Ashleigh Anpilova


Gibbs recalls something Ducky told him.

An established relationship story.

Warning: Major character death.

Written: December 2006. Word count: 524.





I remember the first time you told me that you'd love me for a life time.  Not that you used those exact words, rather you told me that you'd always love me. 'I love you, my dearest Jethro, and I always shall', were your exact words.


I remember, not exactly doubting you or not believing you, but thinking that you were being too hasty. You see I knew myself, I knew myself very well; I was a bastard even back then. I guess I'd never thought anyone could love me for life, not like you said you would. Given that Mom had walked out on Dad and me, and Dad had then drank himself into an early grave and didn't seem to have any time for me, didn't care what I did, where I was, if I lived or not, my ability to be loved for long didn't seem possible.


But it was.


At least it was for you.


We met when I was twenty-one and you were thirty-three. You first told me you loved me two years later. Sixty years on, they were your final words to me; the last words you ever said. And that was when I realized, really realized, that you really had loved me for a life time, and that you would always love me.


I have so many memories of our years together, both as friends and lovers, so many; just not enough. But the two that really stick in my mind are the first and last times you told me you loved me, and that you always would.


I don't know if I believe in God any longer; not sure I ever did - why should I? He's taken so much from me. And yet, somehow I know that we'll be together; that your life time of love will go on. That our life time of love will go on.


And it won't be much longer before I'm with you again; the doctors have told me that, well in a roundabout way. 'You won't survive a second heart attack, Mr. Gibbs. You must take it easy', or words to that effect.


Abby and Tim were here today with their grandson, but they didn't tell me to 'take it easy'. He's a lovely lad; you'd have liked him. Abby still regrets that you never saw him, that his parents couldn't bring him to the States before you left us.


That's another pair who'll love one another for life, once they stopped messing around and realized that all they wanted was one another. Yeah, I know, bit like me really.


Love you, Duck. Always did, even when . . . Well, you know. Guess I deserved all those scars after all; wasn't fair to any of them, or to you, was I? Always will love you, Duck. Just hope you're waiting for me; I know you will be. It won't be long now, I promise. Never broken a promise to you, Duck, never will.


A life time of love. Yeah, we had that, and more. Still isn't enough though. Well, it couldn't be.


Soon, Duck. Soon, I'll -



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