Ashleigh Anpilova


The kids think there is something between Gibbs and Dr. Samantha Ryan. However, it's another doctor Gibbs who has Gibbs's heart.

An established relationship story.

Written: March 2012. Word count: 1,585.



"Something is going on," Ziva whispers from halfway up the stairs.


"What?" McGee asks, looking up at her.


"Gibbs and Dr. Ryan," Ziva says, as she makes her way down the stairs and goes to her desk.


Tony looks up from his computer. "What? No way!"


"Why not?" Ziva asks, sitting on the edge of her desk.


"Well," McGee says, getting up from his desk and going over to sit next to Ziva. "She isn't a red-head."


Tony shakes his head, "No, that's not it, McObvious."


"What is it then, Tony?" Ziva asks.


Tony looks around him in every direction, including glancing up the stairs and before answering gets up and joins Ziva and McGee. "It's simple, she's not sexy," he says.


Ziva stares at him. "Maybe not to you, Tony. But she could be to Gibbs."


Tony looks at her in his patronizing manner. One of these days, she keeps telling herself, she will smack the look off his face. But maybe not today. "Oh, Ziva, Ziva, Ziva. She can't be sexy."


"Because?" McGee asks before Ziva can. He has a faint smile on his face and Ziva frowns. She does not like it when Tony and McGee seem to know things she does not. She can tell McGee knows or at least thinks he knows what Tony is going to say.


Tony shakes his head and gives McGee his patronizing look. "Because, she's -" He breaks off. "Hey, Ducky," he calls his tone ultra-bright and so obviously false. Ziva rolls her eyes.


"Anthony. Timothy. Ziva," Ducky says coming over to join them. "Am I interrupting something?"


"No!" Tony says at speed. "Of course you weren't, Ducky. We were just -"


"Discussing why Tony does not think Dr. Ryan is sexy," Ziva says calmly, ignoring the look Tony shoots her.


Ducky widens his eyes slightly and then he glances at Tony who looks anywhere but back at Ducky. After a moment or two, Ziva notices the same faint smile that still lingers on McGee's lips touch Ducky's. Now she's even more irritated, because not only does McGee seem to know something, but Ducky does too.


Ducky's smile increases and his eyes begin to twinkle in the way Ziva knows well; it means Ducky is about to share something with them - most likely at Tony's expense. However, he doesn't immediately. Instead he looks at Tony again and says, "Well, do not let my presence prevent you from sharing your theory, Anthony." He smiles.


Tony looks at Ducky, mild panic now showing on his face before looking at both Ziva and McGee with his 'help me' look in his eyes. Ziva just stares back at him; McGee crosses his arms and his smile broadens. Tony imitates a gold-fish for a moment or two, "Um . . . I . . . I didn't . . ."


Ducky laughs softly and pats Tony's arm before addressing Ziva. "What Anthony is trying not to say is that he believes Dr. Ryan cannot be sexy because she is," he pauses for a moment, glances at each of the field team in turn before saying, "older."


"But that is oldist," Ziva objects.


"I think you mean ageist, Ziva," McGee says.


"That is right, ageist. Thank you, McGee. You are ageist, Tony."


"No, I'm not! It's just I don't - Do you find her sexy, Ducky?"


Ducky chuckles softly, pats Tony's arm again and shaking his head walks away.


"What did I say?" Tony asks.


Ziva and McGee look at one another and laugh.


"Do not forget," Ziva says as she stops laughing. "Gibbs is also older."


"Yeah. And?" Tony says.


"And as Gibbs is older and Dr. Ryan is older, he may well find her sexy. Do you not agree, McGee?"


But before McGee can reply, Tony puts his hands on her shoulders and looks down at her with his pitying look on his face. She hates that look almost as much as she hates his patronizing one. "Older men only find younger women sexy," he declares.


"So that's why you're always trying to date co-eds," Abby says, bouncing up to the group. "Hey, guys, what's up?"


"We were discussing whether Gibbs finds Dr. Ryan sexy," Ziva says.


Abby puts her head on one side and thinks for a moment. "He could," she finally declares, as she puts her arm through McGee's. "Come on, Timmy, I need your help with Colonel Memnon's laptop."


"And you two can get back to work."








"Hey, Gibbs."


Gibbs hides a smile as McGee hurries off with Abby, DiNozzo scuttles back to his desk and starts typing furiously and Ziva turns on her heel and in elegant almost feral-like way, sits back down at her desk, glances at him once more and also starts typing.


He has no idea what they'd been talking about; he was too far away to hear. But given they were in a huddle when he'd arrived back in the squad room, he's certain whatever it was, it wasn't meant for his ears. But from their reactions, they must believe he does know - which keeps his veil of omniscience firmly in place.



"Hey, Duck. I'm home." Gibbs pushes the door shut with his arm and then leans against it to make certain the lock has clicked into place. He drops his briefcase on the table inside the door, pulls of his coat, juggling the bottle of wine he's carrying from hand to hand, drops the coat onto of his briefcase and heads towards the kitchen and the tantalizing scents coming from it. "Duck?" he calls again, raising his voice a little as he hears Ducky humming along to the radio.


"Oh, Jethro," Ducky says, looking up from the chopping board. "You quite made me jump."


"Can't have that, can we," Gibbs says, moving behind Ducky and after putting the bottle of wine down on the table he slips he arms around Ducky, pulls him back a little to rest against his body, before bending his head and kissing Ducky's ear and then his cheek. "Smells good," he says, kissing Ducky again. "And I don't mean the food."


Ducky laughs, puts the knife he's been using down and links his hands over Jethro's. "You're earlier than I expected."


"Want me to go away again?" Gibbs quips.


"No, I certainly do not!" Ducky says, turning in Gibbs's embrace and sliding his arms around Gibbs's neck, gently tugging it down until his mouth meets Gibbs's.


"Mmm," Gibbs says, when they break away. "Could get used to this."


Ducky smiles. "I should have thought you had by now."


Gibbs shrugs. "Not quite what I meant. Have I got time for a shower?"


Ducky nods. "Oh, yes, plenty of time. As I said, I was not expecting you quite so soon. And what exactly did you mean?"


Gibbs shrugs. "Later." He heads towards the kitchen door.


"Very well. Oh, Jethro, before you go."

"Yeah, Duck?" Gibbs pauses by the kitchen door.


Ducky's eyes begin to twinkle as he stares at Gibbs and Gibbs wonders quite what's coming. "Do you find Dr. Ryan sexy?" Ducky asks his tone light.


"What?" Gibbs asks, coming back to the table. "Duck?"


"Well, she is a striking lady, shall we say?"


Gibbs shrugs. "She's okay, I guess."


Ducky laughs lightly. "Oh, Jethro, talk about damning with faint praise. Well, do you?"


"No, Duck. I do not find her 'sexy' and since when did you start asking me questions like that?" Gibbs moves closer to Ducky and puts his arms around him, holding him in a loose embrace. "Have I done something to make you ask such a thing? What have I screwed up this time?"


Ducky smiles and his eyes twinkle more. "Ah, my dear. I am sorry. You have done nothing to make me doubt your feelings for me, nothing at all. It is just the children were," he pauses for a moment choosing his word, "discussing, shall we say."


"How about gossiping?"


Ducky laughs. "If you prefer, my dear. They were speculating as to whether you found Dr. Ryan sexy or not."


"Were they?" So that's what they'd been talking about when he'd come up silently behind them.


"Oh, yes."


"And you know this how?"


"Oh, because I happened upon them and Ziva was kind enough to tell me what she, Timothy and Anthony were discussing."


"And did they come to a conclusion?"


"Well," Ducky says, putting his arms around Gibbs's neck. "I do not know about Timothy and Ziva, but Anthony thinks you do not."


"Does he now?"




"And his reason?" Gibbs could guess it, but enjoyed the game.


"Because she is, shall we say 'older'."


"Right. And he thinks I can't find anyone 'older' sexy?"


"Apparently not, no."


"Hmm. Well, maybe I'd better just prove him wrong, hadn't I?" And Gibbs pulls Ducky much closer to him, bending his head and kissing Ducky again, deepening and drawing out the kiss as he pulls Ducky even closer to him, pressing his arousal against Ducky's matching one. He takes his mouth away from Ducky's and moves it to his ear. "How about you turn of the stove and come up stairs with me so I can show you just how wrong DiNozzo is?"


Ducky shivers as Gibbs whispers to him and pushes his body even closer against Gibbs. "I believe that would be more than acceptable," he says.


"Good," Gibbs whispers, before moving his mouth back to Ducky's and kissing him again.

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