Ashleigh Anpilova


No one knows what goes on behind closed doors.

An established relationship story.

Written: August 2008. Word count: 300.



They didn't hide their relationship; they weren't ashamed of it; quite the opposite.


But neither man was the type to 'kiss and tell'; the type to want to have their love lives talked about.


So at work they kept their relationship strictly on a 'just good friends' basis.


Maybe they stood a little more closely to one another than was necessary.


Maybe their tone changed when they spoke to, and even about, one another.


Maybe they looked at one another in a way quite different from the way they looked at anyone else.


Maybe they could, and did, finish one another's sentences.


Maybe they were almost telepathic at times when it came to sensing one another's presence; knowing the other person was nearby.


Maybe they did have their own 'special' names for one another; names they either didn't allow anyone else to use, or no one else would dare to use.


Maybe all that, and more, was true. But still it could be seen as 'just good friends'.


But at home things were different.


At home they didn't just stand more closely to one another: they spent a lot of time in one another's arms, their mouths meeting, their hands caressing, as they made love.


At home they didn't just have a special tone for one another; they had a very special tone.


At home their looks smoldered as they connected in a way they could not allow themselves to do at work.


At home they didn't just finish one another's sentences; they started them too.


At home they always knew exactly where the other was.


At home the special names were used more often, and sometimes with extra special ones.


At home, behind closed doors, with no one to witness them, their lives took on a whole new meaning.



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