Ashleigh Anpilova


Ducky is not overly happy.

An established relationship story.

Written: August 2010. Word count: 500.








"Happy Birthday, Ducky!"


Ducky came to an abrupt halt and looked at Jethro. Anger was building inside him as he stared up at his lover.


The anger faded swiftly as he saw the look of horror, swiftly replaced by steely rage, in the dark blue eyes. "I told them, Duck," Jethro muttered, as the cries of 'Surprise' and 'Happy Birthday' rang around the room again. "I'll sort it."


Ducky put his hand on Jethro's arm and looked back at the group of people. His people. His friends. His family. His teammates. He loved them all. And they'd done this to show him how much they loved him.


He looked around the room festooned with banners declaring 'Happy Birthday' and '70', as well as balloons and streamers. He sighed softly. He hadn't wanted this. He hadn't wanted a fuss. He'd told Jethro 'no surprise parties'. And Jethro had promised.


As the cries became quieter, Ducky looked back at the closely knit group. For the first time they showed a hint of unease, uncertainty, they were shifting their feet and glancing to where Jethro still hovered by Ducky's side


They'd gone to all this trouble, not only was the room decorated, but he spied mountains of food, wine, soft drinks, a cake and a large pile of presents. It wasn't what he wanted and it was his birthday, his seventieth birthday. He should get to choose what to do on the day, and a surprise party which he realized, as he heard voices outside the other door, was not going to just be the team, Director Vance and Tobias, was not what he wanted.


He could feel Jethro's annoyance still radiating, and for a fleeting second he was tempted to let Jethro off his leash. But he couldn't. The five people looking at him were closer to him than anyone, with the exception of his beloved. He couldn't do it to them.


So with a soft sigh, he found his best smile put his arms out and went into the room. "Thank you, my dears," he cried, letting himself be swept up by the children.




"I know it's not what you wanted, Duck. I blame myself."


Ducky lifted his head from where it rested on Jethro's shoulder and gazed at his lover. "And why would you do that?"


"Because I know Abbs. I should have -"


Ducky put his hand behind Jethro's head, pulled it down and kissed him, silencing him in the best way possible. "I admit it was not what I wanted, not what I wanted at all. But in the end I did enjoy myself."


Jethro smiled. "Want to enjoy yourself a bit more?" he asked, standing up and pulling Ducky to his feet.


As he slipped his arms around Jethro's neck and tilted his head back for a kiss, Ducky let his gaze come to rest for a moment on the gift that meant most of all to him: the ring Jethro had put on his finger.



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