Ashleigh Anpilova


Jethro and Ducky have been friends for a long time. But they have also been lovers.

An established relationship story.

Written: August 2009. Word count: 500.



Jethro and I have been friends for many years. Indeed, we have been friends for over three decades. That, apart from the exact length of our friendship, is something known to everyone. We have never hidden, never made a secret of just how close we are; well, not as far as friendship goes.


You see, we have a secret. Although in truth if anyone chose to examine our relationship closely, if anyone decided to look that little bit harder, if anyone considered quite how intimately we connected, if anyone stopped taking our friendship as face value, they would know the truth. The truth we have hidden, and yet in reality have not hidden, for more than two decades.


You see, as well as being old friends, we are also old lovers. We have been 'more than just good friends' since after the deaths of dear Shannon and Kelly. Jethro came to me and I could not, I would not, turn him away; not even though I knew it probably wasn't the best time, the right time, the right thing to do. And yet it was. As much as I felt it wasn't right; I knew it was. Jethro needed something that I, even to this day, believe only I could give him.


And from that moment, from that bitter sweet evening, we did not look back. Oh, we were not lovers, as such, not in the physical sense, during his subsequent three marriages; but we were lovers in the emotional sense. I had a far deeper and closer connection to and with Jethro than Marie, Diane or Stephanie had with him. And the same was true of his affairs. They merely touched Jethro on the physical, they merely connected in bed; with us it is so much more.


Someone, I cannot recall who at the moment, once used the term 'romantic friendship', and I believe that sums up the relationship Jethro and I have very well indeed. Which isn't to say there isn't a physical side, there is. We have an extremely good, healthy and satisfying physical relationship. It is just that for us it has always been far more about exchanging kisses and caresses, of touching, of holding, than hasty climaxes.


Jethro touches me a great deal, in public as well as private. Of course Jethro is a fairly tactile man, and I am not the only person whom he touches, and I don't just mean the head-slaps he bestows on his team. However, when he touches me, even if it's simply to put his hand on my shoulder, it is quite different from the way he ruffles Timothy's hair.


Yet despite the obvious differences, despite the fact he looks at me and speaks to me in a completely different way from the way he looks at or speaks to anyone else, people simply see us at face value: they see two old friends. They don't see, what is so obvious, that the old friends are also old lovers.



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