Very much a 'run of the mill' episode, whose sole purpose was 'hey, let's do a Halloween episode'. Not the best of the season, by several, but still not in my eyes the worst. Just very mediocre and settle back and watch NCIS.

I do wish DPB would stop making the baddie so obvious *sigh* What is he going to do next? Have them come in with a flashing light saying 'I'm the baddie'? The second that so-called sister appeared I had her pegged as the baddie; I hadn't worked out the how, why and wherefore, nor the fact that she wasn't the sister, but it was clear she was the baddie. But, as I've said before that doesn't necessarily detract too much.

No Madam Director!!!! That alone has to make it a good episode.

Some typical kids scenes: DiNozzo being childish with his throwing rolled up paper into the bin; him and Ziva being bitchy to McGee, but not overplayed or overdone.

Overall it was more a 'fun' episode than anything else, with silliness and good interplay and team interaction.

Lovely scene with Jimmy and Ducky turning up with their van covered in eggs and flour and how they'd captured the 'villains'. Lovely bit, a tad unbelievable but nonetheless fun, that it was apparently Ducky who'd chased them for three blocks before capturing them.

Oh, dear, Gibbs and Ducky still haven't made it up. Gibbs still called him 'Doctor' to his face, 'Ducky' when referring to him. Ducky still managed not to call Gibbs anything to his face and refers to him as Gibbs. (I'm getting bored, DPB, with this.) Nice to see Gibbs smile though when Ducky was dismissing the so called chase.

Fun bit with the vacuum-bot and how DiNozzo didn't believe McGee until it ran over his foot. As always Gibbs has the way to deal with these things, smash it!

So now McGee has had first hand experience of the Marine neck snap. A bit there for the Gibbs/McGee fen, given how long Gibbs took over it and how long he was straddling McGee (what is DPB up to this season?)

Abby does not suit the costume of Marilyn Monroe - just isn't her. Fun scenes again with her and DiNozzo and McGee and how neither of them, especially McGee can take their eyes off her. Gibbs seemed as unimpressed as I was :-) And interesting too that we have definite more than mere hints that there still are feelings both ways between Abby and McGee. Our Goth definitely showed signs of jealousy over McGee's cheer-leader (or I suspect I should say, ex-cheer-leader).

So Ziva screwed up, quite badly. I loved the bit where she goes to Ducky for tea and sympathy - she really is integrating into the team; she never would have done that a while ago. I enjoyed their exchange too, yet more evidence though that Ducky is still upset with, angry with Gibbs.

"What does Gibbs think?"

"I don't know, he's not talking to me."

"Cheer up, dear, it could be worse."


"He could be a bear."

And Gibbs and Ziva have something in common; neither of them are good with crying women.

Humorous bit about Ziva talking about someone called Scuttle Butt and Gibbs explaining what it meant.

Gibbs's new interrogation routine is indeed scary; I can quite see how sitting in virtual silence for forty minutes just staring at his suspect would be enough to make anyone confess, if they had anything to confess, or display signs of considerable discomfort, as our Klingon did.

So McGee speaks Klingon, interesting. And we've had another hint of him coming into money, him shopping at Armani.

More confirmation that DiNozzo came from an extremely wealthy family (which we know anyway). And his bragging story about going trick-or-treating and then the revelation of what he'd made his costume out of was amusing.

Gibbs is now openly admitting to having been married four times, and admits to having made every mistake in the book (well if you will keep going after red-headed women, Gibbs. Stick to Ducky).

Nice ending with Ducky and Abby taking Sarah trick-or-treating around the office.


Virtually no Gibbs & Ducky interaction (always a shame).

Ducky somewhat irritated with DiNozzo and McGee when they go down to Autopsy.

Nice to see Jimmy, I always like it when he's there, and he was very 'Jimmy' this week. Poor boy, nearly getting shot.

I have to admit it was a tad spooky, following the story I posted yesterday morning, to have Ducky pointing out from where Halloween came :-)

Storyline: 7.00

Enjoyment: 7.00



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