffee.

They get to the crime scene and Homicide Detective Philip McCadden is there. He flirts with Ziva and she responds somewhat, much to DiNozzo's clear annoyance (DiNozzo/Ziva moment), so much so he not only starts to order Ziva and McGee about (not a good thing to do, DiNozzo, with Gibbs actually there) but he lets the tape fall and Gibbs nearly walks into it - ooops. So DiNozzo though; he really doesn't like any other man flirting with Ziva and consistent with previous episodes, as was the idiot bit of letting the tape fall. A nice little scene.

Ducky and Jimmy then arrive (Ducky in the ordinary tie) and Ducky is telling Jimmy to turn his mobile phone off. Jimmy, however, tells him she texted 'yes'. Ducky is very happy for him and they are both excited for a moment or two, until Ducky catches sight of Gibbs's face and simply says "Ah, Jethro." DiNozzo then asks Jimmy about the date and knows it's with a mortuary chick; he starts to give advice only to be pulled back on focus by Gibbs. The dead man is Naval Captain Joseph Norton, who lived in Norfolk and was wealthy.

Gibbs asks McCadden if he can speak to the witness and he goes over to join her and Ziva, whom he sent over when they first arrived. Ziva is about to introduce the woman to Gibbs, but . . . Oh, look, it is Gibbs's ex-mother-in-law, and clearly there is not a lot of love lost between them. Gibbs introduces Joanne to Ziva as Shannon's mother, in turn Joanne says Kelly's grandmother. Ziva just looks between them and asks when they last saw one another; it was at the funeral.

In the squad room McGee, Ziva and DiNozzo are gathered together talking about Gibbs and his ex-mother-in-law - which naturally they would be doing. McGee has found out they are seriously estranged; Ziva tries to balance things, reminding them Joanne had lost her daughter and granddaughter and then her fiancÚ died in her arms, they should have a little sympathy.

They are still discussing it as Gibbs arrives. They tell him that the suspect hadn't been caught on the security cameras, implying he/she knew where they were. Norton was in the Supply Corps and had a spotless service record and was six months from retirement. The engagement ring - Norton proposed that night - is missing and DiNozzo describes it and says they have a BOLO out on it. Gibbs compliments DiNozzo twice, much to the shock of everyone (DiNozzo most of all), which is a sure sign that Gibbs is not firing on all cylinders.

During the exchange Vance arrives to tell Gibbs he wants to see him after Gibbs has spoken with Joanne. Gibbs goes off and DiNozzo suggests that, due to the two compliments, they should keep an eye on Gibbs and turns to Vance for support. Vance in true fashion asks DiNozzo if that is his call to make; DiNozzo admits it isn't. I have to confess Vance is actually beginning to grow on me more. He's still my least favourite character of the 'team' but he's growing on me.

Gibbs goes to the conference room to see Joanne and gives her a glass of water; she comments on him still drinking coffee. She asks after his father, in turn he asks after her husband. She says they divorced a couple of years after the deaths. She also says he didn't have to go through it alone; he says he called but she didn't call back; she says that's not how she remembered it. And this is really when you see nothing touches her; she's not a sympathetic figure because she just isn't alive. She's living, but she's a shell, her exhaustion comes over and she's just so far removed from the present, I couldn't feel sympathy - it was superbly played.

He asks what happened and she said they'd been to a party for one of Norton's colleagues, they'd left, he suggested a walk and then proposed. She was looking at the ring on her finger when this person appeared. Norton went for him and Norton was shot. She says it was a white man in his 20s. Ziva arrives at that moment with the sketch artist and Gibbs leaves.

Gibbs goes to Vance. He says how because it's a member of his family (how come? She isn't a member of his family, she's the mother of his dead wife, surely that means she is no longer family legally, that is) SOP means Vance should ask him to step aside. Vance does. Gibbs refuses. He tells Vance they've both lost people and it was a long time ago (finally!). But Vance says he knows Gibbs and he knows what pushes his buttons; it was a violent death, it could affect him. Gibbs asks to speak off the record and Vance agrees. Gibbs says he needs to do it for Shannon as she'd have wanted him to. Vance agrees; but says if Gibbs's judgement is off even once then he'll take Gibbs off the case. Gibbs had interrupted him to tell him he'd take himself off the case, but Vance was being Vance!

In the men's room Gibbs is washing his face and we get a flashback to when he took Shannon and the toddler Kelly away. Joanne is arguing with them, he is saying it's his job, she accuses him of wanting the transfer, Shannon tries to calm her and they get into Gibbs's truck and drive away. He's drying his face as DiNozzo arrives to tell him McCadden is there. Rather than just leave as given how long he's worked with Gibbs he should do, i.e. not acknowledge the face drying, he has to call attention to it and ask if Gibbs wants anything. Gibbs tells him for him to go; it surprises me that after all the years he's worked for Gibbs DiNozzo doesn't know him better than that.

In the squad room McGee is telling McCadden that Gibbs has signed off on the witness statements and DiNozzo is surprised. Gibbs arrives at that moment and says "Play nicely, kiddies, there's plenty of room in the sandbox." That was wonderful line, one of the best of the entire episode. Then McCadden starts to question Joanne's statement, saying that she has arthritic fingers and how did she get a size 4 ring on. He then asks Ziva what her size is; instantly DiNozzo steps in to say Ziva wouldn't know (again with the jealously, so well done) but Ziva does. She's a size 5 (this means nothing to me at all) and she waves her ring finger saying that all women know their ring size, just in case - they do? McCadden then asks about gun shot residue on Joanne, but McGee says there would be a lot as she was so close to Norton when he was shot - she was behind him. Clearly McCadden thinks Joanne killed Norton.

The sketch artist has done her job and McGee has the picture. He puts it up on the plasma and starts to run facial recognition against known criminals; McCadden gets told to leave. Then McGee gives Gibbs a paper copy of the photo and clearly Gibbs knows the man. He goes to Joanna and demands to know what's going on. He tells her the man is Kyle Buckley with whom he went to High School and tells her Buckley died in a car accident three years ago. He asks her again if she saw the killer and she doesn't respond.

DiNozzo drives her home and is very chivalrous in the way he can be. Just the tiny bit of gentle flirting to make her feel good, not that it had any affect as she's nothing more than a walking, breathing, husk, and the right balance of respect and concern without being obsequious - that's the DiNozzo who shows why Gibbs has kept him around for so long; the DiNozzo we see far too infrequently. He helps her out, says it's a nice place, offers to see her to the door, but she declines. She tells him Gibbs trusts few people, and then he does slip back into the other 'has to know everything about everyone' DiNozzo and asks about Gibbs when he was younger. Joanne says she never really knew him, not really, not the real man. She liked him, but didn't know him.

Some time later McGee is telling Gibbs and DiNozzo that he'd found Norton's laptop and also a burn phone; DiNozzo wonders what a Naval Captain was doing with a burn phone - an excellent question, DiNozzo. The phone had been purchased in Arizona and Norton had made a lot of calls to Mexico, in particular to a place that was half in the US, half in Mexico. Some more digging, including looking at Norton's Bank records, leads them to the conclusion that Norton was actually involved with drugs and a drug cartel. However, it looks as if he might have got out some ten years ago - or not!

In Autopsy Ducky is sniffing the air and Jimmy asks is he's smelling for almonds and comments that the tips of the bullets may have been coated in cyanide. But Ducky says it's Jimmy's cologne and it is awful. Jimmy, whose hair is also slicked down more, says he's test driving a new one and also disposable contact lenses. Ducky says change is a good thing, but only if it's motivated by Jimmy himself.

Gibbs arrives at that point and declares the room smells like a French whore-house (just how would Gibbs know?) Jimmy proudly announces it's him which gets the infamous Gibbs look. Ducky duly sends Jimmy up to Abby with some specimen jars and tells him to use the Haz-mat shower before he returns; Gibbs adds, "Twice". Poor Jimmy *g* Ducky picks up Norton's heart that is in a jar and says he hopes Jimmy won't get his broken. He then tells Gibbs where the kill shot had penetrated. However, that isn't why he called Gibbs down. It was to share with him that Norton's digestive tract was inflamed with a parasite found in third world countries; Gibbs suggest Mexico. Ducky says it could be.

Abby is shooting and recreating Norton's shooting when Gibbs arrives. Abby is in her usual cheery fashion and talking about how it's like being at the fair whereby you can win a cuddly toy. Gibbs looks at Bert, who is present, and says he doesn't like cuddly toys much. Abby tells him Joanne couldn't have been standing, i.e. behind Norton, where she claimed because of the blood spatters. At that moment she gets a ping and it's from major mass-spec. They go to her lab and she's full of bounce over mass-spec, saying if it were a guy she'd marry it and have lots of little mass-specs. Okay . . . methinks Abby might have had one or two too many Caf-Pows! She had found a lot of stuff under Joanne's fingernails, she'd never found so much from a live person. And basically she's narrowed it down to fibres from a member of a flight deck crew, in particular the epaulettes of an bridge officer's coat.

Gibbs tracks down Joanne and basically tells her she's lying to him; her story doesn't add up. She says she's always given him respect, he disagrees. He tells her Norton was dealing drugs; she denies it. He says he can prove it; he had millions of dollars from the dealings with a Mexican drug cartel leader. He tells her she is the one link between Shannon, Kelly, Norton and Mexico; she slaps his face and tells him he was responsible for Shannon and Kelly's deaths; he should have been there. He says he's a Marine; he was following orders, he had to go away. He says he didn't kill them. She tells him to do his job, just as he's always done.

Back in the squad room DiNozzo is watching a Samurai film on his computer and telling McGee he should watch if he wants to become a real man. Gibbs calls. He wants McGee and DiNozzo to check phone calls and bank records - of Joanne.

Later. McGee has done his job and going back five years, there is nothing unusual as far as Mexico goes, however, he has found a number Joanne has called several time in Arizona. It's a retired cop, Martin Hendrix, who is now a locator of missing persons; Joanne was looking for someone and paid $28,000 to find them. Gibbs tells DiNozzo to take Ziva and go to Arizona, much to DiNozzo's chagrin; McGee comments that his grandfather retired to Arizona.

In Arizona, DiNozzo is, in true DiNozzo fashion, complaining about the heat and the dryness. Ziva tells him to stop, adding that it is like winters in Israel; DiNozzo reminds her they aren't in Israel, but in the US. They go to Hendrix's shack to knock, but Ziva spots something stuck in the lock - and it's not the key; the door has been nailed shut. They break in, get greeted by a dreadful stench and see the 'fried' body of Hendrix. DiNozzo makes an inappropriate but in character DiNozzo comment about him being 'well done'.

Gibbs and Joanne are in the interrogation room and he asks her about Hendrix. She claims she hired him to find Norton because she'd lost his number. He doesn't believe her, as it was one expensive date otherwise. He tells her the cameras are turned off and he can help her; he shows her Hendrix's picture and again says about the drug connection. However, she says nothing and he goes.

In Gibbs's sitting room (yes, again with the damn sitting room) he's looking at pictures of him, Shannon and Kelly and he's smiling. There's a knock at the door and he calls that it's open and in walks Hart *sighs* The episode when downhill from here. And again she calls him 'Mr. Gibbs'. Actually, to be fair, she was rather nice at first, mentions he called her, he offers her beer, she says only if he also has a slice of cold pizza *shudders with horror* she has down her homework on him! He goes to get one for her and whilst he's gone she talks about how her day has been and also takes the opportunity to look at the photos - which I think he deliberately left there for her to look at; he really is playing her. He returns with the beer and pizza and a chair, which he sits on rather than next to her and asks her if she still does pro bono work; she says if the price is right and he says he knows someone who might need her help. Then he tells her to turn the lights off when she leaves and he goes. She comments it was the worst date she'd ever had and he smiles in Gibbs flirting fashion, or Gibbs pretending to flirt with someone he has zilch-minus-zilch chemistry.

In Autopsy Ducky is quoting poetry to Hendrix; Jimmy asks if it was Tennyson, Ducky says no it was his own; he got second prize for it. He says he was trying to get Jimmy into the mood and it's a shame that Jimmy's mortician friend couldn't see Hendrix's body; Jimmy asks if she can bring her by after the date, Gibbs arrives at that second and says 'no'. Ducky tells him Hendrix was baked to death and his ankles and wrists tied. He says that normally drug cartel killings are a lot more bloody and public. Gibbs asks what he is thinking and Ducky says that they made an exception in that case. There were lots of eye contact and nice looks during this scene. Gibbs's phone rings and whilst still looking at Ducky (this is the scene I thought Ducky looked really dreadful in) Gibbs answers it. It's McGee, Metro have found Norton's mobile in a dumpster. And a call had been made to a Lieutenant David Shankton who owns a gun of the same make and model with which Norton was killed.

Gibbs, DiNozzo and Shankton are in interrogation. Shankton admits to having met Norton in Mexico, and that Norton inspired him to join the Navy, but says they weren't drinking buddies. DiNozzo tells him they have credit card records that show he and Norton were in Mexico at the same time some eighteen times. And he mentions drugs. Shankton says his gun had been stolen a month ago. He plays innocent when asked about Norton and the drug dealing. DiNozzo takes a fibre from the epaulettes of his bridge officer's coat and is happy. But then Gibbs tells him to take it up to Abby and then go to see if Joanne is all right. DiNozzo, silly boy, questions this, saying they have their guy - and of course that instantly tells us whatever else Shankton may be involved in, he did not kill Norton. Once DiNozzo thinks someone is guilty, we know the person isn't. Of course Gibbs's look has him obeying orders.

When he gets to Joanne's house, it's to see her going with Hart, because Hart claims Joanne doesn't feel safe and the 'border-line pleasant woman has gone and the annoying OTT lawyer is back. She says DiNozzo can't talk to Joanne.

Back in the squad room Vance is talking to Gibbs and McGee about he holding Shankton, even though Gibbs doesn't think he did it and he also mentions Joanne. Gibbs says she's the only connection to the Renoso cartel and he wants them. Vance thinks Joanne is involved and orders Gibbs to arrest Joanne.

Down in a dimly lit Autopsy, Gibbs and Ducky (now looking better but still in the darn ordinary tie) are talking. Ducky is clearly not happy with what he's about to tell Gibbs, but clearly will do so. He looked at the x-rays again following Abby's 'evidence' and he's come to the conclusion that there is no way Joanne was behind Norton. In fact Ducky is certain she killed him.

Back in Gibbs's sitting room, we again have a pillow on the sofa. And Hart is there - again - drinking beer. Gibbs says he wants to talk to Joanne, she naturally says he can't and then tells him he's out of beer and that he should get some light beer; she really is working on fitting in with him, but it's an act, as clear as his is. She wants to know what he's up to and he says she's been doing the job for too long. He wants the truth from Joanne; she says it's overrated.

In the basement Gibbs pours Joanne a drink into his 'posh' glasses - his jam-jars. He says he knows everything. She couldn't get Shannon and Kelly's real killer, so she went after Norton as being guilty by association. She makes to stand up, but he makes her sit back down. He tells her how Hendrix was killed by the drug cartel and how she charmed Norton and set Shankton up. She killed one man and framed another; she'd planned it like a pro. He then tells her that Norton didn't kill Shannon and Kelly, but he knows who did and we get the flashback to him killing Pedro Hernandez.

He then asks her if she finds it satisfying, and she doesn't, that is partly what has made her so distant, so cold, so unsympathetic, not a person at all. She's a good woman and she took a life of a man who whilst a bastard in many ways and a drugs dealer who needed stringing up, hadn't actually hurt her. She'll pay for that, no matter what her motivations. She hugs him and she tells him about Norton's proposal and how just before she killed him she whispered Shannon and Kelly's names into his ear. And she says how she shot him three times. She then says no one need to know and that they both did what they did for their girls.

However, he says he's arresting her for murder and tampering with evidence. At that moment Hart appears and goes into full mode saying he's arrested her illegally and that she's pursue legal action if he doesn't release Joanne. To Hart's surprise, Gibbs comments that the case wouldn't stand up and lets Joanne go free. He tells Hart she won and tells Joanne to take care of herself. She tells him to take care of himself too.

Back in the squad room McGee, Ziva and DiNozzo are huddled together and Gibbs comes in. Vance appears and Gibbs tells him that the fibres from Shankton's coat matched; he adds that Shankton is a drug dealer and deserves to do time. McGee asks about Joanne and before Gibbs can reply, Vance says that she is no longer a suspect or a person of interest to the investigation. He and Gibbs look at one another and an understanding look passes between them - Vance knows, and he is condoning what Joanne did! The kid ask if they can go and are told yes.

Apparently I'm in a minority insofar as I never, for a second, thought they were going to try to pin the murder on Shankton. I took it as they'd just do him for drug dealing and the murder would simple be brushed under the carpet and dealt with by the insufficient evidence to charge anyone with the crime'. They wouldn't be so foolish as to try to get Shankton charged with murder; that would be beyond daft, and neither Gibbs nor Vance are stupid. I just saw this as one of the many cover-ups that we have seen Gibbs 'perform' over the years, where he will let someone who is guilty walk. Shankton would go down for drugs, the murder case would just vanish. After all, we know that not all murder cases go to court, Gibbs has signed off on the case as far as Metro go; he destroys the file. As long as he and Vance don't have to involve Ducky or Abby when it comes to giving any kind of evidence, and I can't see why they would, after all they won't go to court on the murder charge, then it can 'vanish'.

But just as they are going Jimmy arrives with his date and introduces them. Her name is Breena Slater and to all their surprises and a flash of DiNozzo jealousy she is very attractive. She also addresses them correctly, Jimmy had described them to her and she has a photographic memory. Brenna says he loves her for her mind and isn't he the cutest thing? After a second they do agree. I'm glad to see Jimmy was wearing glasses and that his hair wasn't flat to his head and one assumed he'd also given up on the awful cologne. Ducky's words must have got through to him.

Back in Gibbs's home, he looks at Joanne's file and throws it onto the fire.


A lot better than I expected, and given I expected something really dreadful, that's high praise. Not a stellar episode by any means, but not a bad one at all. Some nice moments, no one (Hart aside) was annoyingly irritating, DiNozzo and Abby were to a small extent, but only in their in character way that works.

An actual case.

Some nice banter and touches of humour despite the soberness of the episode.

Gena Rowlands played Joanne so very well. Despite her not moving me or touching me at all, I thought it was incredibly well acted and played and it wouldn't have had the power, I feel, had she come over as being sympathetic and moving. She was flat, distant, apart and not-alive - very well done indeed.

I know there's a lot of strong feeling over Gibbs letting his mother-in-law get away with murder and people are saying it's OOC, but it's not the first time he's done it. He's done it more than once, not to mention the time he drove the gang leader 'home' knowing that he would be shot and killed. And there are countless times he's tampered with evidence or cut corners or 'fixed' things. I'm not saying I condone what he did, not at all, but it certainly isn't OOC for him to do it. Plus, it was in some way linked with Shannon and Kelly and we know he's less than logical when it comes to them; so for him to let his mother-in-law go isn't OOC for a duel reason. I'm not shocked by what he did, not in the way I'd have been shocked if he'd never done anything like this before; in fact it's Vance's easy acceptance that surprised even possibly shocked me far more than Gibbs letting his mother-in-law get away. He's forever sailing close to the lines and crossing them, maybe he's not even sure at times where the line is, when it comes to certain things - which is a tad scary given his job. And maybe this is all going to be part of what Hart is working hard on uncovering. We know Gibbs is going to make a decision that will affect the rest of the team (well so the spoilers say), maybe when presented with all the 'evidence' of the less than 'legal' things he has done, he'll realise that it's got out of hand and he will quit NCIS, or withdraw from field work.

And we get the Mexico link again. And what with this and Colonel Bell and Hart playing Gibbs just as he's playing her to find out what's going on, it does seem to point clearly to the final episode being about Gibbs killing Shannon and Kelly's killer. It's going to come out into the open. Now whether part of what Bell and Hart are up to is to in effect blackmail Gibbs over it to try to force him to quit, or whether they bring it out into the open, I can't call yet, but it does seem that is what the big thing is going to be about. Otherwise why all these mentions of Mexico and why this particular episode? It wasn't a necessary episode, it added nothing at all to any character. All it did was to reinforce: Mexico; drugs; Shannon and Kelly's murders; Gibbs killed their murderer; Gibbs is playing Hart; Hart has her own agenda and/or Bell's agenda and in turn is playing him.

So in fact maybe the 'big decision' Gibbs makes that'll affect the team is that he chooses to tell them, before Hart can reveal it? And what then, is he going to be carted off to prison? It's not subtle, in fact some may say it's being too forced, but Let's face it, NCIS aren't overly-subtle most of the time, so with them ramming Mexico down our throats, plus yet again the whole thing with Shannon and Kelly being killed and Gibbs killing their killer, and him conveniently leaving the photos of him and his girls for Hart to rummage through, I think it'll be the climax of the season.


- The presence of Hart.
- The ease with which Vance was prepared to go along with the cover up, after his former 'I'll pull you off the case'.
- Ducky wearing ordinary ties.

Best scenes:

- The by-play upon their arrival at the crime scene.
- Gibbs and Vance in Vance's office.
- The first Gibbs, Ducky and Jimmy Autopsy scene.
- The second Gibbs, Ducky and Jimmy Autopsy scene.
- Gibbs and Ducky in Autopsy.
- Gibbs and Joanne in the basement.

Pairing of the week:

Gibbs & Joanne (Gen)
Gibbs/Ducky (Slash)

Character of the week:


Actor/Actress of the week:

Gena Rowlands

Storyline: 9.00

Enjoyment: 7.75


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