Ashleigh Anpilova


Gibbs returns from a conference.

An established relationship story.

Written: November 2009. Word count: 300.



"Jethro, we shou-" But his lover's mouth on his and his lover's hands beginning to caress his back, sliding up beneath his jacket, before moving down to cup his buttocks and tug him even nearer, silenced Ducky's objections.


Not the he wanted to object; he didn't. Jethro had been away for several days and nights, and Ducky had missed him. He'd grown accustomed to going to sleep with Jethro next to him and waking up beside him. He'd got used to Jethro's hands on his body, caressing him, stroking him, arousing him, making love to him. He'd become to expect Jethro's mouth on his and Jethro's lips moving over his face, neck and body. He'd missed it and he wanted it.


But Jethro had not locked the front door; in fact Ducky wasn't entirely certain he'd even closed it. Again he tried to object, but Jethro moved one hand to his groin, cupped his arousal and began to stroke him. Ducky gasped into Jethro's mouth and thoughts of doors and what they shouldn't be doing fled as he knew exactly what they should be doing.


He was about to unzip Jethro and return the pleasure Jethro was giving him, when he heard the sound of a car.


If Tobias was surprised to be greeted by both Ducky and Jethro a mere second after he'd raised his hand to knock on the partially open front door he didn't say anything. If he thought they both looked flushed and less than pleased to see him, again he didn't say anything.



Ducky arched his back and cried out Jethro's name as his lover stroked him to completion. In a moment he would give Jethro the same contentment, but for now he would just enjoy his world being back to how it should be.

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