Ashleigh Anpilova


Jenny thinks about what Ziva means to her.

An established relationship story.

Written: September 2010. Word count: 500.




Relaxed for the first time in several days and sated from lovemaking, Jenny settles back against the pillows and watches Ziva clean her gun. It's something Ziva always does; some people smoke after making love, Ziva cleans her gun.


As she watches Ziva, Jenny thinks about her lover and what she means to her. Being Ziva's lover is wonderful and unexpected. Until she'd met the fiery, aloof Mossad agent, Jenny had never been interested in women; had never thought she was capable of having a relationship with one beyond that of friendship. But Ziva has changed her, has taught her, has shown her how to love, and for that Jenny will always be grateful. She knows Ziva won't be with her for ever, but that doesn't matter to her. That is something else Ziva has taught her: how to live in the here and now.


But as much as being Ziva's lover makes Jenny happy, being her friend makes her even happier. Without Ziva her first few months at NCIS would have been unbearable. Within days of returning, Jenny had known she'd made a mistake returning to the agency, especially when it meant dealing with Jethro again. She no longer has him as a lover, sometimes she wonders if she ever truly had had him as one, but now she doesn't have him as a friend either; again she wonders if they'd ever really been friends.


Now as head of a Federal Agency, a role she's always wanted, has trained for, has given up so much for, she realizes the price she paid was too much. But she can't go back; she's made her choice, she has to live with it. And she will. But she knows the only reason she can live with it is Ziva. Ziva her friend, her lover, her confidante, her savior. Without Ziva she knows she'd be a wreck now; without Ziva she really doubts she'd still be at NCIS. Without Ziva she'd be so much less of the woman she is. Without Ziva -


She looks up to see that Ziva is watching her. She's finished cleaning her gun and is smiling at Jenny, letting her gaze travel up and down Jenny's body, looking at her in the way that means only one thing.


Jenny holds out her hand and watches as Ziva stands up and hakes her long hair loose from the clip that'd held it back while she'd cleaned her gun. She watches Ziva lick her lips, run her fingertips between her breasts, before moving slowly and sensually towards the bed. She climbs onto the bottom and begins to 'walk' on her hands and knees towards Jenny. The look in her eyes is a feral one and even though Jenny is already naked, she feels as if Ziva is again stripping her.


As she gives herself up to Ziva's loving, Jenny knows she won't sleep that night and in the morning she'll feel wrecked, but in a good way, in a very good way.



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