Ashleigh Anpilova


A sequel to Seeking Advice.

Tim and Jimmy meet for a drink.

A first time story.

Written: November 2012. Word count: 500.



"Thanks again, Tim, for agreeing to give me some advice about a new computer," Jimmy said as he put two glasses of wine down on the table.


"It's my pleasure, Jimmy," Tim said as he smiled up at Jimmy. And it really was his pleasure. Jimmy looked particularly sexy that evening, dressed in smart dark blue jeans, a white shirt and dark brown jacket.


Tim hoped he looked all right; he'd spent nearly an hour trying to decide what to wear, he didn't want to be too casual or too smart. In the end he'd settled for pretty much the same outfit as Jimmy had, albeit his shirt was dark grey and his jacket a lighter grey. "So," he said a little belatedly, "what exactly do you want to do with the computer?"


"Um," Jimmy said, taking a swallow of wine, "you know the usual stuff."


Tim smiled and had to prevent himself from touching Jimmy's hand which rested enticingly on the table. "I hate to tell you, Jimmy, but there's no 'usual', not when it comes to computer use."


"Oh," Jimmy said. "Well, I want to use it for email and browsing the web and doing my essays on."


"Anything else? Do you want to use it for listening to music or watching movies, that kind of thing?"


Jimmy shook his head. "No, I don't think so."


Tim nodded. "What about games, are you interested in playing any on-line games?"


"Well, I have been thinking about it as you always seem to enjoy them so much." As Jimmy's face flushed Tim again had to prevent himself from touching his hand. "But I don't think I'd be any good."


"I can give you some pointers, if you really are interested," Tim said, mentally crossing his fingers.


Jimmy's face lit up. "Will you really, Tim?"


"Yes, I will. I'd like to. Look, Jimmy, maybe you need to really think a bit more about what you want to use the computer for and when you're decided we can . . . Well, maybe we could meet up again - go to dinner, even?"


Jimmy beamed. "I'd like that, Tim," he said. He then swallowed hard and said, "But why wait for dinner, I'm not doing anything else tonight, are you?"


Tim stopped himself from grinning like an idiot and said instead, "No, I'm not, Jimmy, dinner sounds great to me."




Tim sat in his apartment his pulse still racing, his breath still coming in short bursts. He couldn't believe what he'd done only a short time ago. Jimmy had driven him home and Tim found he couldn't open the passenger door, Jimmy had leaned across him to open it and Tim had taken advantage of Jimmy being so near to him and had kissed him twice, before quickly getting out of the car and hurrying into his apartment.


Jimmy hadn't seemed to object, but maybe Tim simply had run away too quickly; he guessed he'd find out when he saw Jimmy at work the next day.



Talking It Through is the sequel to this story.


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