So DiNozzo gets framed for murder episode - hey, haven't we done that twice? Indeed we have and in fact a reference is made to it during the episode - cute. Okay, so DiNozzo is not my favourite character so I'm never going to squee about a DiNozzo centric episode as much as DiNozzo fen, just as they won't squee about a Ducky or Gibbs centric episode - but overall, this wasn't a bad episode. It was better than last week's (which was a Gibbs centric episode! Does that make me a bad Gibbs fan?)

It started slowly, I was bored for a while and I found it rather bitty up and down to be honest, sometimes I wanted to shake DiNozzo, others to say 'well done' but that is the DiNozzo we used to see, irritating, annoying, but can also do his job - even if in order to do such a good job he actually screwed up and screwed up big time three years ago.

I'll be interested in hearing what DiNozzo fen think to that part of the case, did you think it was a plot device so that we could see competent DiNozzo, but also have to throw in a 'but he's not that competent as he really screwed up and didn't do a good job three years ago'? Or did you just accept it as it had to be really otherwise the depth of the case now wouldn't have worked?

As often happens there was some really obvious stuff: Mitch being involved in the embezzlement and Renny being involved in setting up the people who framed him three years ago, but that didn't really matter. [Side note, why on earth did the writers give us two main characters (even if one of those characters was dead) with a surname that began with the same letter, in fact that same three letters!? That is very poor writing and breaks all kinds of 'rules' (not to mention being confusing at times)].

Some nice banter and exchanges and scenes and humour - and yet some of it seemed somewhat forced. I can't quite put my finger on what or where or why, but I felt I was watching an act - yes, I know I was, but this was different. Maybe it was just the change of focus.

Anyway, we begin with a man (whom we soon learn is in fact Renny Grant coming out of a hotel room and he is acting somewhat suspicious. He acknowledges the maid and then a business man sees him (all somewhat set up, I feel, okay necessary for the story-line, but oh so forced). He dumps his bag down a rubbish shoot and lo and behold a body falls out of it (that was always going to happen).

Cue squad room scene. DiNozzo is at his desk and he looks awful and he is making a hang-over cure. McGee and Ziva arrive and we learn that DiNozzo was out the night before with NCIS agents from Japan - Vance had told him to show them around; who better but DiNozzo for that job? And he did and boy is he paying for it. McGee, who has obviously seen a DiNozzo hang-over before (which could be seen as a nice little moment for Di/Mc fen, as McGee knows) tells Ziva that DiNozzo has a patented hang-over cure. Ziva says she does too - lime in jasmine tea, which DiNozzo thinks sounds awful and comments that he hopes he never has a hang-over in Israel

At that moment Gibbs arrives and DiNozzo tries to back-track saying that he hasn't got a hang-over and he wouldn't drink on a school night (another little Gibbs as 'father' reference here). Gibbs asks where DiNozzo was last night and DiNozzo said he'd been drinking.

Gibbs: "Alone?"
DiNozzo: "Of course not." Beat as he looks at Gibbs. "Not that there's anything wrong with drinking bourbon in a basement alone with a boat."

And we discover that DiNozzo needs an alibi.

At the scene of the crime Ziva and McGee are taking photos and discussing who might want to impersonate DiNozzo. Ziva suggests Jack Nicholson to get his own back. McGee in turn suggests that DiNozzo has been the victim of a frame up (which was the title of the first 'accuse DiNozzo of murder episode). They discuss who might have done that: Jeanne, but she's out of the county (hmm, have you been keeping tracks on her, Timmy? Another possible Di/Mc hint). And then they suggest Trent Kort (no, he wouldn't, he wouldn't want to risk not getting whatever it is he wants from Gibbs for the files he gave him). McGee then makes a comment about the split seams; Ziva thinks he's talking about how the body was stuffed into the bag, but he's talking about the fact that he just bought the same bag and how he should have paid more attention to feedback as people had said the seams weren't much good. Ziva casts him an askance look (she wasn't the only one) and McGee comments he's been doing the job for too long. A very un-McGee like comment - now that's the kind of comment we expect DiNozzo to make.

Meanwhile Gibbs and DiNozzo are talking to the Receptionist and the Manager. DiNozzo makes a comment that he nearly got through the year without being framed for murder - okay, that was for those folk who didn't get McGee's reference or didn't remember the other two times. The Receptionist comments that the other man did look a lot like DiNozzo, although he was fitter - poor DiNozzo. Not surprisingly the Manager wants it cleared up quickly as the hotel has a reputation.

Back outside Ducky and Jimmy have the body. Ducky comments that he hasn't seen anything like that since 1999 in Vegas when he and his mother caught two of the Cirque du Soleil - his mother's a great fan. Jimmy is too. But Ducky goes on to say that his mother was infatuated by one of the tumblers, Jimmy names two people and asks if it were either of them and admits that he's followed one of their careers for some time.

Gibbs appears at that moment and suggests Jimmy quit whilst he's behind. Jimmy: "Quitting, sir." (Don't call Gibbs 'sir', Jimmy, he doesn't like it). We learn that the dead man is called Grady and he worked for the Department Of Defence - basically he was a mail man. Ducky tells Gibbs Grady was strangled with a wire or cord and then stabbed through the heart.

Both McGee and Ziva make little remarks about it being DiNozzo's room and the other man looking an awful lot like DiNozzo (as he would do if it were anyone else). And at that point he walks off.

Ziva: "Maybe we should go easy on him."
McGee: "Think he'd go easy on us?"
Ziva: "Excellent point."

But what was nice was that it was really just their usual banter, no nastiness about it and showed more the cared and clearly knew (even if he hadn't got an alibi) that he wasn't guilty. And they are right, he would have done the same.

We then flash to DiNozzo and a man comes up to him and asks if DiNozzo remembers him: it is Renny Grant (Grant, Grady, so confusing - bad writers).

Gibbs and DiNozzo are talking about Renny and DiNozzo tells Gibbs is was his first case when he was in charge three years ago and makes several attempts at coming up with an acceptable term for Gibbs's 'time in Mexico', but finally shuts up. He says it was an embezzlement case, and an open and shut one - but we then learn that the money was never found, so as Gibbs points out it wasn't so open and shut.

Again I ask DiNozzo fen how they felt about this. I found myself in two minds, did DiNozzo really have to screw up so badly? Would he have done? No money, so it wasn't open and shut and yet he decided it was. So we have incompetent DiNozzo then in order to give us competent DiNozzo now.

As a result of the case, Renny was sentenced to five years and has served three - and he always claimed he was innocent. And of course at that point I knew he was - he had to be, that's how the writers have been writing DiNozzo. Okay, so it was more complex and layered than that, which was good.

Gibbs and DiNozzo go into the interrogation room and Renny is not over-joyed to see DiNozzo and makes a jibe at him that he has a few grey hairs; so nicely in character DiNozzo, standing behind Gibbs who is sitting at the table, begins to feel his hair and pull strands - a nice little touch, very DiNozzo. Renny says he didn't kill Grady and that he wants to talk to DiNozzo alone. DiNozzo comments that won't happen, but Gibbs gets up and leaves.

Renny says he just wanted to see Grady to talk as they used to be friends, but when he went back to his room he found him dead and he panicked. He then gives DiNozzo a USB Drive and says it's a paper trail to prove that he didn't embezzle the money three years ago. The Appeal Court won't look at it, but maybe DiNozzo might. Basically DiNozzo dismisses it and goes out of the room.

However, Gibbs is waiting for him and DiNozzo says he doesn't believe a word Renny says. But clearly he is starting to think that maybe there is some truth in it, as he's not his usual cock-sure self - he is, but it's underlain with a 'oh, boy what if' kind of reaction. Gibbs then calls DiNozzo 'boss' and says that it's his case. DiNozzo asks if Gibbs is going back to Mexico, Gibbs says no and comments there is some rule as to why he's handing over the case.

Back in the squad room McGee and Ziva are looking at the surveillance video from the hotel and it clearly shows Renny leaving the hotel two hours before he checked out - he was going out to dinner. DiNozzo then tells McGee what to do and then tells Gibbs to get caught up on the Renny case. Gibbs says 'on it, boss' (I have to say Gibbs's 'boss' and 'on it, boss' actually annoyed me during this episode, I felt that he was somewhat mocking DiNozzo - and maybe to begin with he was, because it was mainly at the beginning - but as huge a Gibbs fan as I am I got irked at him, I just felt it was unnecessary). Ziva then asks if Gibbs is going back to Mexico. and he says 'no' and McGee gets it and says: "Rule 38." Gibbs confirms that. Then Gibbs's phone rings - it's Abby. He tosses the phone to DiNozzo, who says he'll be down shortly and is about to go when Gibbs reminds him he needs to take a Caf-Pow! - but he's not you, Gibbs. Let him be Anthony DiNozzo, not stand-in Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

Okay, so how many people did Abby annoy during this scene? Some, I would venture to suggest. She begins by calling DiNozzo 'Gibbs' all the time and he keeps trying to stop her and then we learn why: she's scared Gibbs is going back to Mexico and the only way she can handle that is by calling DiNozzo 'Gibbs'. Come on folk, Mexico was three years ago, let it go; Gibbs isn't just going to up and go again - I think we've been hit over the head with this one enough by now - please. And we also learn that Sister Roseta has twisted her ankle. DiNozzo reminds her that it is 'Rule 38' and she's happier.

There was a struggle in the room and on the comforter is Grady's blood - and according to Abby something else (we never do learn what the something else was). She also found something in the bathroom and gives DiNozzo the chemical break-down; DiNozzo doesn't know what it is and she chides him saying Gibbs would have known - it was soap. Whoever killed Grady washed their hands afterwards. She has a partial print on the soap dispenser, not enough to run through any databases, but enough to match it if she has fingerprints.

Back in the squad room McGee and Ziva are discussing DiNozzo being in charge. Ziva says he is competent and a good leader and when McGee doesn't instantly answer she asks if he disagrees. He doesn't, but he adds that when he's not leader he irritates them but when he is leader he walks around preening like a peacock with a smirk on his face (which is true, he does). He then comments that DiNozzo is standing behind him - which he is. And the nice little touch is that DiNozzo has been there two minutes (so how come Ziva didn't see him or how come we didn't see him when we panned onto McGee?) And my take was that McGee did know/suspect - because that is what DiNozzo would do, because he has to emulate Gibbs at all times, so made the comment deliberately, just to let DiNozzo know what they saw and DiNozzo knew that - so more sibling banter. And that's confirmed as DiNozzo does in fact say that he had been smirking and in the next few moments make a couple of jokes about peacocks and even invites McGee to stroke his peacock tail (more Di/Mc moments).

And then we learn that a maid let Grady into Renny's room two hours before his body was found. We also learn that Grady has a sealed file (so we now start to think that maybe Grady was actually involved with the embezzlement in some way). DiNozzo, in very gung-ho and playing the 'role' tells them they did good. And as they say 'pride goeth before a fall' and it's one fall. Gibbs arrives (DiNozzo calls him 'Jethro' and it sounded very forced and totally unnatural and out of place - I don't believe DiNozzo would have called him it, actually). Gibbs has finished reviewing Renny's paper trail and the case notes.

DiNozzo: "Let me guess, he wasted three years of his life.
Gibbs: "No, you did. The kid was innocent." And he throws the USB drive back to DiNozzo.

Renny wasn't even in the country at the time the money was stolen, he was in Iraq, and whoever did it had to have been on base. DiNozzo is rather upset by this - as well he might be - and a little stunned. However, he partially recovers and calls a camp fire. McGee and Ziva go straight away, but Gibbs isn't going to join in - until 'encouraged' to by DiNozzo. DiNozzo still thinks that even though Renny didn't steal, he might have killed Grady, after all Grady lied three years ago - why? Could he have been using Renny as the fall-guy? Gibbs's phone rings again - this time it's Ducky. Again Gibbs tosses the phone to DiNozzo who tells Ducky he'll be down to see him shortly.

And DiNozzo does indeed go down to Autopsy after giving his team more orders.

Ducky: "Congratulations on your promotion, Anthony, fleeting as it may be." And he's smiling in his Ducky mischievous way.
DiNozzo thanks him but says so far it's not going well and he hopes Ducky has something for him.

Ducky does, to begin with he shows DiNozzo a rash on Grady's body and then some blisters - DiNozzo clearly does not want to look at them and even turns away. Then Ducky says he has a sample for him. DiNozzo shakes his head.

Ducky: "Agent Gibbs never passes up the opportunity to examine the fruits of my labour." Nice one, Ducky (and of course as they are my ship a nice little gentle squee moment for me over G/D) - if somewhat wicked too! And he makes DiNozzo look at the pus.

He then shows DiNozzo the x-rays where nodes are showing, at first Ducky thought they might be cancerous but it turns out Grady was suffering from Valley Fever - in fact DiNozzo says it before Ducky does and makes reference to not going back to Arizona. He's about to leave when Ducky stops him to tell him that Valley Fever is a good name as it does cause a fever. Therefore Grady was dead two hours prior to the estimated time of death Ducky gave at the scene. This stops DiNozzo dead as Renny has a sure fire alibi for that time - he was out to dinner and there were lots of witnesses.

Ducky: "Then your murder suspect is no longer a suspect." Poor DiNozzo, nothing is going right for him.

Renny is about to leave and DiNozzo is waiting for him. He apologises for three years ago and says he'll write a good letter to the Courts to try to ensure Renny does not have to pay for interfering with evidence. He also asks if Renny knew who set him up, Renny declines to do DiNozzo's job for him and leaves. McGee calls, a nice little moment when DiNozzo first answers his own phone and then Gibbs's once the ringing continues. McGee tells him there is someone to see him. DiNozzo gets irritated, but McGee says he insisted on speaking to DiNozzo.

The someone is Marine Sergeant Mitch Wilkins whose first comment to DiNozzo is: "Told you so." He goes on to say he's been waiting three years to say that. He was the one who discovered the money was missing and he'd always said it couldn't have been Renny. (And now my spider sense was well and truly tingling - Mitch had to be involved, he was clearly the embezzler). He also asks after Ziva and we learn Ziva has a Face book account and that they are friends there. He tells DiNozzo there had to be two people involved one to open the ports and another to falsify the logs. Clearly one of those people was Grady, but he had to have had someone to help him - and it's a long list 2,000+ names.

Down in Abby's lab she is waiting for DiNozzo and accuses him of being late, reminding him that Gibbs always just knows when she's found something (she was irritating me now) and asks if DiNozzo had forgotten all of his training and sticks a 'Trainee' badge on his lapel. She confirms that her partially lifted print would definitely match if they had a suspect (she'd said that earlier, so why the big 'I've got something?) and DiNozzo tells her he emailed her 2,000+ suspects. And he gives her a foot bandage for Sister Roseta - he went to the gym before going to Abby, it took about four minutes - which is how long ago Abby said she'd found something. She starts to run the print and lo and behold gets a hit; she is impressed and takes the badge off. A meant to be cute scene that somehow didn't really work for me (but some DiNozzo/Abby moments).

McGee is sitting on the edge of Ziva's desk and they are talking about the two embezzlers (Gibbs is at his computer) and they are wondering why Grady was killed. Suddenly Gibbs launches into what is, for Gibbs, a very long speech, saying how the other partner was scared because he found out Grady was meeting with DiNozzo, and didn't know it wasn't DiNozzo. He feared Grady might tell on him so he shut Grady up. They both stare at him with almost open mouths. DiNozzo arrives and has a name of the person whose fingerprint was on the soap dispenser: Navy Commander Carl Davis. He tells them to gear up and goes, only Gibbs follows him as the others just sit and look at Gibbs. When Gibbs asks 'what' McGee says they've never heard Gibbs say so much in one go, Ziva adds in one week - Gibbs says it was never his job before.

Gibbs drives in true Gibbs's style to Davis's house. And when they get out, DiNozzo suggests that it might be good for appearance's sake if he drove back - adding not that it really mattered; Gibbs tosses him the keys. As they move towards Davis's house, DiNozzo repeats (again) he's the boss. The door is opened by a woman who says Davis is away for a week. Ziva shows her a warrant and they go in - much to the woman's displeasure. They find Davis handcuffed to the bed with a bloody nose and signs of a really bad black-eye to be and on the bed is lighter fuel. At first she tries to make out it was something Davis liked, they played games, but once they move onto the broken nose and lighter fuel she in effect admits she did it - saying he deserved it; it was that or the garden sheers.

DiNozzo makes a comment about a 1984 film Burning Bed staring Farrah Fawcett. It is Gibbs who says it's about a wife who torched her husband's bed when he was sleeping. At the askance looks he gets he says it was his second wife's favourite movie. DiNozzo suggests that Mrs. Davis might have been going for a sequel. At which point McGee comes in holding something.

McGee: "Hell hath no fury."
Gibbs: "Like a woman scorned. Third wife's favourite quote."

And in the enveloped, which was sent to Mrs. Davis are photos of her husband on a beach with another woman - the person who sent them claims to be the woman's husband and thought Mrs. Davis should see them

Gibbs: "Misery loves company."
DiNozzo: "Where did you get that? Your fourth wife?"

Gibbs just photos him - so we had Gibbs and DiNozzo doing a role reversal in more ways than one. And it was the 'more ways than one' that really didn't work for me. I felt that Gibbs's comments and behaviour actually took the edge of DiNozzo's competence - but maybe that was just me? I find it odd that Gibbs lover as I am, I am annoyed with him for how he treated DiNozzo (who as you all know isn't my favourite character, as much as I like him, I am not a hard core DiNozzo fan). Yet I'm 'defending' him. Hmmmm.

Gibbs and DiNozzo talk to Davis and it becomes instantly clear he was involved in the embezzling - however what is also instantly clear is that he did not kill Grady. And that is proved as he has an alibi - they've seen the photos.

In Abby's lab she says that even though she led DiNozzo to Davis, it wasn't her fault as his fingerprint was on the soap. However, we then learn that the soap dispenser in Renny's room wasn't hotel issue - it came from Davis's bathroom. So someone is trying to frame Davis - and we know who that is, do we not? Renny.

In the squad room DiNozzo comes in to find McGee staring at the plasma. He says that Davis was set up.

McGee: "There was a third embezzler."
DiNozzo (putting his hand on his shoulder - more Di/Mc moments): "Looks that way, my friend."McGee: "No, Tony. There was a third embezzler." And he shows DiNozzo Davis's computer log.

The third person moved it out of the country. DiNozzo tells McGee to find it; McGee says he's working on it. DiNozzo says he'll try it again but McGee should imagine he is Gibbs. But actually that doesn't make any difference - McGee is doing his best; he's trying, but he doesn't think he'll be able to trace it. He suggests DiNozzo ask Renny if he has any idea, but DiNozzo doesn't want to do that. Gibbs and Ziva are interrogating Davis, but he's not talking. McGee thinks DiNozzo is going to join them, but he goes off in the opposite direction.

And then we get a scene which, while I really enjoyed and thought was fun and it was great to see Jimmy, I must confess I actually didn't get. I was going 'huh'?

DiNozzo goes down to the garage and he's clearly waiting for someone; that someone is Jimmy. He tells Jimmy he's late, but Jimmy explains he had to wait for Ducky to go to his Pilates class. He tells DiNozzo he's stocked up on the coffee DiNozzo likes, once he knew DiNozzo was back in charge and has brought him some. DiNozzo then talks about the case to Jimmy.

Jimmy sums it up by saying that DiNozzo thinks the third guy killed Grady and framed Davis so why does DiNozzo need him. DiNozzo says because he can't find the man or the money. Jimmy says it isn't unusual for embezzlers to sit on the money for a year or more, until the heat has died down. And then he asks DiNozzo want Renny thinks; when DiNozzo basically lets him know he hasn't gone to Renny, Jimmy says that he understands, if he'd put an innocent man in jail he wouldn't want to see him either, but he would go.

DiNozzo (accepting this): "Thanks, Palmer." He goes.
Jimmy (putting on his NCIS cap): "Agent Palmer.

So with the 'huh'? What is going on here? We have to assume from this that DiNozzo went to Jimmy a lot during his time in charge when Gibbs was in Mexico - not only to talk thing through with him, but to get advice from him. Are we to assume that Jimmy is in effect DiNozzo's 'Ducky'? We know Gibbs will do that thing with Ducky, so DiNozzo uses Jimmy (oh, boy, I can hear the DiNozzo/Jimmy fen from here getting excited). But is it just to talk it through, or are we to assume that actually DiNozzo is even less competent than he sometimes comes over as being? Is Jimmy merely his 'muse' or is he genuinely helping insofar as knows more? *Shakes head* I'm still confused.

DiNozzo does go to Renny's house - but there is no answer and smoke is coming out from under the door. DiNozzo breaks in, but there is no one there, although there are signs of a struggle. The smoke came from the oven - an overcooked something. It looks as though whoever the third embezzler is, he has Renny.

Back at HQ DiNozzo is not in a good mood - also he's clearly worried about Renny and feeling guilty and so he snaps at McGee and Ziva, pushing them unnecessarily. Gibbs calls him away for a camp fire - not to Gibbs's usual office, but under the stairs. He asks DiNozzo if there is a problem and DiNozzo snaps at him saying yes, he screwed up. Gibbs agreed he did; three years ago but now he's making it right and Gibbs proud. He tells him he's doing a hell of a job and calls him Anthony. And then he adds at least he was until three minutes ago. He tells DiNozzo to trust him gut, DiNozzo says he'd rather trust his and they stare at one another. Abby appears and after a moment or two it is DiNozzo who addresses her, much to Gibbs's satisfaction. The knife found at Renny's house did not contain Renny's blood - it was Grady's and the killer kindly left his DNA on the handle. The killer is . . . Mitch.

DiNozzo (watched by Gibbs, McGee and Ziva the younger two who comment about him loving this part and Gibbs saying he'd earnt it) accuses Mitch of abducting Renny, Mitch denies it and I thought he was telling the truth. Outside the three of them bet as to what DiNozzo will do next - naturally Gibbs wins. DiNozzo begins tearing up photos of Grady. He then brings out the knife. Mitch agrees he did go to the room, but that it was self-defence - er, maybe the knife could be accidental, but strangling and then you used the knife later - not really self-defence in anyone's book!) He also says he left the knife at the hotel, he didn't take it with him, he even claimed not to know where Renny lived. He said he'd been in Court all day.

In the squad room we learn it is true; Mitch was in Court, he'd been charged with drug related crimes and it was his arraignment. And to top that off, Grady's sealed file was unsealed - and he was found guilty of mail fraud. And both tips were anonymous. Plus the post mark on the envelope sent to Davis's wife was a fake. Renny set them all up - payback time.

Renny is at the airport and DiNozzo turns up and says the same words Renny said to him at the beginning. He calls Renny on what he did and Renny says they got what they deserved (maybe the did, at least as far as the embezzlement went, but Grady died because of Renny). He wants to know if the tampering with evidence charge is still pending, but DiNozzo instead asks where the money is. Renny opens his bag and we are meant to expect to find a load of money, but no, it's just his clothes. DiNozzo lets him go.

Gibbs is waiting for DiNozzo by the car and DiNozzo says he missed Renny; Gibbs just nods - he knows.

DiNozzo: "Boat. Bourbon. Basement. I get it."

And now Gibbs is back in charge as DiNozzo hands him the car keys and his phone, whilst a plane flies overhead.


So not a bad episode, up and down for me. I really liked seeing a more competent DiNozzo than we have seen of late, so that was good. It was also nice to see DiNozzo not only realising he'd screwed up big time, but feeling what he'd done - he'd, thought an incompetently handled, rushed case, had sent an innocent man to prison for three years. Did the writers have to have made him screw up so badly? Clearly he had just treated it, as he said, as an open and shut case, decided Renny was guilty and didn't really put that much work into it. A good idea? A bad idea? Did it need to be so screwed up to give us this episode and show us the DiNozzo we saw? I honestly don't know.

The case didn't really hold my attention as it was pretty obvious what was going to happen.

Obvious bad guys and the whole Renny framing them for framing him - oh, so obvious.

Overall I liked DiNozzo in this, a lot. Yes, he irked me a few times - but in a good way, in his 'normal' way.

Abby probably irritated me more than not.

McGee and Ziva were fine, no quibbles there, I felt their exchanges with DiNozzo were on par for siblings.

I loved seeing Jimmy - but still with the 'huh'? over his scene with DiNozzo.

Too little Ducky. However, I enjoyed the Ducky & DiNozzo scene. Yes, Ducky teased him and got in the 'fleeting as it is' comment, but it was done with his twinkle in his eye and also the forcing DiNozzo to look at the pus was in effect the correct thing to do. If DiNozzo is one day going to be a real team leader, he has to get over his dislike of bodily things. And I liked how DiNozzo was ready to admit to Ducky that things hadn't started well and he hoped Ducky had something positive for him.

With both Ducky and particularly Jimmy we saw a more vulnerable side to DiNozzo, a 'I can let my guard down I don't have to be the clown, the one who knows everything, the 'I didn't mess up'. So that was good.

And Gibbs . . . Well, as I said (more than once above) he annoyed me at times. I didn't like his 'boss' and 'on it boss' and him switching roles with DiNozzo in that way too. I felt that again the writes, whilst giving us competent DiNozzo, had to let it come at a price: that price was for most of the episode Gibbs 'mocked' him. Yes, in some ways it was fun and meant to add to the humour, but I just found it totally OOC for Gibbs. I

Nice lot of ship moments for DiNozzo/McGee fen. Plus some for DiNozzo/Jimmy and DiNozzo/Abby.

Storyline: 7.00

Enjoyment: 7.50



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