Ashleigh Anpilova


Tim and Jimmy have been dating for a few weeks, but as yet they haven't kissed.

A first time story.

Written: September 2012. Word count: 500.



Tim whistled as he showed, shaved and dressed for his dinner with Jimmy. The two men had been dating for several weeks now; at least Tim thought they'd been dating, in his mind they had, but given they hadn't kissed he was beginning to wonder.


At least they hadn't kissed properly, lips had not met lips. A few times Tim had felt Jimmy's lips lightly brush his cheek when they met or parted, but beyond that and an occasional meeting and parting loose embrace, nothing had happened.


Now Tim knew he was something of an old fashioned man and he knew Jimmy also was, but both of them had dated before, albeit with women and both of them had slept with at least one woman. So why hadn't they kissed?


Was it just that for both of them it was the first same gender relationship? Or was it something else entirely? Did Jimmy think men didn't kiss other men? Did he think it was all about sex and penetrative sex at that?


Tim hoped not. He may not have dated a man before but he'd had two close friends at John's Hopkins who had been a gay couple and a very open gay couple who had put Tim right on a number of things he'd hitherto always believed. Not all gay men were promiscuous; not all gay men wanted every man they met; not every gay couple had penetrative sex all the time, some never had it at all, preferring other ways of making love, and various other myths.


But surely if Jimmy had only been interested in sex they would have got to that by now. No, Tim couldn't believe Jimmy only wanted sex. So why hadn't they kissed? Part of Tim wasn't worried, he rather liked the idea of the slow build up and he'd spent some time anticipating finally taking Jimmy into his arms, putting his mouth on Jimmy's and kissing him.


Tim had always enjoyed anticipating things: Christmas, what the new book by his favorite author would be like, his exam grades; for him waiting was part of the enjoyment. But the time had to come where anticipation turned into -


A knock on his front door had him grabbing his jacket and pulling it on as he hurried to answer it. "Hello, Jimmy," he said smiling at Jimmy, enjoying the way Jimmy smiled back at him. He found his gaze came to rest on Jimmy's lips and suddenly the minutes he'd spent anticipating taking Jimmy into his arms and kissing him all poured into his mind.


He swallowed hard and took a step backwards into his apartment and then another and another, silently inviting Jimmy to follow him. And then with Jimmy inside and the door shut Tim decided to throw caution to the wind. He gently pulled Jimmy into his arms, put his mouth and Jimmy's and kissed him.


They never did go out to eat; they spent the evening on Tim's couch exchanging kisses.



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