Ashleigh Anpilova


Gibbs sends DiNozzo and McGee undercover.

A first time story.

Written: February 2012. Word count: 1,755.



"Hah! You're kidding, right, boss?"


Gibbs gave DiNozzo a withering stare. "Do I look as if I'm kidding, DiNozzo?"


DiNozzo shifted on his chair. "Well, no, boss. But you pretty much always look the same. Not that it's a bad thing, in fact it's a good thing. It's just . . . He's kidding, right, McGee?"


McGee shook his head slowly. "No, Tony, I don't think he's kidding."


"He's not?" DiNozzo turned to look at Gibbs again. "You're not, are you, boss?"


"No, DiNozzo. I'm not!"


DiNozzo swallowed hard. "Right. So you really want McGee and me to . . ." he trailed off.


Gibbs rolled his eyes. "Yes, DiNozzo."


"Right, boss. On it, boss." DiNozzo turned a shade paler, swallowed again and began to play with his pen.


McGee glanced at Gibbs, gave him a quick smile, leaned very close to DiNozzo, put his hand on DiNozzo's thigh and said softly, his lips brushing DiNozzo's cheek, "Come on, Tony, it'll be fun."


DiNozzo yelped and jumped up, glaring at McGee and unclenching his fist. "What the hell are you doing, McIdiot!"


Gibbs stared at the ceiling and counted to five before answering on McGee's behalf. "Getting into character. Now sit down, DiNozzo, and tell me if you can handle this assignment. Or should I find someone else to go with McGee?"


After glancing at McGee who just smiled back at him, DiNozzo sat on the edge of his chair and looked at Gibbs. "I can handle it, boss."


"Are you sure, Tony? After all, look at how you were when you kissed that he-"


"I said, I can handle it!" DiNozzo snarled at McGee who just stared innocently back at him. Finally, DiNozzo gave a half-laugh and looked back at Gibbs. "Really, boss, you can trust me. I can handle it."


Gibbs looked at DiNozzo. "Always knew that, DiNozzo," he said. "Just needed to know that you did."


DiNozzo reached for the file and flipped it open. "Do we think Jenson's gay?"


Gibbs shrugged. "Don't know; don't care. All I care about is nailing the bastard before he kills anyone else with his drugs."


"We'll get him, boss," McGee said quietly.


"We won't let you down, boss," DiNozzo added.


Gibbs nodded and strode out of the room.


"I'll pick you up at eight," McGee said.


"Why can't I meet you there?"


McGee sighed. "Tony, we're meant to be a couple, as in together, as in you better not jump a mile if I do this." And McGee again put his hand on Tony's thigh.


Tony bit his lip and forced himself to stay seated. After a second or two he let the breath he'd been holding out. He realized it didn't feel so strange after all having McGee's hand on his thigh. It didn't feel unnatural.


"That's much better, Tony," McGee said and smiled at him. Tony looked hard, trying to see if McGee was taking the piss out of him, but one look at McGee's face told him he had genuinely meant what he'd said.


"Thanks, Tim." Tony put his hand on McGee's. "So eight o'clock, then?" he said, after they'd sat in silence for a moment or two.


McGee nodded. "Yeah."


"I'll be ready." Tony took his hand from McGee's and after another second McGee took his hand from Tony's thigh; it struck Tony how much colder his leg now felt.


"Good." McGee stood up and headed towards the door; he stopped before he got there and turned back to look at Tony. "And, Tony, don't wear anything," he paused before adding, "strange."


"What do you mean 'strange'? Are you saying I've got a poor taste in clothes, McFashionNerd?"


"No, Tony," McGee's tone was patient. "It's just that you might think gay guys dress a certain way."


"Such as . . ."


McGee grinned. "Such as whatever you were thinking of wearing. Look jeans or casual trousers, a tee-shirt and jacket will be fine."


"But they're norm- I mean . . ."


"Yes, Tony, they are normal clothes. Most gay guys don't dress up in leathers and zips and have body piercings and all the other things you were thinking of. Trust me, okay?"


"How come you know so much about what gay men wear?" Tony asked staring at McGee whose cheeks started to flush. "Tim? Is there something you're not telling me? Because you can tell me, you know. I won't . . . Well not much anyway," he added.


To his relief McGee actually smiled. "I've been doing some research. I'm thinking of including a gay guy in my next book."


"One of Agent Tibbs's special agents is going to be gay?" Tony realized his voice had got slightly higher.


"No, Tony. I'm starting a new series. Okay? But just don't say anything to anyone. I haven't even talked to my agent yet. I shouldn't have told you."


Tony shook his head and put his hand on McGee's arm. "I won’t say anything, Tim," he said - and he meant it. In fact he was quite touched by McGee's trust in him. "Really," he added.


"Okay. I believe you. Thanks."




"Is this okay?" Tony said as he opened the door.


McGee looked him up and down. "That's fine, Tony. You look great."


"You look pretty good yourself, Timmy."


McGee rolled his eyes and headed back to the car.



"It looks a nice place," Tony said, as he slammed the car door shut.


"It is," McGee said, shutting and locking his own door. "I mean, so I've heard."


Tony glanced at him, but McGee just took his hand and headed towards the entrance. After a split second, Tony curled his hand around McGee's and forced himself not to look over his shoulder to see if anyone was watching them.


Once inside, Tony revised his opinion, it was a very nice place. There was a dance floor with tables set out around it and more tables and booths set further away. The music didn't blare out, so conversation wouldn't be impossible.


He noticed that even though McGee seemed totally relaxed and focusing on Tony, just as Tony was doing, he was checking the place and people out. After giving the room a second sweep, Tony leaned nearer to McGee. "It doesn't look as if Jenson's here yet."


McGee nodded his agreement and said, "That'll be a good table," he pointed and Tony saw at once why McGee had chosen it. It was ideally positioned.


They bought some drinks and wandered over to the table. Once they'd sat down, McGee took Tony's hand, as once again he glanced casually around the club. They sat holding hands, sipping their drinks and chatting mainly about movies McGee didn't know and on-line computer games Tony had no interest in. Every five minutes or so one of them would give the room a casual scan, just to see if Jenson had arrived.


"Shit!" Tony said, turning his away from the door and putting his head against McGee's shoulder. "Shit!" he repeated.


"What's up, Tony?"


"That guy who just came in, the tall one."


McGee glanced towards the door. "What about him?"


"He knows me. I arrested in twice in Baltimore. If he sees me, we're in trouble. He knows I'm not gay. Do something, McGee."


The next moment he was pulled to his feet, dragged to the dance-floor and pulled into McGee's arms. Seconds later he felt McGee's mouth on his, lips pressing against his, arms holding him tightly, so tightly, that short of breaking McGee's arms, Tony knew he couldn't get away. He stopped his automatic reaction to fight against the kiss and instead found himself kissing McGee back.


He didn't know how long they stayed on the floor slow dancing and kissing, before McGee's lips were on his ear. "It's okay, he's gone now and Jenson's here."



Moving in perfect synchronization, but looking just like any other couple wandering around the club, Tony and McGee closed in on Jenson. He was about to hand over a small bag to a young man; a man who looked so young, Tony wasn't even sure he was legally entitled to be in the club. The young guy took the bag and handed over a wad of bills.


As Jenson closed his hand around the money, Tony grabbed one of his arms just as McGee grabbed the other. "We can do this the easy way," Tony said his voice low, as his gaze flickered around the club.


"Or," McGee said his own voice low, "we can do it the hard way. Which one is it to be," he paused for a second before saying, the disgust evident in his tone, "Lieutenant Jenson."


Jenson turned to stare at Tony. "Who the . . ." He trailed off as Tony pulled out his badge, cupped his hand around it and showed it to Jenson. "Fuck. Okay, okay, the easy way."


Tony sighed. "Shame," he said. "And you," he turned his attention back to the young man who was staring open-mouthed at them. "Didn't your mommy tell you not to accept things from strange men?"


The young man looked from Tony to McGee to Jenson and back to Tony. "Who are you?"


Tony looked at McGee. "Just the guys who saved your life," he said softly.



"Do you want to come in for a beer?" Tony asked when McGee pulled up outside his apartment.


McGee turned off the engine. "Thanks, Tony, that'd be nice."


They sat on the couch drinking their beers, not talking, just happy to sit and relax. It was Tony who eventually broke the silence. "We make a good team," he said, turning his head to look at McGee.


McGee nodded and smiled. "Yeah, I reckon we do."


"And you were right," Tony said, putting his beer down on the floor.


"Right? About what?"


"It was fun."


McGee frowned and looked at him. "What pretending to be a gay couple and then arresting Jenson?"


Tony shook his head and grinned. "No. Well, yes, in a way. But it's not what I meant."


"What did you mean then, Tony? What was 'fun'?"


Tony snagged the bottle from McGee's hand, put it on the floor next to his own bottle, moved nearer to McGee and before he could change his mind, leaned closer and kissed McGee. "This," he said, taking his mouth away for a second, before putting it back on McGee's.


It only took McGee a split second before he was kissing Tony back.



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