Ashleigh Anpilova


Set after Defiance.

Tim asks Tony a question.

An established relationship story.

Written: February 2011. Word count: 1,000.



Tim pushed himself up on one elbow and looked down at Tony as he brushed the hair off Tony's forehead with his other hand. He still found it hard to believe that Tony and he were lovers and had been for six months now. And not only that, he still found it hard to believe how easy it was, how right, how natural, how - He stopped the thought; nothing was perfect, nothing could be perfect. But what he and Tony shared was good, more than good.


"Penny for them?" Tony asked, catching Tim's hand and pulling it down to kiss.


Tim gave a half shrug. "I was just wondering if you really did run the Boston marathon," he asked, because it was something he'd been meaning to ask his partner ever since he'd mentioned it.


Tony's lips twitched and his eyes shone. "What do you think, McGullible?"


Tim rolled his eyes and tugged his hand away from Tony's. "I never believed you for a minute. I didn't!" he insisted when Tony raised an eyebrow, and he hadn't, not really. "So why did you tell Adriana you had?"


Tony glanced away from him. "It was something to say; I was just making conversation," but he wouldn't meet Tim's gaze.


Tim moved suddenly so that he was straddling Tony, pushing him down into the mattress. "You were jealous," he said. "You didn't like it because she liked me, well pretended to like me," he added. "I should have known she didn't really like me." And then before Tony could speak and because really it didn't matter anyway, he hurried on, "You really have to be the one every girl wants, don't you?"


"Do not." But still Tony wouldn't meet his eyes.


Tim pushed down a little more firmly on Tony's lower body. "Do too," he murmured. "Go on, Tony, look at me and tell me you weren't jealous because she was attracted to me and not you." He waited for a moment. "You can't, can you?" he teased.


For a moment or two there was silence, then Tony turned his head and looked up at Tim. "I was not jealous that she was attracted to you and not me. Okay?"


Tim opened his mouth to challenge Tony's words, but something in Tony's tone stopped him. Surely not? He swallowed and risked it. "But you were jealous, weren't you?" He said the words gently, making sure there was no hint of teasing or humor in his tone. He stared down in Tony's eyes, holding his gaze and daring Tony to lie.


Finally Tony swallowed hard, glanced away from Tim for a second or two before looking back at him. "Yeah, okay, Tim. I was jealous. I was jealous because she was an attractive, clever, rich female who was flirting with you, who was close to being as intelligent as you, who seemed to like you a lot. And you weren't exactly pushing here away," he added.


Tim stared down at his lover. "Tony, I was her security detail, I couldn't exactly risk pissing her off, could I. Besides, I did push her away - literally."


Tony frowned. "You did?"


Tim nodded. "Yes."




"Just before she pulled the kidnapping stunt. You saw how she fixed it so the bulb would blow in the bathroom."


"Yeah, so?"


"She tried to kiss me, she did kiss me - and I pushed her away. I told her we couldn't do that."


"Why? Because you were her protection detail? Because you were on the job?"


Tim smiled and shook his head, before leaning down and kissing Tony. "No, Tony," he said, before Tony could deepen the kiss. "I may have let her think that, but the reason I told her 'no' was because I didn't want to kiss her." At Tony's 'oh, yeah' look, Tim shook his head again. "Why would I want to kiss her, Tony, when I have you to kiss? That's why I pushed her away, that's why I told her 'no', because I have you. You're the one I want to kiss, Tony, you're the one I'm attracted to and you're the one I want to be with. Not some spoilt brat with too much money."


Tony looked skeptical. "But she's intelligent."


Tim shrugged. "So are you."


Tony laughed. "Yeah, right."


"Tony, you are. You may have been a Phys Ed Major, you may not have -"


"A double Masters degree?" Now Tony was smiling a little.


"Yeah, that. But you're street smart, Tony.  And you're the second best agent the agency has."


Tony's grin widened. "And who's the first?"


"Gibbs," they said together.


"So you don't have to be jealous of girls like Adriana, you don't have to be jealous of any girl."


"Just girls?"


Tim rolled his eyes. "Of anyone. Okay? Okay?" he repeated when Tony said nothing.


Finally Tony shrugged. "I wasn't really jealous," he said.


Tim stared down in amazement, "Oh, no?" he said, pressing his groin down over Tony's and beginning to move a little.


"No," Tony managed, but the word seemed to catch in his throat and he sounded hoarse. "No," he repeated, this time his voice was slightly high as Tim continued to move.


"Yes, you were," Tim murmured, leaning down and nipping Tony's ear. He then licked it. "Admit it," he ordered, biting the lobe and causing Tony to yelp.


"There's nothing to admit," Tony said, grabbing Tim around the waist and pulling him down more firmly onto his body.


Tim shrugged, sat up and pulled himself out of Tony's grip. "Oh, well, in that case, I'll just -"


But Tony grabbed him, toppled him over and moved on top of him. "All right, all right. I admit it. I was jealous. There. Satisfied?"


Tim licked his lips as he gazed up at the man he loved, even if it was too soon to admit it. "Not yet," he murmured, raising an eyebrow, "but get down here and we'll see how long it takes for me to be so."



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