So NCIS ended the season as it began it, with one of the weakest (okay, I know I can't say one of weakest, but what the heck) episodes, which I find mind-boggling.

Bullet Points

1. No one died.

2. We didn't learn any extra secrets as far as the NCIS team went. There was no polygraph taken, just them preparing for it.

3. The only hint of other secrets was that when Abby was testing her made polygraph on McGee and he denied having any name other than McGee (no middle initial) and his writing name it registered as a lie. But then Gibbs points out he's also Probie and Elf Lord, but maybe that's a possibly secret. I don't think so though.

4. We did, however, learn that Jeanne is La Grenouille's daughter and Tony has now met him. The ep ended with Jeanne, Tony and Daddy in Daddy's stretch-limo.

5. Jenn's father committed suicide 12 years ago, and was a Colonel.

6. Or did he? Abby matched his finger prints to a bottle and glass left in Jenny's office whilst Jenny was in Paris.

7. Pretty major Inconsistency over Emily and the ex-wife.

8. No Gibbs and Ducky scenes *sigh* They didn't even see one another in this episode.

9. Ziva is in love with Tony and Ducky knows it.

10. The whole Tony and Jeanne were captured by drug dealers and Tony is unarmed was a five minute scene and really hyped up.

11. Jenn's house is huge and she has a maid.

12. Very little about the team really. As many non-NCIS scenes as there were NCIS scenes - if not more. *Sigh*

Basically, overall, IMO a let down. What a way to end the Season. Okay, so it's up in the air re: Jenny and her father and Jeanne and her father. But as far as the main team go . . .

Full review

And could someone please tell me when NCIS changed from being the 'Gibbs and his team show' and became the 'Jenny, Tony and Jeanne show'? Because, I'm tired of it. And with the way the final episode was written, it means that the story(ies) is/are going to have to go into Season Five, and so we'll have more of the J, T & J show. One wonders if DPB was miffed at being taken from the show and wrote it this way deliberately. And no real secrets came out, save the fact that Jeanne is La Grenouille's daughter.

I was also surprised and irked by the fact that it was a case of 'oh, let's use all the characters (thankfully save Mann) who we've used throughout the show and who are good. It doesn't matter is their appearance has a point, let's use 'em.

In particular I refer to Jimmy and Michelle whose roles were pointless; they were simply there because they are semi-regulars.

Sadly, the same can be said for Ducky in this episode and pretty much Ziva too. So we had the little Ducky and Ziva scene whereby he confronted her, in his wonderful Ducky way, about her loving Tony. But really that scene in the bar was utterly unnecessary.

Cynthia's role also wasn't necessary. Why did she have to meet Jenn at the airport? After all Jenn sent her straight home. The only reason was because she was a semi-regular and got to tell Jenn that the Agency and Gibbs had just about survived one another.

Fornell, always lovely to see, was again there solely to show another semi-regular character. The scene he and Gibbs shared could easily have happened over the phone. Putting aside the whole Diane and Emily thing - and the major inconsistency involved.Siimply put canonically Diane cannot be the ex-wife Fornell married; Emily cannot be her child, unless Gibbs's first ex-wife also happened to be Diane. See A letter to the new producers of NCIS for full details.

And sadly, to be perfectly honest even Gibbs's part was hardly a vital or central one in this episode, ditto really Abby and McGee. They at least had a 'real' part rather than a 'let's just throw in all these characters' part, but the main focus of the story was Jenny, Tony and Jeanne.

So, onto the actual review of the Jenny, Tony And Jeanne Show 'Angel Of Death'.

Cynthia goes to the airport to meet Jenny and there is a teeny humorous exchange between regarding whether or not Jenny hitched up with any Euro Cops. Cynthia denied that she was going to ask/even think that, Jenny said 'I would'. And then we find out that both the Agency and Gibbs just about survived one another for the week of Jenny's absence. But from Cynthia's 'It is', when referring to the Agency and 'He barely is' when referring to Gibbs, the Agency survived more than Gibbs did. Again, a nice touch of humour.

And as Jenny is being driven away a man, whom we later discover is called Devon is knocked down and drops his mobile phone where we see a message to Bernie. And standing watching is a little girl with blonde curly hair and a doll.

We then go to Jenny's house, which is huge! And she has a servant, a maid who fusses around her to an extent and has cooked her favourite meal; a nice touch, actually, a hint of the human Jenny. And Jenny tells her driver to take Cynthia home and then collect her very early the next morning (I do hope she didn't forget the scarf she promised Cynthia).

In Jenny's study, on her desk, is a bottle of whisky and a glass; and we get a flash back (no, not to Paris) to Jenny's father, and then to Colonel-General Dimitri Borov, and a repeat of the end of last week's episode with him telling her that her father had visited him only three weeks before. As a side note, she certainly has a lot of bottles of drink in her study.

Back at NCIS, we have a fun scene with Abby and McGee. Abby is attempting to make a polygraph machine, as the agency doesn't have one. Of course, she says being logical, surely if they all had to take a test because someone was worried about security, the 'someone' who ordered the test would hardly allow them to use their own polygraph machine, and especially one that had been made. They'd bring one with them; or take the staff to the machine. Maybe Abby was just making it to give people a trial run. McGee is her 'victim' and he is shirtless with various wires attached to him and can't even move his hands, so he asks Abby to scratch his nose for him, nice touch.

Abby then starts to test the machine. She asks McGee is name and he tells her and we learn that he is just Timothy McGee, he has no middle initial. She goes on to ask him if he has any other names, and he gives her his writing name, but denies have any others. The machine says he's lying at that point. DiNozzo and Ziva turn up and much squeeing for DiNozzo/McGee fen as DiNozzo touches McGee's chest. McGee is really worried about the test, as his future as a Special Agent depends on it; ditto the others.

Gibbs turns up then and points out that McGee does have two other names: Probie and Elf Lord, so maybe that was what was meant, unless McGee really does have another name, and still has a deep, dark secret that will be revealed; but I think I'm with Gibbs on this one. He also wants to know why Abby is torturing McGee, and they tell him about the polygraphs, that all agents and the Director have to take, and that it was authorised by Homeland Security. As DiNozzo and Ziva both get messages telling them when their test is Gibbs pulls one of his vanishing acts.

The next scene (it's a very bitty episode) is the hospital where nurse Carly and Jeanne are talking and the nurse is asking Jeanne if she's ever seen the Angel of Death; Jeanne hasn't, but Carly says she has. Then the man who was knocked over at the airport is brought in; he's still in tremendous pain and alert despite being given strong pain relief and he won't allow any blood tests to be taken. Jeanne believes that the man must be on drugs - she's close. Devon wants to call his sister - Bernie.

Another of scene to Gibbs sitting in a car outside a house - another large one. Fornell turns up and asks Gibbs if he's there to see their ex-wife; Gibbs isn't. He's there to see Tobias and as it's Friday, he knows that is where Tobias will be, to pick up Emily. The door open and Emily comes out and there is their shared ex-wife, Diane (see above), who is glaring at Gibbs; she really hates him. Gibbs asks Fornell if he's ever wanted to do a OJ on Diane. Fornell says no because Emily kind of likes her and asks Gibbs if he has. He says only when he thinks about his grandfathers clock (as we know their shared ex-wife emptied their Bank Accounts when she left, and that woman wasn't Diane; and we won't even get into the fact that Gibbs wouldn't still be paying alimony to her).

Gibbs reveals his real reason for being there, it's to ask Fornell about the polygraphs; Fornell tells him that it is only NCIS (to save him going through the alphabet) who is being tested and that the CIA see Jenny as a security risk (which given her recent behaviour isn't that much of a long shot).

Gibbs then goes to see Jenn and the maid greets him by name; she clearly knows him. Jenny offers him a bourbon and he comes straight to the point and asks where she was when she gave her security details the slip. She accuses him of sounding like a jealous husband, and he asks her how she'd know. The look on her face at that point is interesting, and I got to wondering if, in fact she and La Grenouille were maybe married at one point; hence the comment about him having ruined her life and why she is so obsessed with destroying him. 'Hell hath no fury . . .'

He is about to pick up the bottle from her desk and she snaps at him to leave it, and then tries to cover up by saying it's scotch; he drinks bourbon. He takes the glass from her and then delivers his parting line. He tells her she's lying. Her right eye twitches when she lies; it always has'. Another hint maybe back to the Paris days and her smiling as he was arrested?

And then we get the pointless scene that is there purely to bring in Jimmy, Michelle and Ducky and Ziva really. Ziva, Abby, McGee and Michelle are already in the bar, and they are talking about the polygraph test. Abby is suggesting that McGee, who really is worried by it, asks Ducky to write a letter saying that it would be harmful to McGee's mental health to undergo it. Michelle points out that Ducky is an ME, not a psychologist, but Abby explains that Ducky does psychological profiles (well he's done one or two). And a comment is then made about Ducky profiling serial killers, so maybe it's not the best idea for him to profile McGee. Michelle also tells them that they can't talk about how they want to get out of in front of her, as she's in the legal department.

At that point Ducky and Jimmy turn up. McGee offers Ducky his stool, but Ducky says he prefers to stand at a bar; as does Jimmy. Michelle is clearly not expecting to see Jimmy, and we see them groping one another under cover of the bar. Ducky orders a Macallan whisky (J likes Macallan *g*) neat, with mineral water on the side and no ice. He asks why they are all so sombre and they tell him about the polygraph, he says that they have no reason to worry unless, looking at Ziva, anyone is a spy. Ziva asks why he's looking at her and he says he's only trying to lighten the atmosphere, after all it is Friday. Michelle asks if anyone knows where the loos are, and Jimmy says he does. They are just about to go off together when Ducky insists on ordering a round of drinks, and a comment is then made about two myths concerning the Scots - i.e. they don't have a sense of humour and are tight-fisted with money - have been dispelled. Ducky then makes a longish and complicated Scottish toast in a Scottish accent. At that point Abby and McGee's pagers go off and they both leave, Abby kissing Ducky on the cheek; and Jimmy and Michelle vanish too.

Back to the hospital where DiNozzo is in the lift with two junkies, who turn out to be Bernie and Nick and they are there to see and take away Devon. They don't want him to have surgery. Jeanne and DiNozzo go off to the cafeteria after the former allows Bernie and Nick to visit Devon for ten minutes, and they talk about the house Jeanne wants to show DiNozzo. It's raining and she hopes it will have stopped by the morning, as she wants him to see the house in the sunlight; he makes a joke about it leaking.

We then get a Code Blue and Jeanne, followed by DiNozzo dashes off. It is Devon. DiNozzo grabs his bag and finds out that the man has flown in from Caracas and it's a pretty good guess that he's body packing heroin (a mule) and that the bag has burst. Nick and Bernie won't confirm this and Devon dies. At that point nurse Carly sees the little blonde girl (the one from the airport) and she believes her to be the Angel of Death. Nick and Bernie try to get Devon's body released, well Nick does, Bernie now too strung out to barely think, but Jeanne insists on an autopsy.

DiNozzo does his best to stop Jeanne from getting involved above and beyond her duty. Another nurse, Annie, says that she's a first year doctor and it takes time to develop calluses, but DiNozzo doubts whether Jeanne ever will. It's very touching, the way he thinks about her.

Back at NCIS offices we learn that McGee's pager was Gibbs who is waiting for him. He's written a letter and put it on McGee's desk for him to sign, he then counter-signs it. When McGee asks what it is, Gibbs says 'a get out of jail free card'. When McGee asks why he needs one, Gibbs tells him because he's going to hack into the CIA.

Meanwhile, also at NCIS offices, Abby goes into her lab and begins to talk to her machines as though they were human; apologising for waking them up and making them work, when she'd told them they wouldn't have to. Jenny walks in at that point and the look on her face is a picture. Abby salutes her and we learn that Abby's page was from Jenny herself; Jenny wants Abby to fingerprint test the bottle and glasses.

So we have Gibbs and McGee in the squad room and Abby and Jenny in Abby's lab and apparently neither duo know about the other being there. And yet Abby and McGee left the bar together, thus we assume that they went to NCIS together, so they at least know the other is there, but it's not mentioned (or maybe we were meant to forget that they left the bar together).

McGee hacks away, tracing the polygraph and from where the order came. At first it seems simple, the Assistant Director for Infrastructure. But then McGee shows Gibbs how he's followed it pretty much around the world. And finally back to the CIA's national clandestine service; it's a black op called Lodestone. And it seems that La Grenouille is somehow involved.

On to another scene with La Grenouille himself and Kort. And we then learn that it is actually the FBI, instructed by Kort, who has been taking the photographs of Jeanne and DiNozzo. La Grenouille asks why Kort didn't also get tapped evidence, but Kort says the photos are enough. They discuss DiNozzo being a player, but La Grenouille says that DiNozzo loves Jeanne and thus would do anything for her. Kort says that DiNozzo is a white hat, and La Grenouille puts his own white hat on.

Back at the hospital we learn that Carly's 'Angel of Death' is just a little girl called Sarah who has wandered away from her mother and now the security staff are turning the hospital upside down trying to find her, which is nice and convenient for the forthcoming scenes.

Bernie and Nick are back in the lift, and come out on the floor where Autopsy is; a morgue attendant tells them that they can't be down there and sends them off. He does then tell Jeanne, who takes off, followed by DiNozzo to Autopsy. Bernie and Nick are indeed in Autopsy, looking for Devon's body, she is totally strung out now and in desperate need of a fix. He tells her to find Devon and all her problems are solved.

Outside DiNozzo tries to prevent Jeanne from going inside, but she's determined that she won't let Bernie see her brother open, so he takes the lead and is about to go in, when he discovers that a) he isn't armed and b) Nick is standing at the door with a gun.

We then jump back to Ducky and Ziva in the bar. Ziva is tipsy, and is concerned about DiNozzo and that all she gets is his voice mail, which is all she ever gets when 'he's with her'. Ducky presses her, asking why is she monitoring DiNozzo and says that she sounds like a mother worrying over a toddler; that or a woman with a wayward lover. She tries to tell him it's just that DiNozzo is her partner, but it's clear that Ducky does not believe her. He knows that she's in love with DiNozzo. She then confesses to having a not so good feeling that DiNozzo is in trouble and Ducky at that point does look a tad concerned too.

Back to the hospital again and in Autopsy, DiNozzo is being searched for weapons, which he doesn't have (Gibbs wouldn't be pleased to learn that his senior agent is sans knife, thus breaking one of the rules). Nick tells Jeanne to call off security, but she only does so when he whacks DiNozzo around the head with his gun. She then insists on seeing that DiNozzo is okay before she begins to cut Devon open.

Back at the office, McGee discovers that the CIA are now 'looking' at him and has to shut down his computer before they penetrate his firewall as they could then copy his hard drive. He goes to another computer but is still worried that they'll be able to track him via his searches. So Gibbs tells him that they are trying to track the girl-friend of a dirt-bag and to instigate a BOLO; when McGee asks the name of the girl-friend, Gibbs tells him 'Jenny Shepard'. He is standing looking out of the window at the rain, but tells McGee that when he looks at him like that he has the urge to head slap him.

Gibbs/McGee fen will like the scene as, yet again, Gibbs leans over McGee, putting his arm around the back of the chair and getting very close to him, and also the exchange about head slapping is very gentle.

Down in Abby's lab, Abby is again talking to her computer and Jenny tells her she worries her. She then tells Abby to extend the search to ex-servicemen who died prior to 1995.

Back at the hospital, DiNozzo tells Jeanne to do the 'operation' and find the drugs. She does, but makes Nick tell Bernie to turn around. She cuts Devon, pulls out the intestine, but then cuts it, thus letting the heroin pour out and whilst Nick is aghast, stabs him in the neck with the scalpel, he drops the gun, DiNozzo slides across the floor grabs it and shoots him in the shoulder. Then we flash to the horrible sight of Bernie licking up the heroin from her dead brother's intestines.

Back at NCIS, Gibbs brings McGee coffee and McGee has found something - and displays a photo of Jenny's father - Colonel Jasper Shepard; whom Gibbs did not know. We learn that he committed suicide twelve years ago.

Meanwhile down in Abby's lab, she is woken up by the sound of her machine telling her there is a hit on the fingerprints on the bottle and glass. And the same picture of Colonel Jasper Shepard appears.

And the final scene is of DiNozzo and Jeanne leaving the hospital together, she's saying that he needs to be kept under observation. And in front of them is a black stretch limo. She say's it's her secret/surprise. And inside is La Grenouille, whom Jeanne introduces as her father. He gets DiNozzo's name wrong, but no one corrects him. And that is how it ends.

So basically nothing, other than the fact that La Grenouille is Jeanne's father is tied up. All we are left with are the same questions we've picked up throughout the season.

Is Jenny's father alive or dead?

How does he tie in with La Grenouille?

What has La Grenouille done to Jenny? Were they married? Did he drive daddy to his suicide (if he's dead)?

Is Jeanne merely a job (I still say no.)

Does Jenny know that La Grenouille is Jeanne's father? (Again, I'd say no).

Is Ziva in love with DiNozzo? (I'd say yes).

Will Jimmy and Michelle get caught?


A very strange episode with which to finish the season. One of the worst all season. Utterly unsatisfying.

No actual case at all.

Far too bitty.

Far too little of the main cast (well what was the main cast before it turned into the J, T & J show). Scenes that were there purely so that the likes of Jimmy could appear.

DiNozzo was very good in this episode. Mature, caring, competent. A good agent and boyfriend. His role shone.

Too little Ducky.

No Gibbs and Ducky scenes at all.

Storyline: 4.00

Enjoyment: 4.00



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