Ashleigh Anpilova


Ducky loves Jethro, but would rather make love in his own bed.

An established relationship story.

Written: November 2009. Word count: 1,000.



"Hey, McGee." DiNozzo hissed the words.


McGee looked up. "Yes, Tony?"


"At Brewer's house, where was the bed?"


"By the left hand wall."


"Thanks. And the door opened . . . ?"




"And -"


"But you were there!" Ziva cut into the exchange.


DiNozzo glanced at her. "I know."


"Then why are you asking McGee things you should know?"


"Because, Ziva," McGee said. "He was distracted."


"Was not."


"Was so."


"Was not."


"Yes, Tony, you were."


"Was - Yeah, okay, I was. But it was -"


"Something Magnum related. I know, Tony."


"But not just anything. It was - What?" DiNozzo demanded, as Ziva stared at him.


She just shook her head and muttered something under her breath in her own language.


DiNozzo looked at McGee. "So about the -"


"Email me what you've done. I'll finish it."


DiNozzo blinked. "You will?""




DiNozzo looked at him. "What'll it cost me?"


"I didn't have time for lunch."


"None of us did," Ziva said, looking up.


DiNozzo sighed and stood up. "Chinese?"


McGee smiled and nodded.


Grabbing his coat, DiNozzo glanced around him and left the squad room.


Gibbs, who'd been standing outside the radar of his agents waiting for Ducky, shook his head. Did DiNozzo really think he was going to pass off a report written by McGee as his own? Did it matter? They were a team, that's all that mattered.


"Hey, Duck," he said, as the elevator doors opened.


"I am sorry, Jethro, I do hope I haven't kept you waiting. It is just -"


Gibbs interrupted him quickly. "Nah, Duck. Come on, let's go home." He guided Ducky back into the elevator. "Got a surprise for you," he said, bending his head and giving Ducky a swift kiss.


"Have you now?" Ducky smiled up at him.


"Yeah. But you go on looking at me like that and I'll have a different one."




"What? Don't act innocent with me, Duck." Gibbs laughed.


Ducky smiled. "Why do you not come home with me tonight?" he asked, keeping his tone light.


Gibbs looked down at him. "You got a problem with my bed, Duck? I even put a lock on the front door and use it." He matched Ducky's tone.


Quickly Ducky shook his head. "No, of course I don't, Jethro. Not at all, I just -" He cut himself off and put his hand on Gibbs's arm. "Your home will be perfectly fine and it is, after all, nearer." He moved closer to Gibbs, reached up on his toes and kissed Gibbs.



As he sat in the passenger seat of Jethro's car, Ducky sighed softly to himself. He did have somewhat of a 'problem' when it came to making love in Jethro's bed. The problem was that Jethro liked to make love with the light on, and his bedroom lighting was bright, harsh and unforgiving, and Ducky was not exactly in his prime.


They'd stopped dancing around one another and taken the final step over the line separating friends from lovers, the line that had become increasingly blurred over the years, two weeks ago. And since that first night they hadn't spent a night apart.


Ducky's own bedroom lighting was more subdued and muted and hid many of the blemishes that came with age; Ducky felt happier, more secure in his own bed. After all he had met or at least seen virtually every woman who had passed through Jethro's bed, and they were all attractive women with good, firm bodies and were some years younger than Jethro. Whereas he was twelve years older, male, and despite his weekly golf games, the years had added more pounds than he would have liked. Every time they made love in Jethro's bed Ducky inwardly cringed when he caught sight of his own body. It was true Jethro had also, over the years, gained some weight and girth, and his body wasn't as firm as it had once been. Nonetheless there was, to Ducky's eyes, a considerable difference.


"Penny for them?" Jethro's voice came out of the darkness.


Ducky jumped slightly. "I was just . . ." He trailed off as his mind went blank. What could he say? "Wondering what the surprise you mentioned was," he said quickly, mentally crossing fingers and toes.


His eyes now accustomed to the dark he was saw Jethro turn his head and look at him, staring for a moment, before turning his attention back to the road. Ducky held his breath and waited for Jethro to call him on the lie. Instead Jethro said, "Reckon you'll approve." Then he took one hand from the steering wheel, put it on Ducky's knee.



Once they were inside Jethro's house, Jethro locked the front door, dropped his briefcase, snagged Ducky's from him and dropped that, then pulled Ducky into his arms and kissed him. Unlike the previous kisses in the elevator, this one was far from brief and by the time they broke away both were somewhat aroused.


"God, I want you," Jethro murmured, his lips on Ducky's ear.


Ducky shivered. "You know what to do then, do you not?" Momentarily the harsh lighting of Jethro's bedroom was forgotten as Ducky's body and mind reacted to Jethro.


"Yeah. Do at that. Come on." Jethro snagged Ducky's hand, led him up the stairs and into his bedroom.


As Jethro's hand reached to turn the lights on, Ducky tensed slightly waiting for the room to be brightly lit up. Seconds later he gasped aloud as muted, soft lighting filled the room.


"Oh," he murmured, turning to face his lover. "Jethro?"


Jethro put his hands on Ducky's shoulder. "I love you, Duck," he said quietly. "You," he repeated, gazing down at Ducky and saying more with his eyes. "Everything else is merely a trimming. Now," he bent and kissed Ducky's nose. "You planning on standing there all night, or . . ."


Ducky smiled and pulled Jethro's head down for an extremely long and passionate kiss. "Oh, or'," he said, once he'd taken in a long gulp of oxygen. "Most definitely 'or'." He kissed Jethro again.



All About Ducky is the sequel to this story.


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