Ashleigh Anpilova


Gibbs isn't sure what he and Fornell have. He only knows they are better together than they are apart. The day comes when he has the chance to prove this.

An established relationship story.

Written: March 2012. Word count: 500.



He doesn't really know when it happened.


He doesn't really know how it happened.


He doesn't really know why it happened.


He just knows it did happen.


One day, somewhere down the line, he looked at Fornell and saw beyond the bitching, the banter, the arguments, the games they played (with each other as well as with their directors) and realized it wasn't just friendship he felt for Fornell.


He didn't spend months, weeks, days, hours or even minutes thinking about it, trying to decide what to do, wondering if it made him any less a man, angsting over the very idea that he could want another man. He knew only too well life was far too short for doing those things.


The next crime scene he went to could be his last; the next time he walked out of NCIS someone could but a bullet in him; he could drop dead in the middle of the squad room from a heart attack. He was a Federal Agent; he carried a gun; he was always at risk. And even though Fornell spent more time pushing papers around his desk than out in the field, he still carried a gun; he was still a target. They both were.


Instead, he did what he always did; he acted on his gut instinct. He invited Fornell over for dinner, cooked steak and beer and told Fornell the truth. They ended up in his bed and a new side to their relationship began.


Not that it seemed to change much; they still bitched, argued, played games (in and out of bed) they just added a new layer to their relationship.


He doesn't really know what he feels for Fornell.


He doesn't really know if there's a term for it.


He doesn't really know if he wants to know what he feels.


He just knows he feels.


One day, somewhere down the line he realizes that for whatever reason, whatever it is they have, it works. And he knows he'd rather be with Fornell than without him. He'd rather have Fornell in his life than not have him.


He doesn't spend months, weeks, days, hours or even minutes thinking about it; he just accepts it. He just accepts Fornell will be around for as long as he's around. They are better together than they are apart.


Their relationship was about a year old when he gets to put that to the test.


'Bringing the reputation of both agencies into disrepute'.


'Unacceptable behavior for two senior Federal agents'.


'A kind of liaison that cannot and will not be tolerated'.


'A scandal that cannot be allowed to continue'.


'A potential blackmail situation'.




'Gives quite the wrong message to the younger members of the teams'.


'You have to choose'.


He does.


He clears out his desk; hands his gun and badge to Vance; shakes hands with the kids and Ducky and walks out of NCIS for the last time.


Fornell is waiting for him by the gate.



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