Ashleigh Anpilova


Gibbs and Ducky are making their visits to loved ones graves. This time, however, there is a new one.

An established relationship story.

Abby/McGee are also mentioned in this story.

Warning: Major character death mentioned.

Written: June 2011. Word count: 500.



Gibbs stood in silence by Shannon and Kelly's graves. At his side stood Ducky. They'd already visited Mike, Jenny and Mrs. Mallard's graves. In 'normal' circumstances, this would be the last graveyard they'd visit. But it wasn't normal circumstances - for more than one reason.


Gibbs sighed quietly and knelt to put the flowers Ducky had brought on the graves. He swallowed hard as he stood back up and blinked away unexpected tears.


"It isn't too late to change our minds," Ducky said quietly.


Gibbs turned and looked at his lover. "Ah, Duck," he said, slipping his arm through Ducky's. "Only you could say that."


"Well, it isn't. We can always -"


"No, we can't. Don't want to." Gibbs cupped Ducky's face for a second or two. "I don't need to come here to remember them."


"I know, my dear. Just as I do not need to visit Mother's grave."


This was their final day in America. The following day they were leaving to spend the rest of their lives in Britain. Gibbs had never thought he'd want to live anywhere other than America, but in the end the decision had been easy.


"Come on then. Let's go." And with his arm still through Ducky's they left the graveyard.



They both stood staring at the obviously new headstone. This was what had caused the team to split as well as being the driving force behind Gibbs and Ducky's decision to leave America.


Gibbs closed his eyes and immediately saw and heard the events leading up to the death of their team member.


They were in the middle of a fire fight. His gun had jammed. McGee partnered with him had pushed him out of the way and taken aim. Just as McGee fired, Gibbs heard Ziva scream "No, Tony!" In total four shots sounded; two a split second behind the first two.


McGee's shots had found their target and the guy who had his gun trained on Gibbs lay dead. But McGee also lay dead.


It had been a complete accident. No one had blamed DiNozzo, not even the heavily pregnant Abby who still, as far as Gibbs knew, hadn't cried over the death of her husband.


But DiNozzo had blamed himself. The day after they'd buried McGee he'd vanished without a trace or message. Gibbs had been ready to put a BOLO out on him but then Anthony DiNozzo Snr. had called to say his son was with him.


And that had been it. McGee's death and DiNozzo's departure had split the team.


Abby had decided to become a stay at home mom.


Ducky had retired.


Two months later Gibbs had done the same.


Ziva had left DC without saying where she was going. Gibbs suspected New York.


The only person left was Palmer. He'd had taken over as ME.


Gibbs put his hand on McGee's grave and said a silent goodbye.


Then once again taking Ducky's arm he led his lover out of the graveyard and towards their new life.



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