Ashleigh Anpilova


Tim makes a decision and acts on it.

A first time story.

Written: August 2010. Word count: 500.



When Tony is killed during a shoot-out, Tim decides it is time he returned to Cyber Crimes.


He doesn't tell Gibbs.


Instead he puts in a request for a transfer to Vance. Vance grants him his request, effective in a week's time.


Still Tim doesn't tell Gibbs. Or Abby. Or Ducky. Or Ziva. Or Jimmy.


He does, however, tell Tony. He's found himself telling Tony a lot of things these days. Things he never thought he'd tell anyone.


Now he waits, sitting at his desk, staring at his computer screen, seeing nothing; just waiting. Waiting for Gibbs to arrive.


It's early; no one else is in yet. He's early, but he wanted to be sure he was there first. He wanted to be at his desk when Gibbs arrived.


He watches Gibbs stride across the room, briefcase in one hand, coffee in the other. As he passes Tim's desk, Gibbs gives a brief nod of acknowledgement. Tim nods back.


Still appearing to be looking at his computer screen, Tim's actually looking at Gibbs.


He watches Gibbs glance at the file, frown, put his glasses on, open the file, frown again and look up. "My office now, McGee," he snaps.


Tim is already on his feet and heading towards the elevator before Gibbs stands up.


"Well?" Gibbs demands hitting the emergency stop button.


For a moment Tim says nothing; he just looks at Gibbs.


He watches as anger and disappointment crosses Gibbs's face. "Well, McGee, I'm waiting. You going to tell me what the hell's going on?" Gibbs moves nearer to him, using his height to intimidate. Even though Tim is an inch or so taller than Gibbs, he swears Gibbs is towering over him.


Tim swallows and makes himself stand his ground. "I want to go back to Cyber Crimes," he says.


"But why?" Gibbs growls, and his eyes blaze with anger. Then he sighs and puts his hand on Tim's shoulder. "It wasn’t' your fault, Tim," he says, his voice softer. "Tony didn't -"


"I know." Tim cuts Gibbs off; he can't hear the word 'died'. "That's not why I want a transfer."


"Then why?" Gibbs looks puzzled.


Tim licks his lips. "Because," he says, "life's too short."


Gibbs frowns again. "What the hell does that mean?"


Tim ignores the question. "And because," he says, now completely calm, "because I know you won't break Rule #12."


Gibbs blinks. "What? What do you mean?"


Moving quickly, Tim puts his hands on either side of Gibbs's face and his mouth on Gibbs's. For a moment he feels shock, surprise, even a flash of anger emulate from Gibbs.


But after a fleeting second that vanishes and Gibbs puts him arms around Tim, yanks him closer and begins to kiss him back. His tongue demands entrance to Tim's mouth; Tim grants it.


When they finally break away, Gibbs has a look on this face Tim has never seen. "Thank you," Gibbs whispers, before kissing Tim again.


Tim knows he has made the right decision. 



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