Ashleigh Anpilova


Forced to attend an office party and desperate to cheer Ducky up, Jethro surprises everyone.

An established relationship story.

Written: April 2006. Word count: 800.





I had to do it.


Well I had to do something to cheer him up. And this seemed like the best thing.


After all the worst that could happen was being fired. And with Jenn Shepard at the helm, that might be a blessing in disguise.


He'd been depressed ever since his mother died. Oh, he tried to hide it. But I haven't loved him and lived with him for nearly three decades, without being able to read him like a book.


One look into those eyes of his, which told me everything he felt, was enough.


So I did.




Go Gibbs!


And about time too.


Poor Ducky, getting dragged to the party on the insistence of Director Shepard. He didn't want to come. Nor did Gibbs. But they came.


I tried, I'd been trying for weeks, to cheer my Duckman up. But his smile wasn't genuine. Not really. Although he did try for me. He always does.


But Gibbs knows his Ducky best. He knows what he needs. He should do. They've been friends for like forever. More than friends really. But we're not meant to know that.


But I do. I always have.


Now everyone knows.


Gibbs rocks.




Agent Gibbs hasn't stopped surprising me since the day I met him. That bothers me.


I feel I have failed. If I were still in Mossad, I would have. Mossad Agents should know their enemies. In many ways the relationship is more intimate than that of lovers.


Jenny's reaction was interesting. For a moment I thought she was going to throw-down.


Tony choked on his beer.


Abby bounced.


McGee just stared.


Jimmy blushed.


I showed nothing. At least I hope I didn't. Jenny told me I was unreadable. But Jenny sometimes tells me things she knows I want to hear.




I can't believe it.


The boss . . .


Well he did.


Right there. In front of us all.


He . . .


He did.


I never thought. Not in my wildest dreams. That . . .


I couldn't stop staring. I must have looked a fool, but then I frequently do. Or rather DiNozzo often makes me look like one. But I'm not. Gibbs knows that. And that's all what matters.


Ducky's face said it all. It surprised even him. But he was happy. Really happy. He hasn't been for a few weeks, more really. Not since Mrs. Mallard passed away. But he is now.




The boss . . .




I can't believe it.


What was he thinking of?


How could he?


It's disgusting.


There. In public.


Thinking about it makes me want to be sick. Ziva told me that's what she thought I was going to do. She didn't understand, doesn't understand, my reaction. After all . . .


But Gibbs?


I'd like to think Dr. Mallard put him up to it. But even I have to admit he was as stunned as the rest of us.


If Gibbs really thinks I'll let him stay at NCIS after this, he can think again. I still have a few favors to call in.




Always knew the boss wasn't afraid of anything. Now he's proved it.


I can hardly believe it. Wouldn't have done if I hadn't seen it.


Come to think of it, Gibbs is afraid of something; losing Ducky. I remember how he drove us when those bastards kidnapped Ducky, and we couldn't find him. If Ducky'd died, I'd be visiting Gibbs in prison now.


I know he cares about us all; least I think he does. It's not always easy to tell; specially when he's slapping me around the head.


But Ducky's special. Always has been.


Guess we know why now.




Now I know why Special Agent Gibbs spends so much time in Autopsy. And why him and Dr. Mallard seem telepathic. Why they're so 'together'.


Why Dr. Mallard looks at him in 'that' way. Why he puts up with Agent Gibbs interrupting his stories. Why Agent Gibbs can finish some of the stories. Why they seem to speak in riddles.


I wonder what Mrs. Mallard would have thought? Going by the things she told us when the doctor had to bring her into work with him, nothing at all.


Will Dr. Mallard have some new stories to tell me now?




I believe Jethro could stand unflinchingly in front of a charging bull.


No, that is unfair. Jethro does know fear. If he didn't, he would no longer be a Federal Agent.


When an Agent ceases to be afraid, they must resign. A person without fear is more dangerous than the craziest assassin. More dangerous even than Officer David.


I've known Jethro for over half his life. I thought it impossible for him to surprise me. He has proven me incorrect. And he did so in such a simple way.


He kissed me.


In front of everyone.


Ah, Jethro my dear.



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