Ashleigh Anpilova


Vance is unhappy about the relationship between Gibbs and Ducky and so sends Gibbs away on a six month assignment. Undeterred the lovers find a new way to keep in touch with one another.

An established relationship story.

Written: February 2009. Word count: 1,113.




silverhairedfox: Why?


duckman: My dear


silverhairedfox: Why this name?


duckman: Ah. That I'm afraid was dear Abigail.


silverhairedfox: Should have guessed. Tell me again why we're doing this?


duckman: Because the good director would not consider, for one moment, that we would correspond in this manner.


silverhairedfox: He's not the only one! And he's not 'good'. If he was good, I wouldn't be here, thousands of miles away from you just because he doesn't like us being together.


duckman: Well, Jethro, I did suggest that maybe telling him wasn't the best idea you had ever had.


silverhairedfox: True. I was just tired of hiding it. Besides, didn't have a lot of choice, me moving in with you.


duckman: Of course I do realize th - BRB


silverhairedfox: What???


silverhairedfox: Duck.


silverhairedfox: Duck.


silverhairedfox: Ducky? What's happened?


silverhairedfox: DUCKY!!


duckman: I do apologize, my dear. Mr. Palmer needed me to sign something. I did tell you.


silverhairedfox: You did?


duckman: Yes. 'BRB' is text speak for 'Be Right Back'. It is something that one uses to reassure the other person to whom one is talking - not that it is talking of course in the strictest sense - that one will be away for a short time. Dear Abigail and Timothy were kind enough to write down several such abbreviations.


silverhairedfox: Were they?


duckman: Yes. I can share them with you if you would like.


silverhairedfox: Look, Duck, IPoding or whatever the hell it is we're doing is one thing. Using whatsits is another.


duckman: IMing.


silverhairedfox: Huh?


duckman: It's called IMing - as in Instant Messaging. It can be a little confusing.


silverhairedfox: You think!


duckman: What's the weather like with you?


silverhairedfox: Duck. Don't go all British on me.


duckman: But I am British.


silverhairedfox: Know that.


duckman: I am sorry, my dear. It is just that I find this somewhat, well restrictive, impersonal. I confess I find myself somewhat lost for words.


duckman: Jethro?


duckman: Jethro? Has something happened?


silverhairedfox: Sorry, Duck. Just um . . .


duckman: Ah, I see you were 'LOL'.


silverhairedfox: Do I want to know?


duckman: 'Laughs Out Loud'. Of course, strictly speaking to be entirely accurate one would have said you were 'laughing' but I think we can allow it. And again, strictly speaking, Abigail informed me that one tends not to use capital letters for these things, but really, Jethro, that is taking things far too far. No wonder the children of today grow up not being able to write or speak acceptable English. I actually saw 'thx' scrawled on the bottom of a piece of paper someone in the office was circulating the other day.


silverhairedfox: ???


duckman: It is text speak for 'thanks'. Oh, Jethro, I really fear I am getting old and intolerant.


silverhairedfox: YNO.


duckman: Jethro?


silverhairedfox: 'You're Not Old'. Hey, this text-speak thingy, isn't that bad after all. Reckon I could get used it.


duckman: Ah, Jethro.


silverhairedfox: What?


duckman: I do miss you, my dear.


silverhairedfox: Miss you too, Duck. Probably more than you realize.


duckman: At least I have the children to keep me company, that is a blessing. Dear Abigail and Timothy invited me to join them for supper last night, and Ziva has invited us all to her apartment for supper on Friday. Oh, and Anthony turned up at Reston House the night before last with a film for us to watch, not that it was my type of film, not at all. But it's the thought that counts, is it not? And tonight Jimmy has asked me if I would be able to spare some time to check his latest assignment, so of course I have invited him to join me for supper. The poor boy cannot just work all the time. And next week - Oh, I'm sorry, my dear. I regret to say that I am able to ramble even when IMing.


silverhairedfox: Wouldn't be my Duck if you didnít. I'm just glad you've got some company.


duckman: Unlike you.


silverhairedfox: If that's meant to be a subtle way of asking if I am seeing anyone, the answer's 'no'. Told you, Duck. All that's over. Has been for a hell of a long time. You know that. You do, donít you?


silverhairedfox: Duck?


duckman: Yes, dear, of course I do. It's just . . . Oh, ignore me, Jethro. I'm getting maudlin.


silverhairedfox: Should have told Vance where to stick his assignment.


duckman: That would have led to one thing and one thing only, you know that. And you aren't ready for retirement yet, Jethro.


silverhairedfox: Aren't I?


duckman: No.


silverhairedfox: You sure about that, Duck? 'Cause I've had a lot of time to think sitting here, and you know what, I reckon it's time we both quit - sorry retired.


duckman: You just feel like that because you're away and . . . .


silverhairedfox: Missing you? It's more than that, Duck. It's given me time to think - hell, I don't have anything else to do all day. I mean it.


duckman: Do you?


silverhairedfox: Yeah, I do. Damn it.


duckman: Jethro?


silverhairedfox: Wish I could see you, hear your voice, look into your eyes. I want to know what you're thinking.


duckman: I'm thinking that if you are really certain that is what you want, then, you would receive no objection from me.


silverhairedfox: See, that's what I mean.


duckman: Jethro?


silverhairedfox: I can't hear you or see you. I just read what you're saying. It's not the same.


duckman: Are you suggesting I would lie to you?


silverhairedfox: No. Not at all. Just that sometimes you will go out of your way to accommodate my wishes.


duckman: Rest assured, my dear, I am not doing that on this occasion. But why do we not wait until you come home to me? We can then talk about it and you can see and hear me.


silverhairedfox: Yeah, why don't we do that?


duckman: And now, my dear Jethro, regretfully I am going to have to go. I can see Anthony, Timothy and Ziva hovering outside the doors. No doubt they have come for my report on my latest 'guest'.


silverhairedfox: Same time tomorrow?


duckman: Indeed.


duckman: Well, I really do have to do now, dearest.


silverhairedfox: Hang on just a second, Duck. Got one of those thingies for you.


duckman: Jethro?


silverhairedfox: ILY.


duckman: Ah, Jethro. ILY2.


silverhairedfox: Yeah. Know you do. Guess we're not too old after all for this new-fangled stuff. Who'd have thought it, eh? You and me I-thingying?


duckman: Indeed. Sleep well, dearest.


silverhairedfox: You too, Duck.


duckman is now logged off.


silverhairedfox is now logged off.



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