Oh, look a KITT like car.

A run-of-the-mill episode really, some quite good humour and some nice touching moments and scenes, some oh-so-obvious bits and some surprising ones too.

It was another episode where the killer was pretty obvious from the beginning, despite all the evidence to the contrary. However, his reason for killing, which turned out to be the wrong person, was a surprise, so that worked well.

The fact that Roni and Jamie were into bondage and kinky sex, I also guessed both from the 'play-acting' scene and from the evidence on the body. I think the reason that I found that so clear was actually because of the whole sexual harassment theme that ran throughout the episode. Had it not been for that the fact that they were only playing a game might have been less clear. So when he was found tied up in her bed, it was clear that it was all just a game, even before he confirmed it. It was a good scene between him and Gibbs in interrogation as you saw it slowly become clear to Gibbs that this man was not acting, that what he said was the truth.

The sexual harassment theme was well done. It kept going throughout the episode in a well balanced way and stopped just short of going OTT. I loved the beginning with Abby telling the trainer how she often hugged people and being told that she had to ask permission and the way she asked them all if they minded. Also the bit with Ziva licking DiNozzo's face and DiNozzo asking the question about head slapping and denying it actually happened, it was all very amusing - none of them were taking the training seriously. Palmer's question was hilarious, as was the way that the woman took it seriously at first until Palmer explained and then she got mighty upset. You actually had to feel a tad sorry for her; she was, after all, only doing her job and following the carefully laid down guidelines, to come up against Gibbs and his team - I wouldn't have wanted to have been her.

Nice to see Jimmy actually being trusted to carry out the initial assessment of the body. Ducky trusts him, and obviously, despite his caustic comments, etc., Gibbs does too. Poor Jimmy though with him rambling on about things Gibbs knows and the look he gets, whereas when Ducky does that he doesn't get the Gibbs glare; he still has a lot to learn does Jimmy. But so lovely to see him.

I'm amazed, given that in last week's episode Ducky sent Jimmy off to find his bag and he only just turns up with it in this week's episode, that a search party hadn't been sent out for Jimmy :-)) (Just joking, but . . . ). Nice Jimmy and Ducky scene when Jimmy is wiping lipstick off and he and Ducky are talking at cross purposes; although I still think that Ducky knows what is going on and is just teasing Jimmy and playing along with him.

I must say the idea of Ducky's mom and a straight edged razor is enough to make anyone shudder.

A lovely little scene between Gibbs and Ducky. It is so nice to be back to 'Duck' and their long, special eye contact and closeness. But the whole Ducky role in this episode was far, far too short, one little scene, a lovely scene, but much, much too little.

Poor Ziva, I feel really sorry for her given how worried she is about DiNozzo. As much as I disliked Ziva in Season Three, and she still isn't up there with my favourite characters, I do like how she has finally integrated into the team and how she acts as a team member, which includes being worried about other team members.

We still get the continued question as to just who Jeanne is - genuine girl friend or case? The more we see her at the moment, the more it seems to be the former, DiNozzo was jealous of her getting a neck massage, was happy to wear the hospital bracelet and was clearly enjoying being with her. Case or not, he cares for her, a lot.

I'm sure the DiNozzo/McGee folk will love the little, 'I'm pregnant. McGee's going to be very proud'.

Still sparks though with him and Jenny and their secret case. As for her asking him if he was going to sing it all, I was with her then, it set my teeth on edge - which it was meant to do; the scene was meant to be funny and it was. It actually worked well and gave us a light moment or two. Poor doggie though - I thought it was more i tune than DiNozzo :-) And Jenny looks so proud of DiNozzo, her smile if fond and caring, which could just be as her grooming him, or more. Interesting that when he referred to Jenny as Jenny in front of Ziva, he didn't correct himself.

Some wonderful Abby scenes, her role was larger this week. The idea of Abby giving up hugging anyone is simply impossible to conceive. A little tension in the scene when she was caught in the car and McGee couldn't hear her, but it was obvious that she was going to be rescued, and if McGee carried on not hearing it that it would be Gibbs (even before he appeared). Nice rescue scene and also her asking Gibbs if it was okay to hug him, somewhat belatedly as she already was, and him telling her that she never had to ask him.

And later poor McGee felt so awful that she'd nearly died with him inches away. Lovely how Abby made him feel better and said that she never needed to ask him if it was okay to hug, and nice how she called him Tim. I really do hope that these two get back together, they are so right for one another and clearly care so much about one another. (Sorry, Kallie).

Very good to see something that actually had Abby and McGee flummoxed, we see them crack so many codes and work out so much, it's good to see that they have their limits, very believable. Lovely scene though with Abby so excited about OTTO and also how pleased they looked when they'd found the chip, only to be told they had a mere two hours to put the car back together again - and it had taken them ten to take it apart. Oops, Daddy. Some excellent Gibbs, Abby, McGee scenes all round in this episode.

I really like the way that from time to time Gibbs surprises them by what he knows, especially when they think that they've been talking over his head. But also amusing when he pretends to know and actually doesn't - it's a very nice balance.


Fun, light, relaxing really, a touch of tension with Abby in the car, nothing heavy, enjoyable. Only major 'bad' was far, far too little Ducky.





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