Ashleigh Anpilova


Gibbs gives the team an order.

An established relationship story.

Written: April 2009. Word count: 200.





"But, boss," DiNozzo whined. "It's only one day."


"One morning," Abby added.


"I said 'no'."


"But why, boss?"


"Didn't know I needed a reason, DiNozzo."


"Of course you don't, boss. It's just -"


"Traditional," Abby tried.


"We're starting a new tradition," Gibbs growled. "You ready, Duck?" he asked, his tone completely different.


"Almost, Jethro. I just have one small thing I need to - I will meet you by the car shortly."


Gibbs shrugged; he needed to visit the head anyway. "Sure, Duck." He strode off.


"Now, I will keep Jethro shall we say 'occupied' tomorrow until lunch time. But please make sure there is no 'evidence' left by the time he gets into the office. Do I have your promise?"


"Yes, Ducky." Abby and Tony beamed at him.


"Good," Ducky said, and nodding goodnight hurried towards the elevators.




Gibbs strode into the squad room and headed for his desk. Maybe he should feel guilty for in effect taking the morning off, but memories of just why he was so late pushed all such feelings away.


In fact he was so unconcerned he didn't even slap DiNozzo around the head when he found the obviously forgotten about whoopee cushion on his chair.



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