Ashleigh Anpilova


Jenny takes a rare day off.

An established relationship story.

Written: March 2012. Word count: 1,520.




"Gibbs, yeah?" Gibbs frowned as he listened to Cynthia. "I thought the meeting was scheduled for tomorrow? . . . Okay, okay. I'm on my way." He slammed the phone down with a little more force than necessary, stood up, ignored the questioning looks McGee and DiNozzo were giving him and took the stairs two at a time.


He ignored Cynthia's, "You can go straight in, Agent Gibbs," as he was already opening the door to Jenny's office before she had finished speaking.


"What's going on, Jenn?" he demanded, frowning down at her.


"Good morning to you too, Jethro," she replied, smiling at him.


The smile momentarily disarmed him as it was so . . . He couldn't even put a word to it; he just knew he'd never seen her smile quite like that before, not even during their affair in Paris. "You all right, Jenn?" he asked.


"I'm perfectly well, thank you for asking, Jethro. Now do sit down." Again she smiled at him.


Again it disarmed him. He sat down. "Why the change of days? Thought this meeting was scheduled for tomorrow?"


"It was, but something has come up and I need to take tomorrow off."


He leaned forward and stared at her. "Are you sure you're all right, Jenn?" he asked; he was concerned, even though he didn't particularly want to be.


She smiled again; suddenly she looked several years younger, happier, joyous even, as well as carefree in a way he had never seen. He shifted slightly on his chair as he looked at her; for a moment he felt like a voyeur. "I'm fine, Jethro, really." And with that she opened the file and glanced down at it. When she looked back up at him a minute or two later, the younger, carefree, joyous woman had gone and the director of NCIS was back.




Jenny sang to herself as she showered and washed her hair, it was a bitterly cold and grey day. Heavy snow had been forecast for later in the day, but even that could not dispel her good mood. Nothing could. She was happier than she could ever remember being - and soon she knew she'd be even more joyful.


She dried herself with a large fluffy towel, before sitting at her dressing table and rubbing rose scented lotion all over her body. As she ran her hands over her arms, breasts and legs rubbing the silky lotion into her skin, she thought about someone else's hands caressing her.


She dried her hair, letting it fall as it wanted to rather than trying to style it, and then dressed carefully, sliding on cream silk underwear before adding a green fitted sweater and black trousers. She sprayed on some of her favorite perfume, ran her hands through her hair and glanced at the clock.


It was still early, not yet seven o'clock, she still had a while to wait. As she made a pot of coffee and ate a strawberry yogurt she realized she didn't feel the slightest bit guilty about taking the day off at such short notice.


The previous day she had gone to work as she usually did, expecting a usual day with no surprises, a day where she could devote an hour or two to preparing for the meeting with Gibbs. And that's how the day had begun - until she received a telephone call a few minutes before eleven o'clock.


A telephone call that had made her smile; a telephone call that had made her laugh; a telephone call that had made her blush slightly; a telephone call that had her agreeing she would be at home the following morning. Cynthia's surprise when she'd asked her to tell Gibbs the meeting had been changed to that very day was obvious. It was even more obvious when she'd told Cynthia she was taking the following day off.


She had gone into the meeting with Gibbs less prepared than she'd hoped to be, yet things had gone her way. He had seemed somewhat distracted and had looked questioningly at her several times, before agreeing to the various new procedures she wanted to implement.


She knew his agreement meant little in reality and of the half a dozen new procedures she had insisted on, she knew she would be lucky if he implemented one. But it would be the one she really wanted; she one she had put the less emphasis on wanting, which was why she had insisted on six rather than one. She had learned from the best: Gibbs.


She wondered how long it would take him to figure out her 'game'; she had no doubt he would. He was still the best agent the agency had, still the best teacher, even if he didn't teach so much as expect his team to simply learn. He'd figure out her plan of that she was sure. But at this precise moment she didn't care about Gibbs or NCIS or about anything other than -


Her doorbell rang and her heart began to beat a little faster. She ran her hands through her hair again, moistened her lips and hurried to the door, pulling it open, gasping slightly at the frigid air that hit her before she forgot all about the cold and looked at the person who stood on her doorstep. "Ziva," she murmured, already reaching out her hand to take Ziva's.


"Shalom, Jenny," Ziva said, taking Jenny's hand and letting herself be pulled inside. "You are looking," she paused, as she deliberately and slowly looked at Jenny from head to foot, before her gaze came to rest on Jenny's face. "Well," she finished and smiled.


"You're looking well too, Ziva," Jenny replied, feeling her body and face grow warm under the steady scrutiny. "It is good to see you."


"It is good to see you too, Jenny. It is very good to see you." For a moment Jenny felt awkward, uncertain what to do next. But Ziva smiled at her, let her hand slip from Jenny's and moved even closer, putting her arms around Jenny and pulling her against her body. "It is very, very good to see you," she murmured as her mouth found Jenny's.


Jenny's whole body responded to the kiss and the embrace, she parted her lips as Ziva's tongue touched them; seconds later Ziva's tongue touched hers and she moaned softly as Ziva's hands began to move over her body.


The kiss deepened beyond any level of kiss Jenny had known before and her body trembled to a level of arousal she had not experienced before. "Ziva," she murmured, finally pulling her mouth away from Ziva's.


Ziva smiled at her and touched her face, stroking her cheekbone with one finger as she stared into Jenny's eyes, letting her eyes say things she would not speak of, not even in bed. "I should like to shower," she said after a moment of just standing there. "The flight was long and cramped. You will join me, no?" She held out her hand and Jenny took it, linking her fingers with Ziva's, feeling the calluses from the gun Ziva used far more regularly than Jenny ever had in the field.


"I've already showered," she said.


Ziva just shrugged, before she put her mouth on Jenny's ear, gently pushing Jenny's hair out of the way and whispered something. Jenny felt her cheeks flush again and felt her body become warm. She raised no further objections about showering with Ziva.




Ziva lay on her front, one hand lightly stoking Jenny's body, tracing the outline of her breasts, down into her naval, over her hip bone to come to rest on the scar where the bullet had lodged in Jenny's thigh. For a moment she lightly touched it, then she bent her head and kissed it before caressing it with the tip of her tongue.


Jenny shivered with pleasure; the touch was so intimate, even more so in many ways than many of the other touches Ziva had bestowed upon her body. Ziva's long, dark hair, tousled from the number of times Jenny had ran her hands through it, swept over her thighs as Ziva lifted her head and looked at Jenny. "Are you quite certain, Jenny?"


Jenny nodded. "Yes, Ziva. A Mossad Liaison Officer is just what NCIS needs. We need to work more closely with one another."


"Only work?" Ziva asked her voice sultry as her gaze once again traveled up and down Jenny's body.


Jenny blushed a little, but smiled as she took Ziva's hand. "Don't you want to come and work in America, Ziva? Work at NCIS?"


Ziva sat up and crossed her legs. "Whether I wish to or not is irrelevant, you know that, Jenny. But as it happens, yes, I do. I would like to work again with you very much."


Jenny smiled, licked her lips and said softly, "Only work?"


Ziva laughed.


It was several hours later before they showered again, pulled on robes and went to the kitchen to see what Jenny had in her freezer.



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