Ashleigh Anpilova


Ducky buys a special present. However, when he gets it home he realizes something that chills him.

An established relationship story.

Written: May 2011. Word count: 500.




Ducky hummed softly as he wandered around his favorite antique shop. It wasn't just the diversity and quality of merchandise the shop had which made him return often, it was the way the owner treated his customers.


He didn't hover over them, he didn't try to convince them to buy something in which they had no interest, he didn't keep drawing their attention to new merchandise. He just wished them a good day and stayed by the counter ready to help if his assistance was required, ready to chat if the customer wished to do so.


Today Ducky wasn't there to buy; he was just there to look, to pass a few hours while Jethro worked, sorting out the end of month reports.


"Oh," he exclaimed softly, as he came across an item that hadn't been there when he'd last visited the shop. It was a fan, but not just any fan. It reminded him of the fan his mother had carried when she had attended her debutante balls; the fan which, like so many other things, had been destroyed in the Blitz.


His mother would love this; she often took out the photographs and showed them to Ducky, telling him about her days as a debutante. Her dancing days were long over, but nonetheless she'd get a lot of pleasure from something which would remind her of her younger days.



He unlocked his Reston home and hurried inside. "Mother, I'm -" He came to an abrupt halt and put his hand to his mouth before slowly and unsteadily he made his way into the sitting room and slumped down in his chair.



"Hey, Duck, I'm home." Jethro strode into the sitting room. "Duck?" Dropping his briefcase he hurried over to where Ducky sat still in his coat and hat, staring into the distance, a carefully wrapped parcel in one hand. "Are you okay?" he demanded, dropping to his knees and taking Ducky's hand between his. "Duck!"


After a moment Ducky shook himself and stared unblinkingly at Jethro. "Oh, Jethro," he murmured, letting the parcel fall to his lap and putting his hand on Jethro's face. "Oh, my dear, dear Jethro. I fear I am going mad."


"What do you mean, Duck?"


"I'm becoming like Mother. They say it can -"


"Duck! What do you mean?"


Ducky unwrapped the parcel and showed the beautiful fan to Jethro. "I bought this today," he said. "I bought it for Mother."


Jethro swallowed and pulled Ducky into his arms. "It's okay, Duck," he said soothingly.


"It isn't as though I thought she was still alive; I just didn't remember she was dead."


"It happens. You're not the first person to do something like this."


"But, Jethro, what if I am becoming like Mother was? What if -"


Jethro sat back on his heels and took Ducky's left hand, holding it with his own left hand. He nodded to the two gold bands. "In sickness and in health, Duck," he said softly. "In sickness and in health."



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