Ashleigh Anpilova


Ducky enjoys his peaceful time.

An established relationship story.

Written: December 2010. Word count: 500.



As his bedside clock showed six o'clock, Ducky slipped carefully from the bed. "It's all right, Jethro," he murmured, as Jethro made a slight noise. "Go back to sleep, my dear."


After paying a visit to the bathroom to relieve himself, brush his teeth and wash his hands and face, he made his way quietly downstairs and went into the kitchen.


Humming to himself he filled the kettle and switched it on. He then busied himself moving around the kitchen getting out the teapot, his special early morning china cup and saucer, the tea caddy and its spoon, the tea cozy and finally the milk.


He loved this time of day no matter what the season was, no matter how dark or light it was; this time of day was special to him. It always had been, even as a young boy. It was his time; his peaceful time; the time before he had to face the world and the horrors it could bring.


The kettle came to the boil and Ducky swiftly warmed the pot before putting the tea into the internal strainer that allowed him to use tea leaves without the need for a conventional tea strainer. He glanced at the clock, noting it was 6:20; the tea would be brewed to his liking in seven minutes.


He moved to the window and peered out into the sheer blackness; if he was honest he preferred winter at this time than summer as the lack of light added to the feeling of peace. It almost felt as he was the only person awake, indeed the only person in the world.


He chuckled softly to himself at the foolish notion and then jumped slightly as two arms slipped around him from behind. "Jethro," he murmured, automatically turning in his lover's embrace and tilting his head back for a kiss. Jethro tasted of mint and Ducky could smell the scent of the soap he kept on the washbasin.


"Come back to bed, Duck," Jethro murmured, lifting his mouth away from Ducky's.


"Oh, but, Jethro it's -"


"Half past six, Saturday and we haven't got to go to work." Jethro bent his head lower and kissed Ducky's ear.


Under Jethro's lips and questing tongue, Ducky groaned slightly, pressing his pajama and robe clad body against Jethro's shorts and tee-shirt clad body. "Jethro, I -" he began, gasping a little as Jethro's hands slipped beneath his robe and pajama jacket and began to caress his back.


"Come on, Duck, it's far too early to be up."


"You go back to bed and I'll cook breakfast for us," Ducky said, but in truth his heart wasn't in his words.


"Too lonely." Now Jethro took Ducky's hand and began to lead him out of the kitchen.


Ducky willingly let himself be led out of the kitchen, back up the stairs and into his bedroom where Jethro began to undress him. After all he could enjoy the peace on the mornings Jethro didn't spend the night with him. 

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