Ashleigh Anpilova


Vance asks Gibbs a question.

An established relationship story.

Written: November 2008. Word count: 200.



"You wanted to see me, Leon?"


"Sit down, Agent Gibbs."


Gibbs did so and waited.


Vance looked down at a file, moved it an inch or two, picked up a piece of paper and put it back down again.


Finally he looked up and spoke to Gibbs. "A rumor has reached my ears." Gibbs continued to wait. "It concerns you. Apparently you are sleeping with a member of your team. With a male member of your team. With Agent DiNozzo."


Still Gibbs said nothing.


"Well? Is this rumor true?"


Finally Gibbs spoke. "DiNozzo's a good agent, despite the fact he plays the fool most of the time. I like him, just as I like the rest of my team. But I sure as hell wouldn't sleep with him."


Vance nodded. "So you are denying the rumor?"


"I am not sleeping with Agent DiNozzo, Leon."


"Good. Well, that will be all."




"So what did you say?"


"Told him I wasn't sleeping with DiNozzo."


Ducky chuckled softly. "Very clever, my dear. An honest answer if not an entirely complete one."


Jethro smiled. "Yep. Now let's stop talking. Come here." And with those words he gathered Ducky into his arms and kissed him.



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