Ashleigh Anpilova


Ducky is satisfied and Jethro is bemused.

A first time story.

Written: September 2008. Word count: 300.



"I do think that went rather well, did it not?"


Jethro looked up at Ducky who was leaning on his elbow gazing down at him with what could only be called a look of pure and utter satisfaction, tinged with a hint of smugness.


As Jethro continued to look into the filled-with-love-and-affection-darker-than-usual blue eyes, Ducky fingertips began to move gently and teasingly over his chest.


"Well?" Ducky demanded, a moment or two later.




Ducky gave an exaggerated sigh and repeated his words. "I asked whether you thought it went rather well."


"Reckon that's an example of British understatement, Duck," Jethro said, pulling Ducky down so he could kiss him again.


As their mouths met and their hands again began to explore one another's bodies, Jethro couldn't help but marvel at three things.


One: The fact that Ducky felt so very good under his hands, what a superb kisser he was and how Jethro knew he'd never tire of kissing and making love to Ducky.


Two: The fact that they were in his bed in the first place.


Three: The fact that it had been Ducky who had instigated it!


He still found himself bemused and astounded by the fact that Ducky had turned up at his door, gone inside, turned and locked the door, dropped his hat onto a table, put his arms around Jethro, pulled his head down and kissed him. And had gone on kissing him until, finally allowing Jethro to breathe, he'd taken Jethro's hand and led Jethro up to his own bedroom and -


As the latest kiss deepened, Jethro began to learn that older certainly didn't mean dead. Five minutes ago he'd have said the chances of him being up for another round were impossible, but with the way Ducky was kissing and stroking him . . .



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