Ashleigh Anpilova


Set after Till Death Do Us Part.

Jimmy is shocked when a patient is brought into the hospital where he works.

An AU established relationship story.

Written: June 2012. Word count: 500



"There's been an explosion at the Navy Yard; we're going to be getting a lot of casualties," the doctor in charge of A&E called.


Jimmy swallowed hard and wiped his hands on his scrubs. It would be his first major incident as a newly qualified resident; he just hoped he was up to the challenge.


The screams of the ambulances had everyone turning towards the doors as the casualties started to be brought in. Dr. Hendrick calmly and efficiently directed operation, assigning doctors to patients and indicating to which cubicle they should be taken.


Jimmy hurried over to the patient he'd been given and gasped as he stared down at the pale-faced man whose neck was heavily bandaged. "Tim," he whispered, as the fingers of one hand automatically moved to take Tim's pulse, while with his other hand he brushed the hair back from Tim's forehead. The pulse was weak, but steady.


As he began to examine Tim, Jimmy knew he should call Dr. Hendrick and tell him he knew the patient, but something stopped him. He wanted to be the one to treat Tim; to care for him. They'd met when Jimmy had attended one of Tim's book signings and the attraction had been instant. Since then they'd gone out to dinner a few times and spent many evenings in just talking, holding hands and kissing. Tim had said he worked for a Federal Agency, but hadn't told Jimmy which one and Jimmy hadn't asked.


As he worked on Tim, relieved to see that while the injuries to his neck were serious, they weren't life-threatening, the carotid artery had not been pierced, Jimmy wondered what had happened; what or who had caused the explosion.




Jimmy slipped into Tim's semi-lit room, glanced at the chart, eyes automatically scanning the information for anything that might give him cause for concern; there was nothing. He then quietly closed the door, sat down on the chair next to the bed and after hesitating for a moment or two, took Tim's hand. Once again his fingers automatically found Tim's pulse; it was steady and much stronger than it had been earlier.


"Oh, Tim," he murmured, tightening his grip on Tim's hand, he leaned forward and again brushed Tim's hair off his forehead. "I didn't realize how much I cared about you. When you open your eyes I'm going to tell you. Even if you don't share my feelings, you have to know how I feel. I must tell you." But even as he said the words, Jimmy wasn't certain he would tell Tim; he didn't know if he'd have the confidence to do so. Then he remembered some words a one time mentor of his had told him 'believe in yourself, Jimmy'.


"I will," he said firmly.


"Will what? Jimmy, what are you doing here?" Tim blinked as he looked up at Jimmy.


"Looking after you." Jimmy paused for no more than a second before he said softly, "Tim, I love you." Tim smiled.



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