Ashleigh Anpilova


Ducky and Jethro are different.

An established relationship story.

Written: April 2007. Word count: 100.



There is a world of difference between Jethro and myself.


He is American.


I am British.


He is a serving Marine.


I am a doctor.


He is twenty-one.


I am thirty-three.


He is heterosexual.


I am homosexual.


He often becomes irritated quickly.


I usually take a long time to rouse.


He often looks for the bad in people.


I tend to look for the good in them.


He acts on instinct.


I prefer a more scientific approach.


He drinks bourbon.


I have a fine supply of pure malt scotch.


He finds it difficult to trust people.


I trust too easily. 



But The Same is the companion piece to this story.


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