Ashleigh Anpilova


Ducky explains why his scalpel is, in many ways, more powerful than Jethro's Sig Sauer.

An established relationship story.

Written: August 2009. Word count: 300.




Many people would believe that the Sig Sauer Jethro and his team carry is a far more deadly weapon than the scalpel I, and Mr. Palmer, wield. They would, however, be incorrect.


You see, the Sig Sauer is merely an instrument that can be used to take a life. It reveals nothing, other than the accuracy of the person pulling the trigger. Whereas the scalpel is an instrument that can be used reveal everything there is to know about the dead.


Yes, there is skill in shooting, and my beloved is one of the best shooters in the agency, if not the best. And his skills are not confined to handguns; he is still as accurate a sniper as he was whilst serving in the Marines. So, please, do not think for a moment  I am demeaning those who carry guns and use them accurately. I am not.


However, the skills needed to use the scalpel to dissect a body and then read the information found within, are greater than those needed to shoot. The simple truth is, you can put a gun in the hands of anyone and they will be able to pull the trigger. They may not hit the target, they may not kill anyone, or worse they may kill the wrong person, but they will be able to fire a gun. Put a scalpel in the hands of the untrained and ask them to dissect a body and few would even be able to make the first cut.


Jethro and I are a team in our working and personal lives: he takes life (only when he has to) or brings me bodies, and I solve the mystery of the body. No body has failed to reveal its secrets to me. And I doubt one ever will.



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