Ashleigh Anpilova


There are times when Ducky wonders why he stays at NCIS.

An established relationship story.

Written: June 2011. Word count: 500.



After reliving himself, brushing his teeth and washing his hands and face, Ducky hurried back to the bedroom.


As he pulled on his clothes he began to muse, as he did from time to time, as to what his motivation was for remaining with NCIS. After all he had no need to work; he was more than financially secure, and although he did enjoy the 'good things' in life he didn't have to watch what he spent. He sincerely doubted he would spend a quarter of his money even if he lived to be over a hundred,


So why did he stay? Why did he put up with the long hours spent in artificial light, many of which were on his feet, bending over bodies, cutting into them, living with the smell of death, decay and formaldehyde, all of which stayed with him every waking and sleeping moment, no matter how often he showered? Why did he remain in a job that dragged him from his nice warm bed in the middle of the night in all weathers and all temperatures? Why did he continue to do a job that demanded so much time and energy?


Why didn't he just retire and spend more time on his hobbies? He could travel, play a lot more golf, enjoy afternoon games of bridge, go to the opera, the theatre, art shows, museums, or simply spend all day just reading and listening to music? Why didn't he do what most men of his age did and slow down?


He wasn't old, although there were days when he felt his years and then at least ten more. There were days when the pain his longtime damaged leg caused him was almost too much to bear and he had to find reasons to sit down.


He zipped and buttoned up his trousers, grabbed his bowtie, slipped it under the collar of his dress shirt and began to tie it. So why did he stay with NCIS?


"Hey, Duck. You ready?" Jethro called, striding into their bedroom.


Ducky smiled at his lover and finished tying his bowtie. "Almost, my dear," he said, reaching for his jacket.


"Here." Jethro said, as he snatched it up and handed it to Ducky.


"Thank you." Ducky put it on and settled it onto his shoulders. "I am ready now," he said, grabbing his bag from a chair that stood near to the bed.


"Hang on." And before Ducky could say anything, Jethro took two strides towards him and spent a second or two fiddling with the bow on Ducky's tie. "There," he said, bending his head and giving Ducky a swift kiss, before grabbing his Sig and heading towards the bedroom door.


As Ducky followed Jethro out of the room and turned off the light, he realized he knew exactly what his motivation was for remaining with NCIS. It allowed him to see more of Jethro, to spend more time with him, that would be the case if he retired.



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