Ashleigh Anpilova


A sequel to Black Does Not Become Him.

Ducky and Jethro have arrived home after Kate's funeral.

An established relationship story.

Written: February 2006. Word count: 615.



I think that Caitlin was, at least at one time, a little in love with, or certainly infatuated by Jethro; a sentiment I can understand. However, even if Jethro had been prepared to risk another affair with one of his team, Kate had one thing against her: she was a brunette. A very beautiful one, brown hair suited her well, but nonetheless, she wasn't a redhead. And all of Jethro's women have to be redheads.


We buried Caitlin today and said our goodbyes to her. Her passing will change the team forever; our brown haired girl touched all of us in some way, and for all of us it was a positive connection. Sometimes I wondered if she and Tony would risk Jethro's wrath and get together, I'm sure they would have had beautiful children. But Caitlin was too sensible, I think; although at times, when she and Tony were bickering at one another, I did wonder about her maturity level. I believe it was just their way of handling the job and Jethro. As much as I love him, he is not the easiest man with whom to work.


He is asleep now, as I should be, in my bed. Tired out from finally being able to rest without the fear that Ari will take another person for whom he cares away from him. Exhausted by being on constant guard, and worrying, overly, about me whenever I was out of his sight.


But all that is over now. Until the next time. Although God willing there will never be another enemy quite as dangerous and vindictive as the one Ziva has taken home to bury. I knew that Jethro hadn't killed Ari; he told me the whole story once we were safely behind my front door and in my bedroom.


He is torn, I know, by his feelings about Ziva David.


On the one hand he is grateful that she did trust in him enough to be his back-up and kill her half-brother. As much as he'd come to hate Ari, I know that he feels badly that it had to be Ziva who took his life; but it had to be that way, or so he told me. The trap would not have worked any other way. Or rather Ziva would not have believed the truth about both Ari and her father, had it happened any other way.


On the other hand he is angry towards her for her ultra-efficient research into him and his life, and her knowledge of his dead wife and daughter. No one but myself knew about them, and it bothers Jethro having to trust a woman he barely knows; even though he himself has a similar hold over her. Jethro's report, both written and verbal, will state that he killed Ari. It will never be discovered from Jethro, or myself that Ziva took the life of her half-brother. I assume that as she was so clever and dug so deeply, that she also knows about Jethro and myself; I'm not certain whether Jethro has considered that yet.


I am sure, however, that Jethro is worrying unnecessarily. We shall not be seeing Ms. David again, no matter how friendly she and Jennifer are, and for that I am grateful. Jethro will be under enough additional stress now that Ms. Shepard has become NCIS's new Director; that is quite enough for any one person to handle.


I should close my eyes again and try to join Jethro in sleep. After all I am warm, comfortable, tucked snugly against the one person I truly love, for what else could anyone ask?


Goodbye, Caitlin my dear. May you truly rest in peace.



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