Ashleigh Anpilova


A companion piece to: Alluring In Black: Gibbs's Story.

The team is due to attend a formal event. Ducky offers to give Gibbs a lift, but when he arrives at Gibbs's house, things do not go as expected. This is Ducky's story.

A first time story.

Written: April 2008. Word count: 300.



I still cannot quite believe I did what I did.


The children keep giving Jethro and I strange looks; they must wonder why we are not together. Why, in fact, we are on opposite sides of the room, barely even looking at one another.


However, there is a good reason why this is so.


I shall tell you.


I offered to give Jethro a lift to this event; I knew he would conveniently 'forget' otherwise.


When I arrived, he called down to me asking for help tying his bowtie.


I went into his bedroom and stopped abruptly. I have always thought Jethro looked particularly handsome in a suit, but this . . . The sheer black of his dinner jacket and trousers complimented perfectly his grey hair and crisp white shirt.


I had to have him.


I've wanted him since the day we met, but have never approached him. Tonight I couldn't help myself.


I crossed the room, lifted my hands to his tie, and instead . . .


Instead I pulled his head down and kissed him.


Momentarily, I felt his surprise, but then he was kissing me back. As I pressed against him, I felt his arousal echo my own.


Swiftly I stripped us both, dropping our clothing onto the floor. Then we were in his bed and I was doing what I'd always dreamed of doing: making love to him.


It was better than in my dreams. It was . . .


But no, I must not think about that.


So that is why he is on one side of the room and I am on the other. Because if I get near to him, I know exactly what I'll do.


He looks so good in black. So alluring.


I just hope this thing ends soon, so we can go back home and again make love.



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