Ashleigh Anpilova


Set after Silent Night.

Ducky returns to his Reston home to find the person he'd been hoping to find waiting for him.

An established relationship story.

Written: December 2008. Word count: 300.



As soon as was decently possible after the film had ended, Ducky made his excuses and left.


It wasn't that he hadn't enjoyed himself; he had. The company had been agreeable, although another time he must ensure Jimmy was also present.


However, as pleasant as the film, the small amount of popcorn he'd eaten so as not to disappoint Anthony, and the company had been, now he only wanted the company of one person.


He hadn't been surprised when Jethro hadn't returned, a little disappointed, but not surprised. Despite asking 'where is he'? he'd known exactly where Jethro was and what he was doing. For that reason alone he knew his lover would not return to NCIS.


As his Reston home came into sight, he smiled to see Jethro's sedan parked outside and lights shining in the hall and his bedroom. His smile deepened when he found the front door locked. He let himself into the house, hung hat and coat up, and made his way up to his bedroom.


"Have you been waiting long?" he asked, gazing down at the bed where Jethro was sprawled.


The next moment he was gathered into Jethro's arms and held tightly against Jethro's naked body as his lover's lips found and kissed his ear. "Nah, not that long."


"Good." Ducky moved back just far enough so that Jethro could kiss him. "Were parent and child reunited?" he asked, after several minutes had gone by.




"Jethro?" Something in his lover's tone made Ducky ask the question.


"I called Dad."


Ducky smiled. "I am so glad, my dear."


Jethro looked down at him. "How do you fancy spending New Year in Stillwater?"


"You mean . . . ?"


"Yeah. Merry Christmas, Duck."


And that was the last truly coherent words either man said for quite some time.



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