Ashleigh Anpilova


Jethro knows he made the right choice.

An established relationship story.

Written: August 2009. Word count: 500.




They stood side by side, Jethro's arm resting across Ducky's shoulders, looking out over the sea, watching the sun sink into it. The sea took on the colors of the sun, red, orange, gold, as she shimmered and gently, like a lover, tugged the sun down into her depths.


It was the fifth day of their honeymoon/holiday/retirement gift to themselves, and Jethro couldn't recall a time he'd been happier. Not only did he have Ducky, the man he'd exchanged vows with, the man who proudly wore his ring, by his side, in his arms, in his life forever, but the cruise had been the perfect choice.


The ship was superb, they wanted for nothing. The food and drink was of a quality not even known in some of the very best restaurants; the accommodation was even superior than advertised. But perhaps even better, was the fact that there was no hint of condemnation amongst the crew and staff, but even more importantly their fellow guests, of the fact that Ducky and he were clearly and obviously a couple.


There was no censor, no side glances, no one moved away from them, no one stopped talking when they appeared; everyone behaved as though it was all perfectly normal and natural - which of course to Jethro it was. He just hadn't been expecting such easy acceptance from everyone.


Ducky shifted slightly under his arm and Jethro glanced down. "You okay, Duck?"


Ducky moved a little so that he could look up at Jethro, his eyes shone with love and happiness. "Oh, yes, my dear. Perfectly okay. I was just thinking how wonderful this all is. I don't think I can recall a time when I've been happier or more contended. It really is the best time I have ever had. It's perfect."


"Yeah, me too." Jethro bent his head and brushed his lips over Ducky's hair. He felt Ducky sigh and lean against him a little more. "So no regrets?"


Ducky shook his head. "Oh, no. I am a little surprised to be able to say that so definitely. But I haven't. And you?" Now he sounded just a little hesitant.


Turning away from the setting sun, which was seconds away from being completely engulfed by the sea, Jethro put the glass he'd been holding down onto the rail, and put both arms around Ducky. He held him in a loose embrace, not pulling him any nearer to him, wanting to look down and see in the last shards of the sun, Ducky's eyes; wanting Ducky to see that he spoke the truth. "Not one, Duck. It was the right decision. Reckon we should have done it years ago."


Ducky just smiled.


"Ah, Duck. I do love you."


"I know. And I love you, my dearest Jethro. And now I propose that, as we have watched the sunset, we retire to our cabin; we do have plenty of time before dinner." And with Jethro's arm still around Ducky's shoulders, they did that.



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