Ashleigh Anpilova


A prank of Tony's backfires, but also has some interesting consequences.

A first time story.

Written: July 2010. Word count: 500.



Tim hummed as he went up to the squad room. Tony and he would be alone for a couple of days; Ziva was on vacation, Palmer was at Med School, Abby was at a conference and Gibbs and Ducky were in court. He'd never believed the day would come when he'd look forward to spending time alone with Tony, but he was.


He wasn't completely surprised to find Tony sitting at his desk. But what did surprise him was the look of sheer panic on Tony's face as he hit key after key. "Hey!" Tim pulled the keyboard away from Tony.


"McGee! You're here." Tony stood up and backed away.


"Er, yes."


"I didn't do it. Well, I did, but I didn't mean to. I mean I did mean to, I just didn't mean to do what I did." Tony's eyes were wide, his forehead was damp with sweat and he was breathing heavily.


"What have you done, Tony?"


"Nothing. Well, something, but probably nothing. Not to you. Although -"


"DiNozzo!" Tim snapped, in a fair approximation of Gibbs's tone.


"Yes, bos- IthinkI'vewipedyourharddrive."


"What?" Tim had heard nothing but gibberish.


"I think I've wiped your hard drive," Tony muttered.


Tim stared at Tony. "How?" Tony opened his mouth, but Tim silenced him. "Don't bother trying to explain; I'll just put it down to normal DiNozzo behavior." He pushed past Tony and sat down at his desk.


"What's DiNozzo done this time?" Gibbs, dressed in a suit, strode into the squad room, Ducky hurrying behind him telling him they hadn't got time for side trips.


Tim glanced at Tony who'd turned pale. "Nothing, boss. Just the usual." He smiled at Gibbs; for a moment Gibbs just stared at him. Tim could see Gibbs didn't believe him, but with Ducky still urging him to hurry up, Tim also saw Gibbs was going to accept his words.


"Just don't do it again, DiNozzo," Gibbs snapped. "I'm coming, Duck," he added, his tone completely different as he turned from Tony to Ducky.


"I won't, boss," Tony said, his gaze never leaving Tim's face.


"Well, come on then, Duck," Gibbs called, heading for the elevators. "Thought you said we were late."


"Thanks, Tim." Tim just nodded curtly and turned his attention to his computer.



For the rest of the morning Tony couldn't do enough for Tim. He fetched him coffee and cookies, fielded all the phone calls, did the paperwork and filed it.


Finally, Tim decided Tony had suffered long enough. He looked across at him. "I had a back-up." Tony opened his mouth. "But," Tim said swiftly, "what if I hadn't had?" Tony swallowed hard. "So I figure the pizza and beer's on you tonight, don't you?" Tony nodded.




"Do you really forgive me?" Tony asked, draining his fifth bottle of beer and gazing at Tim.


"Yes, Tony," Tim replied for what seemed like the twentieth time.


Tony licked his lips; Tim fought to stop himself from groaning. "Prove it."




"Kiss me."


Tim did.


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