Ashleigh Anpilova


Jethro knows that the greatest gift Ducky has given him.

An established relationship story.

Written: April 2007. Word count: 600.



Duck likes to be kissed. He likes to be kissed a lot.


More than I ever used to like to kiss. Much preferred the sex to the soppy stuff. Then I met Ducky.


Ah, Ducky. Meeting him changed my life - for the better. If I didn't think it was whimsical, I'd say that Duck was a gift to me. And maybe he was; maybe he still is. But whether that's true or not, what is true is that he's given me many gifts. But the best of all is his kisses.


Never knew much about gay men and gay sex, not until I met Ducky. Guess I, like most straight guys, thought that for gay men it was all about sex. Fucking not kissing. Okay, I'll be honest; I didn't think gay men kissed.


Then I met Ducky. And boy was I wrong. Not only does he like to be kissed, but he can kiss.


Anyway I met him, how is another story. We had a drink or two, which turned into dinner; then we went back to his hotel room.


I swear at the time going to bed with him was not on my mind. I didn't do that kind of thing. I went for women, not men. Not even men as beautiful as Ducky. And he swears, and I believe him, that despite him being attracted to me, he had no intention of trying to seduce me. He didn't; it was his rule.


Some rule!


We had another drink in his room, he had some excellent whiskey, and talked. Then I found myself thinking, 'I want to kiss him'. Note, 'I want to kiss him', not 'I want to fuck him'. And for the next ten minutes that's all I could think of.


He asked me if I was okay, as apparently he'd been talking to me and I hadn't answered, and asked if I had something on my mind. So I told him. Never meant to, but out it came.


Stunned him; could see that. He just sat and looked at me. Blinking, staring at me, mouth very slightly parted.


So I did what I do best; I acted. I kissed him, just a quick one. But then, when he didn't object, I kissed him again. And then again. It was on the fourth kiss that he began to kiss me back, and that was the second my whole life changed.


We spent the next couple of hours on his bed, still pretty much fully clothed, just kissing and hugging and touching. And you know, it was the best, the most intense lovemaking - because I knew that's what it was - I'd ever experienced.


He taught me how to make love, not just how to have sex. He taught me it wasn't all about penetration and climaxes, but how it was about sharing, loving, caring, holding, touching, stroking, being tender, and most of all about kissing.


Told him quite a bit later how he'd surprised me. He just laughed, his soft, gentle, loving chuckle. Then he kissed me.


That was more than thirty years ago, and I've never ceased to enjoy kissing him. But it's more than just about enjoyment, it's about need, want, being moved by it, and so much more.

My Duck loves to kiss, and he taught me how important it is too. Taught me, given me, shared with me so much has Ducky. So many gifts from one person, and all of them just for me. But as I said, his kisses are the greatest gift of all. And I love him for it.



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