Ashleigh Anpilova


Ducky gets a phone call.

An established relationship story.

Written: July 2009. Word count: 300.



No three words have a greater power than "I love you".


The sound of the phone ringing tugged Ducky from his afternoon nap. He picked it up. "Hello?"


"Hey, Duck. Thought I'd call and touch base. See how you were."


Ducky smiled. "I'm fine, thank you, Jethro." He didn't add 'just as I was the last three times you called'. Ever since Ducky's brush with death and his enforced sick leave, Jethro had taken to calling him several times a day - to 'touch base'. "How are things at the office?"


"Pretty quiet."


"Does that mean you'll be home at a reasonable time?"


"Sure does."


"Good. In that case, I shall prepare supper."


"Nah, don't go to the trouble. I'll grab a carry-out."


"Jethro, it will not be any trouble. I assure you I am quite well now. I am more than up to preparing supper for us. And that is what I am going to do." Ducky spoke firmly.


"Oh, you are, are you?"


"Yes, I am. So I shall expect you home no later than seven o'clock, as that is when I shall put the food on the table."


Jethro laughed. "You are feeling better."


"Yes, I am. In fact -"


"No. Supper's one thing. But you're not coming back to work yet. Okay?"


Ducky sighed softly, but also smiled at the clear concern in his lover's voice. "Yes, dear," he said obediently.


Jethro laughed again. "Got to go. See you later. And Duck . . ."




"Ah, you know." And with that, Jethro ended the call.


Ducky replaced the phone. "Oh, yes," he said, to the empty room. "I do." And he did.


In fact he was certain that it was not only Jethro's constant presence by his side whilst he was hospitalised, but his repeated 'I love you, Duck', that had brought him out of the coma and saved his life.



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