Ashleigh Anpilova


Gibbs and Fornell are having their usual Christmas 'your place or mine' discussion.

An established relationship story.

Written: December 2012. Word count: 500.



"Yours or mine for Christmas?" Fornell asked from the depths of his armchair. It was Sunday and for once they had nothing to do other than sit around drinking whiskey, eating the take-out Gibbs had fetched and watching an ancient film. Sometimes Gibbs thought that despite the fact they'd been retired for five years they were as busy as when they were working.


He wiped his mouth on his napkin and took another long swallow of whiskey as he prepared to give his usual answer: 'yours'. He didn't even know why after five years Fornell insisted on asking the question. They always spent Christmas at Fornell's; Fornell knew that, hell he probably even knew the reason, so why did he keep asking?


Despite being lovers for five years, despite spending more time together than apart, they still maintained separate houses. Sure Fornell had spent nights, lots of nights, in Gibbs's house, in Gibbs's bed, but Christmas was different.


Gibbs had shared his house at Christmas with two people who'd meant everything to him; two people he'd loved unconditionally: Shannon and Ducky and both were dead. Both had left him and he was damned if he was going to take that chance with Fornell - especially not when he'd finally faced up to the fact he felt the same way about Fornell as he'd felt about Shannon and Ducky.


He'd lost Shannon and Ducky; he couldn't lose Fornell. He couldn't go through that a third time, hell he had no one left to help him through it. And as illogical as it may be, and he admitted it was illogical, he was convinced that if he and Fornell had Christmas at his home then he would lose Fornell.


But what if he was wrong? What if it was time he took a chance? Wasn't he being unfair to Fornell? Weren't all relationships about give and take and sharing, of putting someone else first? He knew Fornell wanted to spend Christmas at his home rather than always be at Fornell's where the empty bedroom reminded him of how another Christmas would go by without Emily being there.


Fornell had been amazingly patient and considerate of Gibbs's wishes; he'd never once told Gibbs he thought Gibbs was being unfair, selfish even over where they spent Christmas. He'd put up with a hell of a lot and had never once made a single demand on Gibbs. Gibbs knew Fornell loved him even though he'd never said it, well words weren't necessary, and he knew he loved Fornell even if he couldn't say the words. So maybe it was time he showed Fornell just how much he cared; just how important Fornell was to him.


Sometimes you have to take chances; sometimes you have to let go; sometimes the time is right to do both things.


He took another swallow of whiskey before picking up the bottle and pouring a healthy measure into both glasses and looked at Fornell who was watching him. "Mine," he said.



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