Ashleigh Anpilova


Tim and Jimmy make plans to spend Christmas together and Jimmy confesses the one thing he's always wanted but never had.

An established relationship story.

Written: January 2012. Word count: 500.





Tim and Jimmy were relaxing in Jimmy's apartment. Jimmy sat on the couch; Tim on the floor leaning against Jimmy's legs enjoying the feel of Jimmy caressing his scalp. A movie (Tim couldn't remember what it was only that Tony had told them it was a 'must watch) was playing, but neither of them were watching it and they'd muted the sound.


Tim made a mental note to Google the movie later so that he could sound at least a little knowledgeable when Tony asked him about it.




Tim leaned further back and looked up at Jimmy. "Yes, Jimmy?" he smiled; looking at Jimmy always made him smile.


"Are you going back home for Christmas?"


"No. It's not really worth driving there and back for one day. Are you?" he asked.


Jimmy shook his head. "No. Mom thought I'd . . . Well, you know. So she and a friend arranged to go away to a nice hotel."


Tim squeezed Jimmy's leg, letting him know he did know. "So you'll be alone."


"And you'll be alone."


Tim ginned and turned around, kneeling and putting his arms around Jimmy, pulling him nearer and kissing him. "So how about we be alone together?"


Jimmy beamed. "I'd like that. Here or your place?"


Tim thought for a minute. "Here?" Jimmy's apartment was slight bigger than Tim's and Tim felt at home in it.


"That would be great. In that case could we -" Jimmy stopped speaking abruptly and to Tim's surprise blushed slightly.


Intrigued Tim got up and sat next to Jimmy, putting his arm around him. "Could we . . . ?" he asked.


Jimmy shook his head. "It's silly."


"Not to me. Come on, Jimmy, tell me."


Jimmy glanced down at his lap, then at the silent movie, before looking back at Tim. His cheeks were still flushed. He licked his lips, took a deep breath and said, "Can we get a real Christmas tree?" Before Tim could say anything Jimmy hurried on. "I've never had a real one. Mom had a fake one, it was nice, really nice, but I've always longed for a real one. See I told you it was silly."


Tim shook his head, leaned forward and kissed Jimmy's lips. "It is not silly, Jimmy. I think it's a great idea. How about we go shopping for one tomorrow?"




Tim laughed. "Of course together. That's how we're always going to be, Jimmy," he said quietly. "Together."


Jimmy blinked and stared at Tim. "Do you mean that, Tim?" His voice was low and had a very slight quiver.


Tim nodded. "Yes, Jimmy. I do. I want to be with you forever. And we'll have a real Christmas tree every year. Deal?"


Jimmy's answer was to kiss Tim - hard.


When he broke the kiss he looked at Tim and said, "I always thought I was happy, but now I know I wasn't. Not truly happy. Not until you came along."


Tim grinned. "You just want a real Christmas tree."


Jimmy laughed. "Bother, you guessed."



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