Ashleigh Anpilova


Tim and Jimmy make plans to spend Sunday just lazing around. However, their plans are thwarted somewhat.

An established relationship story.

Written: April 2015. Word count: 2,700.




"This is really nice, isn't it, Tim?" Jimmy asked, as he gazed up at Tim. He was lying on the couch with his head in Tim's lap and Tim was gently caressing his head and face.


"It's lovely, Jimmy," Tim said, bending over to lightly kiss Jimmy. "It's been far too long since we had a whole day with nothing we had to do."


"Except relax, be lazy, and," Jimmy said, turning onto his side and looking up at Tim through his eyelashes, "make love."


The next second Tim gasped at he felt his fly being undone; seconds later he was in Jimmy's mouth and Jimmy was making love to him. "Jimmy!" he gasped, tangling his hands in Jimmy's hair as Jimmy sucked him gently and slowly for some time, before speeding up and using more pressure as Tim simply made soft noises of pleasure and gripped Jimmy's shoulder with one hand and tangled his other hand even more tightly in Jimmy's hair.


"Jimmy!" he cried, seconds before he knew he was about to climax, warning Jimmy as he always did, even though he knew he wouldn't move. And he didn't. Tim climaxed and Jimmy remained quite still until Tim stopped trembling from the force of his orgasm, before he carefully swallowed around Tim and then tucked Tim back away and rezipped his trousers. He rolled back over onto his back and stared up at Tim, smiling broadly.


Tim bent over and kissed him lightly before sitting back up. "That was lovely, Jimmy," he said.


Jimmy's smile increased. "It's been too long since we had any real quality time to ourselves, time to do just what we wanted to. I'm so glad we didn't accept Tony's invitation to go bowling today."

"Yeah, it has been far too long. I don't know what's got into the criminals at the moment; they all seen intent of going after marines and navy personnel." Tim let his hand start to move down the front of Jimmy's body, stroking his chest lightly through his tee-shirt, rubbing his fingers over his nipples which made Jimmy gasp slightly and shift on the couch.


It had been a very busy time at work, even for a team who were used to working long, often grueling hours, it had been busy. Even Gibbs had commented as to how busy it was and how hard everyone was working and even Gibbs seemed more than a little drained. They were meant to have had the entire weekend off, having worked both days of the last six weekends. However, Tim and Jimmy had been awoken by the phone and Gibbs ordering them into the office to deal with yet another dead marine.


Amazingly, the whole case, less the paperwork, had been wrapped up in one day. At that point Gibbs had put his foot down and told Vance that Team Gibbs were not working on the Sunday, and that the paperwork would get done on Monday. They were all having an entire day off. Tim had been somewhat surprised, given how rigid Vance could be at times about paperwork, when he had simply nodded, agreed and had even insisted Team Gibbs leave for the day there and then. No one had argued.


Tony had suggested they all get together on the Sunday, have lunch and then go bowling. Abby, Ziva, Dornie (who had been assigned to Team Gibbs for the past two months to help with the uncharacteristically high number of cases) had all agreed; Gibbs and Ducky had thanked Tony but declined, citing a long overdue lunch arrangement and, after glancing at Jimmy and getting agreement, Tim had also thanked Tony but also declined. He and Jimmy were going to spend a lazy day at home - alone!


So far things had gone according to plan. They had slept late, pointedly not setting the alarm before they settled down to sleep; shared a rather long, highly enjoyable shower before enjoying a rare home cooked breakfast, which they had dawdled over, sitting at the table even after they had finished eating, just drinking coffee, gazing at one another and talking. After loading the dishwasher and clearing up, they had settled down on the couch, talking at times and at other times just simply enjoying being together. It really had been the perfect lazy day so far and Tim was looking forward to it continuing.


As Jimmy shifted a little more under his wandering hands, Tim focused on one thing: making love to his fiancÚ. He let his hand travel further down the front of Jimmy's body, over this stomach and finally coming to hover over his groin. Jimmy made a noise of encouragement and pushed upwards until Tim's hand was actually brushing against him. Tim could feel how hard Jimmy already was and he took care as he unzipped Jimmy and even more care as he pulled Jimmy out. He took his erection into his hand and began to stoke him in the way he knew Jimmy loved to be stroked: not too fast and not too hard. He could draw out the love making as long as he wanted to; he knew Jimmy's body so well he knew exactly how to stroke him to prolong his orgasm.


"Please, Tim," Jimmy finally murmured, as he again shifted on the couch.


Tim bent his head and claimed Jimmy's mouth with his, parting his lips with his tongue as he speeded up his strokes. Seconds after he slipped his tongue into Jimmy's mouth and tightened his grip just a little, Jimmy cried into his mouth and climaxed into Tim's hand.


"I'm really glad we didn't go bowling with Tony," Jimmy said, after Tim had tucked him back away and rezipped his jeans.


Tim laughed and bent over to kiss Jimmy again. "So am I," he said.


They stayed where they were enjoying a loving, companionable silence, Tim was once more gently stroking Jimmy's head and face, and Jimmy from time to time moved his head just a little on Tim's lap. It really was wonderful.


Even when Gibbs had told Vance they weren't working on the Sunday and even when Vance had agreed, Tim hadn't been completely certain it would end up like that. He had still believed it likely that they would end up working, if only for a few hours. However, it really didn't look as if that would be the case. They all needed more lazy days like this; recharging batteries was an important thing; being able to spend time with the one you loved, doing just what you wanted to was vital.


"What do you want to do for the rest of the day?" Tim asked, looking down at Jimmy. "Jimmy!" he exclaimed a moment later when he read the look in Jimmy's eyes and on his face. They both laughed. "Well, I guess we could go back to bed and have a -" The sound of the door bell silenced Tim. He sighed as Jimmy sat up, stood up and went to the door. "If it's Tony, I swear I'll - Mrs. Donaldson," he said, opening the door to see their diminutive, elderly neighbor standing outside.


"I am so sorry, Timothy," she said, touching his arm; she looked dreadfully upset and worried, "to disturb you and Jimmy. I know how hard you've been working lately. But - Oh, it doesn't matter. I can't impose on you. I'll . . . It'll be fine. I'm sorry to have disturbed you." She turned around and was about to go.


However, Tim put his arm around her shoulders and stopped her. "What's the matter, Mrs. Donaldson?" he asked.


"Oh, dear. I -" She fell silent and stared up at him. Clearly something was troubling her very much.


"Come in, sit down and have a nice cup of tea, and then you can tell Jimmy and me what's wrong."


"Oh, dear. I really don't want to -"

"Come on. Jimmy, can you put the -" Tim fell silent as he saw Jimmy was already on his way to the kitchen.


He led Mrs. Donaldson to an armchair - it was higher than the couch and thus she would find it easier to sit down and get back up. He sat down on the couch and looked at her; he was somewhat concerned by how frail she suddenly looked.


A short time later, Jimmy appeared with a tray of tea. Tim was pleased to see that his caring fiancÚ had actually not only made it in a teapot (it had been part of Ducky's housewarming gift to them) but had also used cups and saucers (another part of Ducky's housewarming gift) and a milk jug (Ducky again).


"Here you are, Mrs. Donaldson," Jimmy said, pouring tea into a cup and handing it to her. He then poured tea into the other two cups, gave one to Tim and sat down on the floor by his feet, leaning back against the couch.


"Thank you, my dears," Mrs. Donaldson said, taking a small sip of tea before returning the cup to the saucer.


"Now, why don't you tell us what's wrong?" Tim asked.


She sighed. "Oh, dear. I'm sure you'll think I'm being foolish and I probably am. I'm sure she'll come home. It's not the first time -"

"Mrs. Donaldson," Tim said firmly as he gently interrupted her; not for the first time she reminded him of Ducky. "Tell us and we will do what we can to help."


"It's Millie. She somehow got out of the garden and - I've called her name and called her name and I have been up and down the street, but there's no sign of her. I do hope she hasn't got onto the road. I think she might have gone to the park; she does love the park. I would go and - But it's such a long way and such a large area and I - My doctor told me I wasn't to exert myself. Oh, I don't know what to do. I can't call the police; they won't be interested in a missing dog." Finally she came to a stop.


To Tim's horror he saw tears in her eyes. He was about to say something, when Jimmy got to his feet, went over to Mrs. Donaldson, sat down on the arm of her chair and put his arm around her. "Now don't you worry, Mrs. Donaldson, Tim and I will go and look for Millie."


For a moment she brightened then she sighed and shook her head. "It's very good of you; you are very kind boys. But I can't ask you to do that. I know this is the first day off you've had in weeks; I'm sure you had plans to do something nice together."


Jimmy patted her hand. "You didn't ask us, Mrs. Donaldson; we offered. Anyway, we've had a lovely, quiet, lazy morning together, we were just saying we should maybe do something a bit more energetic, weren't we Tim?"


He glanced at Tim and winked. Tim didn't quite know how he managed to keep a straight face. However, he did and even managed to say quite calmly, "Yes, Jimmy, we did. And what could be better than a walk in the park? You sit here and finish your tea, Mrs. Donaldson, Jimmy and I will go and put some suitable shoes on, then we'll come next door with you, you can give us Millie's lead and we'll go and find her for you."


"You really are such kind boys. Are you quite sure?" Mrs. Donaldson looked hopeful.


Tim stood up. "Yes, Mrs. Donaldson," he said firmly, putting his hand on her shoulder. "We are quite sure." And he was; yes, spending the rest of the afternoon in bed with Jimmy would have been wonderful. But they were needed; a lovely, kind, generous lady (she often cooked 'extra' so that she could give it to them) and was always willing and happy to take in parcels for them, and had more than once mended clothing which had been damaged in the line of duty for Tim. What on earth would they be if they couldn't repay that with this one small thing? She loved Millie dearly; the little Westie was all Mrs. Donaldson had left now following the death of her husband and son and her daughter moving to Australia with her Australian husband.


He and Jimmy went upstairs where they changed into shoes suitable for walking around the park and took turns to pop to the bathroom. "You didn't mind, did you, Tim?" Jimmy asked, pulling a light sweater out from the chest of drawers. "Me offering to find Millie for Mrs. Donaldson, I mean."


Tim grabbed a sweater for himself and shook his head. "Of course not, Jimmy. In fact had you not offered I was just about to do so. She's a lovely lady and we both know how important, vital even, Millie is to her. Finding her is the least we can do. I just hope . . ." He trailed off and stared at Jimmy.


"So do I, Tim. So do I. Are you ready?"


"Yeah, come on."


They went back downstairs to find that Mrs. Donaldson had not only finished her cup of tea, but had also taken the tray through to the kitchen and swilled the cups out and emptied the teapot. They went next door with her to get Millie's lead and she also gave them a packet of Millie's favorite treats in case they needed to entice her.


Two hours later they were on their third circuit of the park and so far they hadn't seen any signs of a little white dog. Tim was beginning to fear the worse. "I'm worried, Jimmy," he said, coming to a stop and turning to look at his fiancÚ.


Jimmy sighed. "Yeah, so am I. What on earth will we say to Mrs. Donaldson if we can't find Millie?"


"What do we say to her if we find her and she's," Tim paused, before saying softly, "dead. Damn it, Jimmy. I thought we were done with dead bodies for the weekend."


Jimmy took his hand and pulled it to his mouth so that he could kiss it. "We mustn't think like that, Tim. We must tell ourselves that - Oh, look! There - over there in the bushes! Can you see it? It's a flash of white." Jimmy pointed over to the opposite of the park; the area they had just come from.


Tim frowned as he stared. "No, Jimmy, I'm afraid I - Oh, wait! Yes, I can. Millie!" he called, as he began to run towards the bushes, Jimmy by side. "Millie," he called again. "Come on, Millie, come to Uncle Timothy, there's a good girl."


"Uncle Timothy?" Jimmy said, glancing at him. "Where did that come from?"


Tim felt his cheeks become a little warm; he told himself it was from the exertion of running. "Um, I'm not sure. It just - There she is!" At that moment a little white dog not only trotted out from the bushes, but saw them and began to bound towards them, wagging her tail and panting. She reached them; Jimmy quickly grabbed the scruff of her neck and attached her lead to her collar as Tim fed her a couple of treats. They looked at one another and breathed a collective sigh of relief.


"Come on, Millie," Jimmy said, let's go home. Mille barked once and set off; she seemed more than happy to obey.


An hour later, Mrs. Donaldson had insisted on them staying for a glass of wine and had thanked them profusely, so much so both men had ended up feeling more than a little embarrassed, they once again sat on the couch. Jimmy had his head in Tim's lap again and Tim was playing with his hair.


"Well," Tim said, bending down to lightly kiss Jimmy. "It wasn't quite the lazy day we had in mind, but I've really enjoyed today."


"So have I, Tim," Jimmy said. "So have I." And he quite, quite deliberately moved his head across Tim's lap.



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